What corps were big in early SR Agri-Business?

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« on: <05-27-18/0927:49> »
By the 2050s most people were eating soy, and I'm pretty sure that it was stated that most of the still viable farmland was run by big agribusinesses.  We know that Aztechnology has always been big in the food sector, but presumably they'd never have bought up the whole North American mid-west, etc.  (although they were controlling a lot of the AMC lands, IIRC).  But for the most part when talking about the megas the focus has been on weapons, decks, vehicles, 'ware, and other things of more game interest, or creation/ownership/(mis)-management of large infrastructure (powerplants, arcologies, etc). 

I was just working on some local background for a secondary city and wanted a reasonable answer of who had been controlling the countryside around it, and found it surprisingly hard to figure out.

So, any suggestions on who may have been buying up farms and planting soy as far as the eye can see, back in the 2030/2040 time period?  (I'm looking in the UCAS, if it matters)

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« Reply #1 on: <05-27-18/1300:23> »
ORO, the founding company that eventually became Aztechnology, was big in "agri-business"... if you consider Narco-cocaine empires being agri-businesses...
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« Reply #2 on: <05-27-18/2332:40> »
Aztlan used to be one of the largest net exporters of agriculture and foodstuffs.

In Q2, 2054, the largest of the Big Eight by ratings were S-K & Yamatetsu (7/11); MCT, Renraku, Shiawase (6/11), Aztechnology (5/11), Ares & Fuchi (2/11). Corporate Shadowfiles, 118.

In Q1, 2061, the largest of the Big Ten by ratings were Aztechnology & Shiawase (8/12+); Yamatetsu & Renraku (7/12+), MCT & Wuxing (6/12+), S-K (4/12+), Ares & Novatech (3/12+), and CATCo (0/12+). Corporate Download, 124.

The Japanacorps are always going to be large players because they have to import so much to Japan and because they can. Wuxing and Aztechnology are also big because they have large consumer bases and access to large farming areas. NeoNET never acquired anything worth a damn. Horizon expanded significantly into agribusiness, especially poaching Aztechnology's non-Aztlan resources while it was distracted. Spinrad & Global Sandstorm aren't major producers, although they better get interested given their core spheres of influence.


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« Reply #3 on: <05-30-18/0919:29> »
Sioux Nation is also a great "food producer" along with the ADL in Europe (if you can read German, the latest edition of the ADL book for 5th covers that quite a bit). I would recommend checking out the Sioux Nation book has it also mention that Horizon, holding a grudge against the Azzie, is also trying to grow in this sector...


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« Reply #4 on: <06-04-18/1603:34> »
Not sure what corps would be involved but the UCAS and CAS still contain quite a bit of prime farmland, and the Salish-Sidhe got most of Idaho.
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