Locating the found Tarot - can we get a list going?

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I know I'm a little late to the ship on the SWT, but I think that they are so freaking cool, and I'm trying to piece together which ones have come up in-universe.

There is a blurb in one of the posts in Book of the Losts that mentions a rumor that Nightmare, leader of the Halloweeners, has come into possession of a card.  Page 111 in Forbiden Arcana has notes from Ordo Maximus on several artifacts, and they mention this one being obtained from the Halloweeners "in exchange for item 6WT-PG."

So in additions to the ones already mentioned in Book of the Lost, I think it's safe to say that Nightmare has the Page of Blades.
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“The Avatars” makes an appearance in the Denver Adventures.  Won’t give away details, don’t like to spoil things.
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