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Title: 1.2 FAQ response
Post by: Michael Chandra on <10-10-14/0616:56>
Noticed a really interesting thing at the end of page 13: Everything counts as Augmentations. This overrides what we were told by Aaron before and means that Wired Reflexes no longer stack with magic and drugs no longer stack with everything and no longer let you bypass Augmented Maximum. I'm torn on drugs for general play, especially since the intent was said to make them bypass, but I can understand perfectly for Missions since the usage risk isn't really there.

Ooooooh, Tradition switches are allowed! Now it's a shame I didn't build an Intuition Mystic Adept instead of a poor man's Street Samurai. ^_^'

I like the note on Improved Reflexes. It means it only gets penalized in driving, not in defense or Initiative. I'd assume the same applies to Increased Reflexes, meaning the only problem for Mages is the fact they can't use a Force 1 Sustaining Focus. (Which makes letting a Spirit of Man sustain it on you a good idea, or Quickening.)
Title: Re: 1.2 FAQ response
Post by: Beaumis on <10-10-14/0639:31>
Yes. Anything that increases an attribute above its natural, base score is considered an Augmentation. This includes cyberware, bioware, magic, adept powers, drugs, and anything else that adds to your attribute. In all cases, the limit of +4 remains in place unless a power or ability specifically says it breaks that cap.
This begs the question how Combat Sense works.

Every hit on the Spellcasting Test adds 1 die for Reaction on Surprise Tests,  and  also  to  rolls  made  when  defending  against ranged and melee attacks as long as the spell remains in effect.
(P.286 CRB)
The spell specifically mentions that it adds to Reaction, which would make this an Augmentation in the sense of the above definition. However, it behaves like a dice pool bonus because it only applies to certain and not all tests. The issue is stacking really. If it is a dicepool modifier it should stack with other increases to Reaction beyond the +4 limit but if it is an Augmentation to the Reaction attribute it is limited to +4 and does not stack. The later turns it into a pretty useless spell as Increase Reaction does the same and more.
Title: Re: 1.2 FAQ response
Post by: tequila on <10-10-14/0651:05>
The FAQ version and date at the bottom of each page are from the previous version.
Title: Re: 1.2 FAQ response
Post by: Lucean on <10-10-14/0656:43>
Beaumis, an attribute has a rating, not dice. Adding dice is only relevant for tests, it doesn't make Combat Sense an augmentation.
Title: Re: 1.2 FAQ response
Post by: Namikaze on <10-10-14/1307:55>
So just a heads-up, I hate pronouns.  They're the linguistic devil.

Page 17 states:

Quote from: SR5 Missions FAQ 1.2, page 17
If your new drain-linked attribute is different, you may swap it with your old attribute only (i.e., Logic for Intuition).

Is this saying that the attribute values may be swapped, or that the drain attribute on the tradition is swapped?  I want to assume that it's the attribute values that get swapped, but I also want to be sure.  :)

Thank you for addressing the unbound spirit limits and the datajack wireless functionality!  :)