[Errata] SR5: Forbidden Arcana

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Status: Provisional

Mentor's Mask, page 182

Formerly known as the Shamanís Mask, the Mentorís Mask is a side effect that any magician Awakened character with a Mentor spirit may chose. Once chosen, the mask is always in effect when they use magic and may not be switched off. A Mentorís Mask is a side effect of using magic, bleeding some energy off to create an llusion of the characterís Mentor around them that can be seen on the material plane, making their magic more obvious but less taxing. Characters Magicians who have a Mentorís Mask effect reduce all Drain by 1 (to a minimum of 2), but the threshold for noticing them using magic is lowered by 3 to a minimum of 1 (see p. 280, SR5).

Adepts may also choose to have a Mentorís Mask if they have a Mentor spirit, which they will manifest whenever using an adept power. An adept who chooses to have a mask gains 10.5 bonus Power Point but generate a mask whenever using they activate any of their adept powers. The threshold for noticing this effect is 6 Ė (4 x total Power Point cost of the power being used). Thus, a character using Critical Strike Killing Hands will have a threshold of (6 Ė (4 x 0.5)) or 4, while one using Improved Reflexes 2 will have a threshold of (6 Ė (4 x 2.5)) or 1 (which is the minimum for the threshold) Astral Perception will have a threshold of (6 - (4 x 1)) or 2.  The minimum threshold is 1.  Mystic adepts count as either Magician or Adept, based on which Mentor Spirit benefit they picked.
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