(SR5) Help to make a mystic adept

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« on: <02-10-17/0703:23> »
Hello everyone:
I was trying to make the chip of a mystic adept, but I can not get it to be optimal enough. I know that to say optimum without specifying in which sense it is a little silly. My goals are or at least the options I want:
-A mystic adept who has a good defense (dodge or resist damage) and through his adept powers and his spells can be good in the forefront or support the brute force.
-A mystic adept who can perform magician functions (in the sense of invoking or healing) and can also perform the functions of a face.
-A mystic adept who can perform functions of invoking or giving support spells and attack from a distance (this would be sacrificing defense in exchange for being able to act more from a distance)

If you have some idea or some mystical adept that you think may be interesting, I would really appreciate it if you would teach me and explain how it works.

Sorry if my English is not very good and thank you in advance.


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« Reply #1 on: <02-10-17/2027:18> »
I've tried to make several different types of Mysads. Trying to be both in one is unlikely going to work.

I've found the best way to begin the process of making a Mysad (to me at least) is ask yourself, Do you want an adept who can fling spells or do you want a Mage who can adept slightly. I say start like this because you'll still want both full magic and max PP.

I recently made a Giant Mysad who I decided was an Adept who could conjure things really well. Accordingly my skills reflected this. My Conjuring group was 6, I had 6 in automatics and my Sorcery group was 3. My spell choice also reflected this as I only had Offensive Mana Barrier, Physical Barrier and Petrify.

While I wasn't a good magic support for my group, I could conjure high force spirits more easily than the dedicated Magician. I was also going 3-4 times in one Combat Turn thanks to Improved Reflexes 3 and shooting things with my assault rifle.

It's mainly about what do you want to do more. Do you want an adept who flings spells or do you want a mage who can adept?


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« Reply #2 on: <02-10-17/2036:08> »

I was trying to make the chip of a mystic adept, but I can not get it to be optimal enough.

Optimal enough for what task?

Is it combat? If so, is it melee or ranged combat you wish to specialise on?
Is it the Face skills and abilities?
Is it general magical things?

Tell us what is your focus and we surely can help you.
*I have problems with clarifying my point in English, so sometimes I might sound stupid or rude.*


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« Reply #3 on: <02-11-17/0223:38> »
Your going to be poor as crap for your 1st couple runs, but this will get you most of what you want.


Attributes: 32
Agility-4  (+0-4)
Reaction-5  (8)
Willpower-5  (+4)

Skills: 38+2G
Group-2-Influence  (Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation)
Con-6  (Mentor/Raven+2), (Fast Talk+2)
Spellcasting-6  (Manipulation+2)

Power Points-6
Agility Boost-1  (0.25)
Increased Reflexes-3   (3.5)
Combat Reflexes-1   (0.5)
Facial Sculpt-1  (0.25)
Heightened Concern  (0.5)
Magic Sense  (0.5)
Motion Sense  (0.5)
Traceless Walk  (0.0)
Voice Control-1  (0.0)

Spells - 10
Ball Lightning
Detect Enemies XR
Increased Willpower
Improved Invisibility
Alter Memory   
Control Thoughts

Positive Qualities:  (20)
2 - Jack of All Trades
5 - Mentor Spirit  (Raven)
5 - Trust Fund  (Medium)
8 - Friends in High Places

Negative Qualities:  (30)
5 - SINner  (National)
5 - Poor Self Control  (Vindictive)
10 - Creature of Comfort  (Medium)
10 - Day Job  (10 Hours)


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« Reply #4 on: <02-11-17/0650:41> »
Sorry, I think I express myself wrong. The options I put above was how I wanted to focus the mystic adept but not all at once. It was more possibilities that I wanted to study and which would be more optimal according to the game and other players there.

My biggest concern with a mysad is to get in the fight not to become a burden and not to die at the first shooting.

My primary intention would be to be a mysad that focuses on magic and that the powers of adept overcome their deficiencies in defense and attack (by this I do not mean that he is an expert in melee or shot, but when a fight has a Defense more than decent to hold it, avoiding or resisting the damage and that in a very secondary way can fire a weapon without shame).

My ideal would be:
Be a great magician who supports the group with spells or summons. In a battle you can use your adept powers to have a great defense (either dodging or resisting damage) and very secondarily have a combat ability (melee or distance) that allows you to do something when you can not perform magic .

If this could not be, I'd like to be a mysad / face. Someone who through the synergy spells / powers of adept. He could negotiate optimally, get information ... And that secondarily, he could use either summons or other powers to spy.

The other and last option,  would be a general idea of ​​mysad, a little jack of all trades. I know it would be suboptimal, but if there is nothing better I would accept it.

Thanks for reply me.
And thanks Tarislar for  the build.


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« Reply #5 on: <02-11-17/1820:12> »
The first build isn't that hard to do - basically, do a mystic adept with mage skills and spend most of your power points on improved reflexes and combat sense.  Here is one combat-oriented build:

Combat Mysad/Chaos Magic Tradition

BREAKDOWN (Priority)
A: Mystic Adept (Magic: 6, 2 rating: 5 magical skills, 10 spells)
B: Attributes (20)
C: Human (5)
D: Resources (50,000 Nuyen)
E: Skills (18/0)

Starting Karma (25)
Positive Qualities - 5
Negative Qualities - <25>
Buy 6 Power Points - 30
Bind focus - 8
Influence Skill Group: 1 - 5
Pilot Ground Craft: 1 - 2

Body: 3
Agility: 3
Reaction: 5 [8]
Strength: 2
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 6
Logic: 2
Willpower: 5
Edge: 7
Magic: 6

Essence: 6.00
Initiative: 14 + 4d6

=Positive Qualities=
Mentor Spirit - Dragonslayer
(social skill bonus to Etiquette)

=Negative Qualities=
Allergy: Silver, Moderate
Code of Honor

=Active Skills=
Counterspelling: 6
Influence Skill Group: 1
Perception: 3
Pilot Ground Craft: 1
Pistols/Revolvers: 4/+2
Spellcasting/Combat Spells: 6/+2
Summoning/Fire Spirits: 6/+2

=Knowledge Skills=
English: N
Japanese: 3

Magical Theory: 5
Paracritters: 4
Small Unit Tactics: 4

Talismonger (Connection: 3/Loyalty: 3)

=Adept Powers=
Combat Sense: 4
Improved Reflexes: 3
Motion Sense

Lightning Bolt
Improved Invisibility
Physical Mask

=Bound Foci=
Force: 4 Combat Spell Focus

34,000 Nuyen remaining for other gear:

Middle (1 Month prepaid).
Starting Nuyen: 4d6 x 100 Nuyen.

Fake ID (Rating: 4) with Fake Gun, Concealed Carry, and Driver's Licenses (Rating: 4); 2 silver and 3 standard Certified  Credsticks.

>Ruger Super Warhawk heavy pistol with concealable holster, speed loader, and 120 rounds of APDS ammo.

Lined Coat with chemical protection: 2, Armor Vest, Helmet (for riding bike).

Renraku Sensei Commlink with biometric reader, sim module, trodes, and mapsoft (Seattle); Meta Link Commlink (disposable/throwaway), 3 Data Chips.

Magical Supplies:
Magical Lodge Materials (Force: 6), 50 drams of reagents.

Micro-Transceiver, Tag Eraser, White Noise Generator (Rating: 6), Medkit (Rating: 3), Survival Kit, Set of Metal Restraints, Flashlight, Lugggage (good) - Duffel Bag.

Vehicle: Yamaha Growler off-road bike.