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What Are The Difference Between R75, R85 vs R87?

Why does the Shark be one of the leading brands among several well-known names on the current vacuums, such as Eufy, ILIFE, and Xiaomi? Simply, this brand has many high-quality vacuum cleaners like shark ion robot r75 vacuum, R85, and R87.

If you want to know what the best choice is, please roll down.

See This Page: Shark ion robot 750

Shark ION R85

This machine’s design doesn’t change much compared to the first ION Robot. It has a round shape with a combination of grey and black colours; mostly, featuring some gold trim around the main interface.

The shade of grey will be different from version to version. The newer R85 has a charcoal grey and back finish with silver trim.

There are three buttons on the upper middle part:

  • Dock: comes back to the dock station to recharge.
  • Clean: activates the default mode.
  • Max: use the highest power setting.
On the top of three buttons, there are the battery and WiFi indicators. You can easily see a visual cue on the status of each button.

Shark ION R75

Compared to Shark ION R85, the only difference is the colour. While the shark ion robot rv750 comes with a slightly altered colour scheme, its button and indicator have the same arrangement. It features a light grey tone with a silver trim around the middle.

It has a similar interface with a bit difference:

  • Dock: comes back to the dock station for charging.
  • Clean: activates the default mode.
  • Spot: uses the spot cleaning mode.
Among all three machines, this is the easiest-to-use design; even you don’t have to refer to the manual. Thus, if you want to invest in an effective and cheap unit, you had better consider it.

Shark ION R87

Many people think R87 is different from the R85 due to the big charging dock just looking at the design. However, this Shark robo is the combination of R85 robot and the W1 handheld.  Though this product doesn’t have the self-emptying capacity, its dock is so great.

The overall comparison of Shark ION R75 vs. R85 vs. R87
All of them have a round shape with dual side brushes to meet the requirement of cleaning edges and corners.

Both R75 and R85 Shark robots are compatible with Wifi, so you can use Google Play or Alex to control them. Although these machines don’t come with a remote, you can utilise this functionality on the app. Don’t think that this is so inconvenient because it allows you to use extra functionality that you can’t find in the remote.

The R72 can’t access WiFi, so it has a remote, letting you use the scheduling feature.

After reading until the end, please tell me which ion robot shark is your choice? Why do you pick it up? Are there any wonderful experiences with your new machine? You can answer my question by leaving a comment in the section below.

The shark ion robot r75 is less expensive, it provides you with enough basic features and functions, so I strongly recommend this solution.
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That got errata'd.  The new text reads as follows:

• Fire from Cover (Ranged Attack, must be in
Cover IV): You sneak an attack out while
maintaining your cover. Attacks from cover
may be made without spending a Minor Action.
Cost: 2 Edge

The rulebook is now up to the third corrected printing.  It's available in pdf, and soon in hard copy.  It just dropped a couple weeks ago in Gen Con.   Errata can also be found here.
RPG mechanics exist to give structure and consistency to the game world, true, but at the end of the day, you’re fighting dragons with algebra and random number generators.