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>>>>>[Hey uh... did some background stuff on you and since id like to LIVE to see payment gonna have to break professionalism here... before you set the hounds of hell on me I should let you know the mind games im playing with Vexboy are part of my job. Like his fixer hired me to do it so he can tell if Vexboy isn't some Ares Shill after the bounty on the head of a fixer working for the Act of God cabal's Seattle division. So is hacking his commlink and backtracking him through the matrix part of my job? Is embarrassing him over the matrix to see how he deals with pressure part of my job? Is stalking him a part of the job?  Yes it is! No really! Im not allowed to not take this job. It was either this or lose my head. Possibly literally! In the brief hour or two I've been attacked by several deckers and even 2 technomancers trying to court your favor and my sleaze can only keep me so safe so I'd appricate if you silently put the word out that im ok... I mean it! The job is tomorrow night! Me and my sprites have already pieced together Vexboy's lifestory on the matrix and have determined him not be a threat! If you dont believe this run isnt a set up by his fixer I will prove it! Here is whats gonna happen. One of the hitmen who has fallen out of favor by shooting up some rivals pregnant wife in a drunken rage decided to hole himself up in a hotel. He bribed the manager and has plans to make his last stand. He is a hermantic magician I believe... dont know his name per se but I do know that the cabal mapped out a way into his place like three days ago. So all the work is gonna prove unnecessary because our shaman is gonna declare tonight that he found a way through the hotel's sub basement into the 27th floor that we overlooked. I will then message them that the mark is planning to leave tonight(not true but...) then he will have to break in with everyone else holding the exits down and well... uh... yeah. I like the kid. Honest! Ive worked with too many sick bastards! Also I forgot to mention people have been chasing me in real life too... so id appriciate and even compensate for a timely telling everyone to back off. Ps. I didnt actually hack the timestamps. If you try to edit my posts you'll note on the edit screen the real time is shown. So bye!]<<<<<

  -- Scatter (Please have mercy/EVEN AS I POST THIS SOMEONE IS AT MY DOOR! FUCK!)
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"As a Mage I have no issue with 'shoot the face first'. He deserves it and it's about time they stopped targeting me right from the go." -The Tekwych