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Title: [SR6] Firing Squad - # Weapon Mods for Launchers?
Post by: j2klbs on <10-30-20/1252:13>
The weapon modification rules in Firing Squad (p. 57) do not list the "Launchers" type of weapon in the chart for how many modifications can be added.  For example, can grenade launchers like the ArmTech MGL-12 or missile launchers like the Aztechnology Striker include modifications from firing squad.

There is no row for Launchers, but there is also not the same note as there is for Hold-out pistols explicitly stating they cannot have modifications, which leaves me to wonder if this was an accidental omission.  (Core rules do allow Launchers to have top/under-barrel accessories while hold-outs cannot which leads me to believe intent is that launchers *can* have modifications.)

I searched this forum and also tried to find on the internet an errata for Firing Squad but to no avail.

Question: can launchers add weapon modifications and if so, how many weapon modification slots do they have?
Title: Re: [SR6] Firing Squad - # Weapon Mods for Launchers?
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <10-30-20/1323:08>
There is no errata published for Firing Squad, so there was nothing to miss.

The asterisk'd exception for hold-outs was there because Pistols was listed, and hold-outs is being treated differently than other pistols.  So there's no grounds to compare Launchers, here.

Barring future errata, we're in a position where Launchers are not granted an allowance ergo there is none.

However, no weapons that use other than Close Combat/Firearms are listed at all.  Not just no Launchers but no exotics of any kind.  Also, no bows/crossbows.  Technically, they're all not mentioned and therefore can't mount modifications, but in certain cases some seem like they should plausibly apply.  You can use GM discretion as to whether certain unusual weapons are compatible with this or that modification.   E.G. Smartgun on a Crossbow?  I say no.  Laser sight on a crossbow? Ok... maybe.  That's much more reasonable, at least.  Personalized grip on a crossbow? Ok, that actually makes perfect sense.

If you are going to extend modifications to these kinds of weapons under the Aegis of GM discretion, you'll also be responsible for ruling on how many slots they get.  I'd recommend looking at the extant list and giving a # based on weapons of comparable size.
Title: Re: [SR6] Firing Squad - # Weapon Mods for Launchers?
Post by: j2klbs on <10-30-20/1442:56>
Thanks Stainless!  Makes sense!