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Greetings all
just tossing a thought out. do Spirits have skill caps like mortal beings do i.e. do all spirit skills stop at 6(7)
example Joe shaman knowing the drek is getting hot risk calling up a force 10 spirit of beasts as support (and survives the drain) does this mean that the spirit has all of its skills at 10 or 6 per the skill cap?

The book SR4A does state on p303 that skill are = to spirit's force
if so this makes high force free spirits fraking hoss

Unless Jason or someone contradicts it, I'd say sure.

Sure, Joe shaman could. Let's look at the numbers:

Let's say Joe's maxed out his magic and Summoning skill, including the quality to boost Summoning to a 7. So he's got 13 dice in his pool to summon the spirit. Wanting to call on a Force 10 spirit, he now has his 13 dice against the spirit's 10 dice to determine his success. He only needs one net success to get it to help him, so it's possible. Law of averages, says he'll probably get 4 success and the spirit will get 3.

Now, Joe's got to deal with the drain. The drain value for the spirit is 6P (2×spirit's total hits; Physical for summoning a spirit higher than his mana). But Joe's a charismatic guy and has terrific willpower, let's say 5/5. So he has 10 dice for resisting the drain. Averages again give him three hits; reducing the drain to 3P damage. Now, Joe's a drek-hot shaman, but at the cost that his body's not that high, maybe a 3. That means he's got 10 boxes that he can take, but he's down to 7 now, putting him at -1 wound modifier, making it a bit more difficult to escape.

Possible? Yes. But I'd probably only do it as a character if I had no other way of getting out of there. Remember, This is assuming he's successful on everything and doesn't glitch.

The big thing for Shadowrun 4 is everything has skill caps.


--- Quote from: Casazil on ---The big thing for Shadowrun 4 is everything has skill caps.

--- End quote ---
Everything but Immortal Elves, Dragons, Damien Knight...

so a Spirits known Skills Stop at 6 is hat what I am understanding or at it's Force which ever is lower?


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