[6e] How Grapple work?

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On p. 111, the starting part I got no problem of. What confuse me is the "after the grapple is engaged" part.

So, attacker can "simply opt to keep holding the defender"(Restrain), but why would I do that? Is that means I would un-grapple my opponent if I don't take the Restrain action?

Later on, it also says that
Break free: In this action, the defender tries to break out of the grapple. This is a Close Combat + Strength test, using their unarmed Attack Rating, and it does not experience the –4 dice pool penalty for being restrained. If they succeed in the test, they do not do any damage, but they are free of the grapple.
So, as long as the defender got a hit, he can break free? Again, why would I continue to restrain my opponent?


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« Reply #1 on: <09-02-19/1101:53> »
It's an opposed test, so it isn't 1 hit = get free. Close Combat + Str vs Close Combat vs Str. You would restrain them if you don't want to risk killing them or incapacitating them. Say they are the extraction target for example, but aren't willing. While removing him from combat and your team takes care of his two body guards, you keep him from running or attempting to harm anyone else. Once his body guards are down, would be a good time to strongly suggest he cooperate from here on out unless he wants to be unconscious/drugged

All other options involve inflicting damage to the target, which could knock them unconscious or kill them, depending on stats and current damage.