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Title: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
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This thread is only for Bio’s and Background for characters playing in the UW93 game.  Any discussion posts or non-Bio threads posted here will be deleted by the mods.  Thanks.

Edited on 11/29/10 to add:  You only need to define characters you're going to be playing on a regular basis.  You can use one shot or throwaway minor NPCs as the story needs it, though we request you keep it to a minimum.  Other people are free to likewise use these minor characters, but if anyone decides to take a minor character and start using them regularly, please ask the original creator for permission (It may be that they just haven't had the time to define the character yet), and then write up a biography here for that character.  Thanks!

And, my characters Bios:

Name:  MacCallister
Known Info:  MacCallister is an aging Ork who is currently working as a Fixer in Seattle.  He used to run the shadows as a Decker throughout the 50’s and early 60’s, working out of Chicago, Cleveland, and New Orleans.  He disappeared a couple years before the crash, but he came out of retirement last year and set up shop in Seattle as a Fixer.  Earlier this year, he threw a lot of money around trying to hunt down an apparent copycat Mayan Cutter serial killer who murdered his daughter, a grad student at the University of Washington.

MacCallister is usually fairly good humored in person, and peppers his speech with old style shadow-slang such as “drek” and “frag”, and insists on calling hackers “deckers”.  He has a lot of connections in the shadows, and is a good go-to guy when you need some information or some help.

Name:  Tauren
Known Info:  Tauren is new to the shadows and hasn’t made much of a name for himself.  He’s a young ork hacker, and is a bit cocky. 
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Well, until Bull tells me whether or not I can post as 'Jack* in the thread, here's my other characters:

Name: KageZero (
Known Info: An Initiated mystical adept, he is a master of Jeet Kune Do and has been around the block enough that he's had to deal with a dragon (against his will), and it cost him his right hand. Fortunately, the Johnson sprung for a delta clinic to have it replaced. Unfortunately, someone missed the memo that he's Awakened and gave him a cyber-hand. He the strong-but-silent type, giving out advice as needed to those that ask.
Rumors: "Omae, don't get him mad. If you take a swing at him, either make sure he goes down with the hit, or prepare to get it back ten-fold. And, he does this weird high-pitched yelping when he fights, almost like some of those old 2-D movies from pre-Crash 1.0."

Name: Bear
Known info: This big trog is a walking advertisement for WeaponsWorld. With two custom-made cyberarms done up in a glossy black finish, etched with lines that have glowing neon green nanites running along the lines in Orc tribal patterns; a pair of demonic red cybereyes and usually hefting around a Mossberg auto-shotgun; he scream big, bad fragger.
Rumors: "Definitely not the guy you want to see on the other side of whatever run you're pulling. Weird thing is, I heard he talks to his gun (a Savalette Guardian) a lot. Okay, that's not weird, but the drekkin' trog installed the damn commlink with a sexy elf slitch personality on it!"
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Name: Moreau
Known Info: A fixer seemingly in his mid-50s.  He wears his hair long, and has a shock of grey in it that runs down from his brow into his mustache and goatee.  Is often seen in his favorite overcoat, and in the company of at least 2 pets.  It is known he worked as a meta-animal trainer for a time in the 60s, but his past stops there.  He is known in the academic community of Seattle for helping them get work that is in the “grey” area of the law.  He has been putting the word out though that he needs some new runners, as the last team he worked closely with has had to take a “vacation” down to L.A.
Moreau seems to have many academic contacts, and also quite a few talismongers he is in contact with.  As well, it is rumored that he was close to completing his PhD. In parazoology.  He has a way of tracking down and acquiring quite a few types of paracritters, and has been known to take said paracritters and get them trained.

Name: Stevesie (maybe SteveZ…)
Known Info: Young and brash new shadowtalent.  He is known as a crack rifleman, but uses mostly archaic hunting rifles.
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Name: Nomad
Known Info: A former runner and semi fixer/mentor to the up-comming generation.  Now a human in his early 40s, Nomad began his career in the mid '50's and "retired" from active running shortly following the second Crash.  As an earth elementalist and part-time rigger/decker, his particular strength lay in his "jack-of-all-trades" approach to running, allowing him to cover multiple roles to a greater, or lesser, degree.  His current permanent address is unknown, but he still is seen visiting the Seattle Metroplex in an aging Bison that he called home throughout his running career.
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Name: Wayfinder

Known Profile: A human male mystic adept in his mid thirties always seen in a black long coat and sunglasses. A very active runner in the 50's for the past decade been a very discreet Johnson for an unknown employer.

Rumors: "Any mage that meet this guy check out his aura. Craziest thing I've ever seen"
            "If he ever offers you a job, take it. I guarantee it'll change your life"
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Post by: Teknodragon on <09-06-10/2329:45>
Name: Tekdrake

Known Info: Newb runner, caught the weird side of SURGE and drake.  Used to run a lot of scripts and softs, just starting to show signs of learning to be a real hacker. Always looking for paydata on medical info on surged folk and other drakes.

Rumors: "He, she, whatever that thing is, just ain't right somehow."
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Post by: Frankie the Fomori on <09-07-10/1307:21>
// Begin File Attachment //
Interpol News

Notice: Attention Night Errant Seattle branch, amended file informs of a wanted felon entering the Seattle sprawl!

Background: Franklin Greaves is thought to be born in south east England, near the town Dorking. Making his way slightly north he found refuge in the Lambeth Containment Zone. We feel that Greaves found training amongst the Lambeth Martyrs in the LMZ. Information is not complete yet we understand Franklin was involved in the Slaughter of the Garrison on the A101 entry point to the LMZ in 2065 allowing Mil spec weapons to resupply to the Martyrs, followed by several Attacks throughout the LMZ that decimated House to house sweep and grab efferts.What is known is that he was hired into the mercenary unit Gragits Exterminator’s in 2069 and served on one of their heavy weapons teams in there only Desert Wars campaign. It was there that Franklin saw the slaughter of his unit by spells/spirits. We also know he suffered severe wounds, and upon recovery aliped back into London around the end of 2070. For 2071 Franklin made a name for himself for supporting multiple shadow teams with heavy fire support, yet wit this solid reputation, dark rumors that we believe points to his hunger for those that practice/ employ magic.

Modus Operandi: Within the last year London sprawl and surrounding towns have suffered waves of murders on the awakened population; if time permits the murder takes the time to remove the heart of said individual. Yet this has turned into costly lead for us and we strongly recommend Knight Errant to abstain from following these gruesome trophies, for we have found they are laid out in explosive laden traps which have cost us several Fast response teams. These murders seem to take place in a random form and only brief visuals link us back to Franklin. We have found our leads have grown quite recently, and believe he has left London to travel to UCAS.

Psych Profile: Greaves seems to take advantage of his innate Meta-variant for protection from magic, yet it also seems as if he causes a negative back ground count when assessed Astrally. His tactics are straight forward, employ smoke and HE then open with heavy weapons. He is supplied by his shadow-work to maintain a ready arsenal needed for engaging awakened metahumans.  

Description:  Caucasian Fomori meta-type with strong possibilities of surge:The recent visual lead us to confirm he has suffered heavy scaring from the attacks in the wars, one Horn seems to be cloven completely from his left side, and heavy scarring trails this wound down to his shoulder. In spite of this he seems to move with an unheard of grace and agility for a troll, akin to what you would see of a heavy augmented human street samurai

Database Identification: [Unavailable]

Known Aliases: Frankie the Fomori

Known Associates/Connections: Martial Arts instructor Aaron in London has confirmed he is trained in Krav Maga.

>>>>>[Don’t buy into this hype chummers, yes I have a hard-on for awakened corporate affiliated users, and yes I have been known to take a heart or two….But really what is life without a hobby.]<<<<<
     -- Frankie the Fomori (19:44:23/09-04-2072)
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Post by: Turtletron on <09-08-10/0233:52>
Name: Turtletron

Known Info: Turtletron is a human bio-enhanced weapon specialist who was a member of the Lone Star until 2069 and then decided to run the in shadows. The fact that Knight Errant took Lone Star contract don't mean drek to him. After three years in the shadows he finally feels at the right place, even if it's a dangerous one. He likes weapons and gadgets. He likes to keep himself informed, which is why he discovered Underworld 93. He's not an asshole, but he isn't someone to mess with either, not a lot of person double-crossed him and lived to brag about it.

Rumors:The rumors are that he never chose to leave Lone Star, but was fired because he often accepted bribes from mafia and gangers for different reasons. True, false, who knows...
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Post by: Texas_Tarantula on <09-08-10/1016:58>
Name: Texas Tarantula
Known Info: Not much is known about Texas Tarantula (aka: TT), other than he's an ork shaman who claims to follow the Spider totem, that he's a lower-level initiate, and that he's built a somewhat solid reputation around the DFW area as a reliable (if slightly mercenary) forensic shaman. He is reported to specialize in spirit lore and assensing and has worked both above-board corporate jobs and smaller, "private" details. Supposedly, he was integral in tracking down the Dallas-based "Blood Bag" killer in the late summer of 2069, although no corporate documentation ever calls him out by name.
Rumors: "He's a creepy bastard, too be sure - all them shaman types are, but he's special. You watch him one day - he sees a spider or something, he'll stop to talk to it. TALK to a SPIDER. It's insane. Don't get on his bad side, though. Dude'll track you down faster than a hellhound."
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"official" Name: Donald Genaro
Streetname: Gent
Known Info: Donald "Gent" Genaro, male, caucasian, aprox. 50 years old. Gent used to be a freelancer, hiring out his talent for electronics, surveilance, explosives and some basic decking on the legal and shadow market in and around Seattle back in the 50s. While he never was a major player, his reputation was solid and he was well liked for his manners, professional behavior and code of morals. He disappeared about a year before Crash 2.0, but now seems to have returned to Seattle for reasons unknown.
Rumors: During his time as a Shadowrunner he was rumored to have been involved in a Mafia turf struggle, which ultimately lead to his self-chosen exile. If that is the case, he must have negotiated a truce, because he once again moves freely in Seattle. He was also rumored to be involved in a romantic episode with a known and wanted magical-goods-thief named Venus. Rumors around his return, the little there are, say he might have taken on a corporate career in the security industry and is scoping out new markets for his employer.
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Dunno if I'm going to use them, but they're two of my old characters (and long time friends and colleagues of MacCallisters), so...

Name:  Chaos
Known Info:  Chaos has been out of the biz for a number of years now.  WHen he was active, he was known for being a powerful, but very unpredictable mage with a fondness for fire and illusion spells.  He always wore very distinctive clothing.  Top of the line suits in garishly bright primary colors with silver or gold stars, moons, and other "mystical symbols" on them, and a matching floppy "Gandalf Hat", and carrying a large wooden staff.  In his early days, few runners willingly ran with him more than once, as he seemed to be self destructive, and even suicidal.

Name:  Mac
Known Info:  Mac is a street samurai, is the consummate professional, or at least tries to be.  He tries to pan everything out to the last little detail, and strives to have runs go silently and smoothly.  RUmor has it that he lost a team due to poor planning early in his career.  He faded out of the business around the time of the crash.
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Post by: Patrick Goodman on <09-09-10/2309:59>
Name: Thunder
Known Info: In her late 20s, a shaman following the Dragonslayer idol, with a penchant for lightning-based spells and spell effects. Ran the shadows in Houston for a time, then somehow managed to drop out of the biz. Began a new life as a vigilante in the Houston suburb of Pasadena; how she manages to keep body and soul together are a mystery to all but her closest friends.

Claims to have died during a robbery at a Stuffer Shack, only to rise again. It's not out of the question that she's not completely stable mentally.
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Post by: Critias on <09-10-10/0107:59>
Name:  Outrider, Johnny Iron Horse

BasicsHomo Sapien Nobilis, with obvious NAN features.  Muscle, wheelman.

Known Info:  Everyone who saw the Lakota Arrows beat the Ares Predators late last season has seen Johnny's face, which -- combined with a SIN he admits is linked to some prison time out in the NAN -- means he doesn't take the whole street name thing too seriously.  He was able to package that game-winning moment in the limelight alongside a season of quiet, reliable, play and turn it into a get out of jail free card, and hasn't looked back.

By which one might mean "hasn't stopped breaking the law," mind you.  Rumor is Johnny's taking jobs for the Laesa lately, rolling with the absorbed remnants of the Princes of the Blood go-gang in and around Tarislar.  Other rumors place him in a recent skirmish alongside Seattle's First Nations, scalping Troll Killers in retaliation for the Killers' hitting civvies out on Council Island, but that might've been for fun.  He's still outside Seattle as often as in it, riding cross-country with saddlebags full of illicit wares for all the naughty boys and girls, riding escort duty for important shipments, and doing who-knows-what-else.
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Handle: Inverse

Known info: Said to be obsessed with a certain 2-D cartoon pre crash 1.0 which originated from Japan. She's roughly 20 years old, awakened in her teens, and slings around spells with formulae based on what she saw in said cartoon. Ran with a group consisting of a too-dumb-to-live street sammie, a cynical mystic adept, and a Phys Ad wannabe healbot with an ironic sense of justice. Apparently has a rival who, when not eating the food from her fridge, enjoys tormenting her with "cute" (read hideously misshapen) summons.

Rumors: Some low brow Seattle street gangs are said to cross the street when they see anyone with long red hair coming towards them (whether or not this is warranted is up for debate, but at least she keeps her shoes when accidentally going down the wrong street). Also she apparently has a bad rep among Drakes (which she actively denies doing anything to the stupid wizworms)
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Name:  D'velkyn
Known Info:  This Orc Street Samurai has been active for a few months in the scene but has managed to show himself to be a capable, though he breaks a bit of the norm. Despite being covered in Scrolling tattoo work, embracing pre-awakening industrial facial piercings, Bioware horns, and changing his fiber optic hair color almost hourly, he seems to be reluctant to get much Chrome put in him, wishing to not to reveal his hand. What is known is that on a job he thinks ahead, and gets the job done, recently pulling his team out of a bad piece of business when they attempted to break a ranking member of the Red Hot Nukes out of a Knight Errant Holding Facility. Though a member of his team died on the run he managed to extract the target without killing any Knight Errant personnel. Though two unarmed Japanese prisoners were shot and killed during the escape by a non police handgun, the victim's names were not released.

Rumors- A few Runners have speculated on a similarity in pre-augmented appearance to a former bouncer for an upscale gentleman's club who made the news after unintentionally killing a club patron in an altercation over improper touching of a dancer. This patron turned out to be a high ranking member of the Yakuza and after the Bouncer's home was destroyed in a suspected bombing the bouncer was never seen again.
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Handle: Shaper

Known Info: Shaper's identity has been connected to a Jamaican gangster and pirate known as Reginald "Regs" Porter who was exiled from the island nation back in the middle 60s.  A territory dispute followed him back to the island, where it spilled into a Kingston market.  In the resulting bloodbath all of his crew was cut down along with many bystanders and assailants.  Whether they wanted to prevent further incidents, or they were just bought out, the locals in the government forced him into exile before he could recuperate.  The official who gave the order was found drowned in his bed some weeks later.

If he is the same individual, Shaper should be a very dark-skinned human man of 183 centimeters in his early 30s, have pock marked cheeks and a scar around his neck from where he was once hanged.  He is a Rastafarian mage of some power who works all up and down the western coast.  He has worked as a smuggler, highwayman, assassin and thief, but he seems to have calmed down some as he's gotten older.  He is known by most who have worked with him to be neigh-unintelligible in person, due in part to a combination of his thick accent and the deep growling of his voice, presumably caused by his crushed and scarred throat.  Because of this, he tends to communicate with thought-to-type commlink technology.

Personality: Shaper has a number of bounties on his head, and, as such is nearly always in hiding.  He uses Masking spells extensively and will not show his own face to other people except when necessary to maintain his reputation.  He prefers to be he hand that is felt and not seen, and, as such has set himself up as a sort of bogyman.  He does not take many jobs these days, but when he does, it is always under an alias, always in disguise, and never long-term.  Few things please him more than stirring up trouble for the established order.
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Handle: varies, most often known as Bravo Six
Name: Unknown

Known facts: A mercenary who became active within the Seattle shadows in 2053 under the handle of "Shades", Bravo Six has a solid reputation as a professional operator specializing in recon, asset denial, extraction, logictics, and sometimes target elimination. By 2057, Bravo Six left Seattle to work abroad until sometime in the mid 60's. During that time, he had operated in the CAS, the UK, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and Aztlan. By 2067 he was thought dead until 2069 when he re-surfaced in Northwest Ohio, UCAS. Until the outbreak of hostilities in South America, Bravo Six worked as an "independent security consultant". Recently, he has been spotted operating with a new mercenary company along the Aztlan/Amazonia boarder. Bravo Six is known to be an initiate-level adept, qualified marksman, qualified hand-to-hand combat instructor, logistics expert, and combat tactics expert (large scale and small unit). He also has a fondness for music of all types and is always seen with some kind of eye-cover, mostly goggles or tinted smart-glasses.

Personality: Professional at all times; does not tolerate arrogance, showboating, unprofessional, or reckless behavior. Known to take care of those under his "command" and go out of his way to support them but is ruthless with his enemies/opposition. Strict with operational disipline, but extremely flexible when mission parameters/plans change. 

Rumors: Was part of an mercenary company that found itself in a bad postion after their contract was forcibly transferred to Aztechnology in 2049 to help "pacify" so-called rebel forces. When the CO refused to order the slaughter of civilians in a suspected rebel village, Aztechnology troops turned on them. Only a handful of the company survived. Rumor also says that Bravo Six made several trips to Aztlan building up a considerble network of contacts while collecting bounties on blood mages offered in late President Dunkelzahn's will. Current count is estimated at eleven twelve. Bravo Six has also been active within the magical and mercenary communities forming information networks and pursuing supposed "magical threats". Bravo Six was supposedly his unit call-sign from his first mercenary unit.
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Name:  The Invisible Kid

Known Info:  The Invisible Kid is new to the shadow scene, or it's an alias for someone that's been around a while.  He's got skills as a hacker, as evidenced by cracking MacCallister security protocols on Virtual Underworld 93 (He's blanked out his Time/Date stamp).  The few posts he's made to ShadowSEA and UV93 tend to be "reveals".  He digs up dirt and hidden information, and doles it out to the public.

((RP Note: I'm mainly going to use TIK as an exposition device, to spill some "Secrets" occaisonally with some of my characters.  And as seen in his first post to UV93, with some Missions stuff as well.  His little spout of info ties into events from CMP 2010-02 "Copycat Killer", which was run at the Cons this year.))
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Post by: Chrona on <09-14-10/1921:20>
Streetname: Chrona.

Known info: A German Orc who was living with his SK-P family, he grew up with a taste for classical music but the wageslave life didn’t last long. At a young age he and his sister were attacked by one of the Infected. His family Exiled them both upon finding them infected and during the painful transformation into a Ghoul and the loss of his sight he couldn’t find his sister.
Separated and alone he tried his best to travel, attempting to understand the magic growing in him. No one knows who eventually trained him in the Hermetic tradition but after a couple years a new shadowrunner was on the scene. In a small team he took on small jobs; Spirits, Assencing and his enhanced hearing and smell now helping him keep up with those with sight. Then tempo hit the streets.
Attached to a larger group by a fixer he began to stand out much more due to higher profile jobs. The media caught a Ghoul on some Simfeeds and named them BloodClaw, it's possible this wasn’t always him but he admits to being "BloodClaw" if asked.

Rumours: "Ah've heard of him, lives in the Redmond Barrens, abandoned warehouse. Big guy, almost Troll height, the Leather Duster he wears just don' smell right.
"BloodClaw's fond of Manipulation Magic as much as his namesake. Buddy of mine saw him weaving something downright creepy in Caracas, guess he's started writing his own mojo.
"I caught wind of something, apparently Chrona did a big job for SK a little after Tempo died down. A stop at the Atlantean Foundation later and he's sitting pretty. Only takes jobs for fun and personal interest now.
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Name: Joker

Known Info: Joker, aka Snooze or Snoozey, is a lovable rogue with a penchant for tardiness. Despite his lazy nature, he is good at what he does. He’s an excellent shot, he’s clever, and he’s charming. Still, his reputation among shadowrunners varies. Some praise him, while others question his reliability. Nobody in Seattle had heard of him until about a year ago, but since then he has managed to make a name for himself in the local shadowrunner community.

Rumors: The big, fancy-looking pistols he carries are said to be able to take down trolls with a single shot.

((If more information is needed please let me know.))
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Known Info:  The shooter known as Mr. Miami Vice is part of the crowd that migrated west from New York after he started getting a little too famous.  Like many others in his line of work, he's in his mid to late 30s, ex-military, ex-corporate, state of the art, and relatively low key for someone who shoots people in the face for money.

At a glance, he's just another fast tracking yuppie pretty boy in an expensive suit, with manicured nails, biosculpted good looks, a sadistic personal trainer, and a carefully taught winning smile.

He's also currently retired and was last sighted bringing a sailboat into a Monaco marina.

Rumors:  Rumblings float around that he's silver spoon corporate brat who dropped out of college and joined the military in a mix of teenaged rebellion and thrillseeking.  There are also a few hushed whispers that, despite being packed full of cyberware, bioware, nanites, and heavy genetic modifications, he's a technomancer.
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Name: Dr. Will Wright, aka "Dr. Wright"

Known Info: Doc Wright trained under Dr. Patterson (Of the Paranormal Animals of North America and Europe fame), and when Patterson went missing during the Year of the Comet, Wright filled in for him, reporting on some of the new paranormal critters that popped up.  He's an expert in Parazoology and spends his time studying rare and unusual critter varients.
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Name: Belial

Known Info: Human, Street Samurai, Gunslinger. He has a criminal SIN.  He has contacts with the Ancients. Seems to have a blood fued with the Halloweener.  Appears to be late twenties. short brown hair and glowing blue cybereyes.  Known to wear a black armored duster and sunglasses.  Has a professional demeanor when it comes down to biz.

Name: Gribble

Known Info: Human, Bull Mage, Combat specialist. Sinless. Conspiracy Theorist extrodinaire, you got one he'll believe it.
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Post by: FoxBoy on <09-28-10/1851:00>
Name: FoxBoy

Known info: Perpetually camera shy, but what little is known is based on his Salish SIN and the data one can dig up on a search of it. While it qualifies for the standard SIN, it's the fact that he's a shifter of the fox persuasion that puts him in the same category as criminals in may parts of the world and hunted in others. And a trickster shaman on top of that. A bit gun shy in that he won't directly hurt someone, but his illusions and manipulations are among the best in the biz and he's been known to embarass quite a few upstanding citizens... although it seems his successes come off as streaks of good luck, not deliberate action and his tricks are never aimed to cause permanent injury. His spell selection is oriented towards not being caught, pure and simple. Illusions to mask his presence, and the spells to ruin any physical traces he may leave behind.

It is acknowledged that he has a unique insight into the interplay of astral and meatspace, since he lives in both at once and actively manipulates the both of them.

FoxBoy is in fact the handle chosen for him by the sprite that inhabits (infects?) his commlink, since he hasn't settled on a name for himself yet. His teammates just call him "Fox" in those times he doesn't play to be a pet to one of them.

Rumors: "That fox? Yea, five tails, different ribbon on each.. I know'em. Yea, he's a bit twitchy, that's for sure. First sign of trouble, -fwip!- gone. But ya never know if he just went invisible or if he's actually found a foxhole somewheres. Don't get me wrong, he's not the kind to advertise, but he's a good one to have if your looking for stealth, and to leave no traces behind or just need a guide into shalish lands. And if ya pissed him off? Well.. omae... don't be surprised if ya get a run of bad luck for a while, nothing harmful... but damned annoying. And the little bastard is FAST too. Don't bother chasing him, he's got four legs to our two."
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Handle: Bit Meddler

Known Info: Reliable information is almost impossible to come by as pertains this figure.  No one can can even confirm Bit's existence outside of the matrix, leading some to believe that Bit is an AI.  Other reports claim that there is a resonance, or even dissonance, signature attached to Bit's trail which would blow that first theory out of the water.  Regardless, any information available on the Matrix regarding Bit Meddler is likely that information which Bit allows to exist, casting doubt on all of it.  The only things which can be confirmed are that Bit likes to crash around the matrix like Godzilla on Novacoke, and that he controls one of the largest botnets on the Matrix, colloquially known as The Baby Monster Group (  The only reliable means of contacting Bit is through the Techno-liberation group, Rake 1, and good luck with that lot.
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I hope to all that's holy that you intended to name the character after Bette Midler. Because that's ALL I can think of when I read the name. ;D
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Yeah, it's a play on words. ( ;)
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Name:  Cap'n Jack

Known Info:  AKA Captain Jack Turner.  Jack is a smuggler that operates out of the Ork Underground, specifically Pirate's Cove, a small port village on a huge underwater grotto with a narrow entrance to Puget Sound that's a well paid for secret.  He works primarily for the Mafia smuggling BTLs into the city through the Underground, but will smuggle almost anything in on his fishing boat, The Fortune Hunter.
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Post by: Kot on <11-30-10/0744:25>
Name: NiSayer
Known Info: Seattle newcomer. Just got here in the meat from TriCity Free Economic Zone. Apparently a young hacker who needed to change the scenery. Seriously needs some contacts and info and he's smart enough to know where to look for it.
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Post by: wylie on <11-30-10/1753:55>
Handle: Snipe
Known info: Human woman with a cyber arm and pretty fair hacking skills. She has survived in Denver for the several years staying under the radar. And she hates trolls.

Handle: Owl
Known Info: female Night elf hacker/ rigger fresh in Denver.

Handle: Ronin
Known Info: Japanese street samurai who talks little running the shadows in Denver. A regular customer at the 5X5. Solid runner.

Handle:BW 302
Known Info: beginning shaman and decent rocker. He is a scarred troll, having his horns cut off and his throat cut by Humanis Policlubbers. A passing mage saved his life but not his vocal cords. He appears to be a  hairy troll and uses sign recognization combined with his commlink to "speak" to other people. Some people believe the assault mentally hurt the guy...
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Post by: Kot on <12-14-10/1706:08>
Handle: Psychotique
Known info: A Hacker or Technomancer from the TriCity Free Economic Zone. Affiliated with NiSayer.
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Post by: kanislatrans on <12-29-10/0007:44>
Handle: Deliverance =Rigger,guide and smuggler. Works the east coast and great lakes routes. Knowlegable concerning smuggling as far west as Chi-town but is mostly sought out as a guide for the area known as "The Penn-NY, Wilds", an area west of the manhattan sprawl and east of Erie Pa. Just look at a sat map of northern pa. and you may notice the little blank area with the "no image availible" tag.
 Mannerisms: Posts are pretty down home to the point you can almost hear dueling banjo's playing in the background. Most posts concerning smuggling but interspersed are bits of herbal lore,info on magic critters,and archaic mechanical info.

Rumors:"He guided two fire watch teams into the wilds and neither came back out.." True to a point. The first team ignored his warning to put down thier weapons in the presence of the great form free spirit that inhabits the area. His reaction after the spirit chewed the team to pieces was"Stupid is as stupid does". The second team is presently assisting the spirit in a personal matter.

"He drives a fraggin school bus, for ghosts sake!" This is guaranteed to get a fusillade  of profanities and a lecture in pre-2050 automotive history.
." SCHOOL BUS MY ASS! I'll have you know Matilda is a '46 GMC of only 160 to roll off the line in detroit before they shut it down. She's got more horsepower than 5 of your fancy new puppy-dogs and  the tightest gear ratio of any production public transporation vehicle ever created! My girl can climb hills that would leave anything you can bring against her pissing in their boots!!!"  and on and on and on.....

"He's a witch of the wilds,I tell you!!" Um, probably true...if your  definition of witch includes mystic adepts...
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Name : Murphy

Known Info :
Ex-mafia enforcer out of somewhere in the northeast corridor, relocated to Seattle 'for his health' six months ago, and just now starting to make new friends in the business.  Picked up the moniker from the folks who pulled the extraction that took him freelance two years ago, given that 'Everything that could go wrong, did.'

Further research has revealed Murphy to be Troll, now sporting a golden-chrome cyber-replacement for his left arm.   Takes book on Urban Brawl and boxing matches out of a bar in Renton in his spare time, known to have a wicked left hook of his own, most often applied to people trying to welsh on their wagers.

Muscle with a way with words.
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Post by: Realtime on <01-13-11/2255:33>
Name: Realtime

Known Info:

Hacker from CAS, got a big job from a Johnson get all SNAFU’d, lost all the team, barely got out alive with a little help from his friends. Left them, the paydata, the whole ball of shit behind and with the help of a small group of fake SINS, finds himself in Seattle with a little bit of ¥ and whole lot of nuttin’ else. Looking for work, trying to keep a low profile in case somebody’s looking for him.
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Name: LeFay

Known Info: Precious little, for those interested. Even her age remains a mystery. She's a technomancer who most likely gained her powers during the second Crash. Since then, she has apparently appointed herself a good Samaritan to shadowrunners down on their luck. Her sprites are all named after the spirits of the Ars Goetia. LeFay has a keen interest in media from the late 20th century, especially old 16-bit RPGs.
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Post by: wylie on <01-26-11/2210:17>
Name: Silver Ferret

info: CAS hacker that somehow ended up in Seattle. Shows some military training
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Post by: thalandar on <01-27-11/2053:00>
Name: Tex

Real Name:  Unknown

Elven combat mage out of the CAS.  “Duster” Longcoat (Which looks an awful lot like a Confederate Officers Coat) , Stetson Black Hawk Hat, chaps, boots and spurs-everything he owns in the saddlebags he carries over his shoulder.  Gets in a lot of trouble because of his feelings about “Yankees” and his chew habit.  Speaks with a distinct southern drawl.
An experienced mage, he has a reputation for hunting Shadow spirits-although the experience seems to have driven him to start drinking.

Rumors:  There is a former Texas Ranger, deceased, named Roy Cobb, who bears a striking resemblance to this runner, both in mannerisms and appearance.  Apparently, Humanis killed his wife and unborn child and he vowed revenge, following the killers to the UCAS

This runner has been seen in the Redmound Barrens, riding a “spirit” horse, shooting spells from “fraggin sixshooters” when gangers failed to tip their hats to a lady.  Seems like more a rumor than most.
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Post by: Ten-Hex on <02-28-11/1225:06>
Name: Stillwaters

Appearance: 20-something Native human consistently dressed in neo-Native street fashion, but in a northeast woodlands style.

Known Info: He is a shaman who displays an uncanny knack for finding hidden things and people, despite being new to the Seattle shadows. Rumor has it he worked the shadows in the A-M Council, Quebec and UCAS tri-border zone before something big blew up in his face and forced him to start a new life elsewhere. When asked on a couple occasions if he's Algonquin, he's rather coldly replied that he's Nipissing.

Most word on the street gives him a solid reputation for keeping his cool and being professional, if quiet. However, rumor also has it a rookie street sam was laid up for three days with food poisoning after repeatedly insulting Stillwaters for relying on a linguasoft to communicate with his team.
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Post by: KarmaInferno on <03-18-11/1220:35>
Name: Jones

Real Name: Jones. if he has more to his name it's been decades since he last used it.

Appearance: Elderly human male with thinning silver-white hair and a face that looks like it's been through sixty years of abuse. Which it has. Carries a cane and tends to dress in expensive but understated business suits. Followed by a large dog named King.

Astral Appearance: Has a cyberarm. Definately a mage of some sort, though anything beyond that is masked. The cane is a focus. The dog is definitely not a dog - dogs usually have a living aura, this one does not. Probably a drone of some sort.

Known Info: Jones is Old. Like, Really Old. "Remembers the Great Ghost Dance and both Crashes" old. He was an operator from Seattle, put away some nuyen, and retired to Manhattan where he ran a bar for nearly ten years. Then the bar got blown up along with most of his savings. So he's back in the biz, and none too happy about it. Tends to be intolerant of bulldrek and is generally grumpy.

Reputation/Rumors: Professional, discreet, can do silent ops and open warfare equally well. May have worked for Ares at some point, has made references to particular Desert Wars operations that Ares was known to have troops in. His earlier "retirement" wasn't entirely by choice, but the details are fuzzy, save that something made him leave Seattle in a hurry.

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Post by: KarmaInferno on <03-18-11/1238:17>
Name: Jack

Real Name: For those who have figured out Jack's main secret, is on record with Evo.

Appearance/Personality: Varies, though most often Jack appears bio-sculpted to look like the old 2D vid actor Tom Cruise. Dresses stylishly and is rarely without a small cloud of drones, mostly FlySpys. Flamboyant, total media junkie, sometimes a little immature.

Astral Appearance: Dead. No Astral signature at all, like looking at a block of concrete. See Rumors.

Reputation/Rumors: Jack is a Rigger, and tends to get hired for "loud" missions as artillery does not work well for covert ops. Lack of Astral signature has many folks thinking Jack is either a cyberzombie or a drone, but he's been seen operating just fine in areas with wireless blocking, and has been seen to actually cast spells and summon spirits.

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Post by: Mystic on <03-20-11/1024:48>
Handle: Sunni Daze
Name: Cassandra Day

Known Info: If there is dirt to dig up or a skeleton to be found in the closet Cassandra Day is the one to find them. A former Lone Star investigator and proud "Southern Witch" (at least second level intiate, Wiccan tradition), she was a rising star (no pun intended) in the occult investigations division specializing in magical forensics and "interviewing techniques" (read: interrogations). Early career successes apprehending occult killers and breaking up wizgangs throughout the CAS got her transferred to Seattle in the early 60's where she became a troubleshooter for Lone Star Internal Affairs. She retired from Lone Star sometime before Crash 2.0 and currently is the owner and primary operator of Crazy Daze Investigations.

Reputation/Rumors: A bloodhound of an investigator wrapped up in the body of a blonde southern belle, Sunni is fanatical when it comes to solving her cases and has been known to use somewhat extreme measures now that she has ditched her badge. She accomplishes this with a mix of expert investagative skills, magical prowess, and what she calls "sweet talk". For Sunni, the truth is everything; no matter how painful. The truth however can be elusive and a double-edged sword.  Some say Sunni was about to blow the whistle on some high-level bad goings-on that would shake the entire occult division to the core. But when the dust settled, it cost Sunni her badge and several officers (including two command officers) simply dissappeared from Seattle.  Because of her reputation as being a fair (if not a pain-in-the-ass) investigator who is true to her word; Sunni has been able to create and maintain a vast network of contacts in the CAS and Seattle area. Most notable is Damian, a former company man who was framed for murder and now acts as her partner and body guard.
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Post by: RdMarquis on <03-29-11/0435:53>
Name: Mordred

Known Info: He is related to the technomancer LeFay, though it is unknown how. Mordred is an adept specializing in the martial arts, and a good shot as well. He has a chivalrous streak a mile long. Despite comments that it is a very bad idea for a shadowrunner to hold himself to such a code, he has managed to keep himself alive so far.

Rumors: Adepts from the martial arts school where he learned the tricks of the trade have a disturbing tendency to become twisted. Time will tell whether he suffers the same fate.
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Post by: Wolfboy on <04-04-11/1109:04>
Handle: Wolfgar
Name: James Raymond Bostwick

Known Info: This CAS born gunslinger adept elf has been kicking around the shadows and keeping a fairly low profile for the most part since before the bugs showed up and Chicago went nuclear. He dropped off the map however not long after Ghostwalker did his little rampage through Denver only to reappear as the manager of a franchise Stuffer Shack and the owner and operator of a training compound in Northwest Florida on the Alabama border. Since 2070 he's moved into the fixer arena but has kept things low key there as well. Now in his early 40's he takes small, mostly government jobs for the two teams he operates though he has been known to take the occasional trip to Seattle either for business or for pleasure. (Warning: the Cutters go gang has a major hard on for this guy, and anytime members seem to find him they attack him.)

Reputation/Rumors: For some reason he seems to have a major thing about killing bugs and shedim spirits and the rumor mill has it that he has lost at least one girlfriend to one of them, maybe both. Rumor also has it that he has some kind of deal going with the Triads who run the Vice in his corner of the Gulf Coast Metroplex. It seems that there are no under age prostitutes in the Pensacola red light district brothels and some rumors attribute this to him and a deal he made with the local Triad gang. Final main rumor is not so much about him but about the "virtual pet" that he has been seen with, a large wolf that occasionally accompanies him on his cyber trips. Some have suggested that it is a semi-feral AI or sprite that has taken up residence in his commlink and adopted him, no one seems to know the truth about it.
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Post by: Operator on <04-19-11/1939:35>
Name: Operator

Known Info: A well-kempt man of distinct Japanese descent, appearing to be in his late 30s. His black hair is cut short and neatly kept, and he keeps his clothing and gear clean - almost excessively so. A natural bilinguist, Operator can speak and understand Japanese and English equally well. As a result, his accent is subdued. While his name is relatively fresh, he projects the attitude of a diligent individual who is making a fresh start after sordid experiences in both light and shadow. He also has a love of military history and old American sitcoms involving the military (ex. MASH). Whenever corporate rumors are at the fore, it's a safe bet that Operator is paying attention.

Among the Japanese, Operator is an unusual moderate with regards to race. He is quite wary of performing shadowruns for pro- or anti-metahuman policlubs and organizations, and refuses to do wetwork that targets either type.

Rumors: Supposedly earned his nickname by performing a bit of quiet wetwork in a modest Tacoma neighborhood. The spicy meat of this story is that he beat the Halloweeners to the job, and subsequently burned the house down with incendiary explosives to both spite them and destroy evidence - all while wearing surgeons' scrubs. Alternative sources claim that his name is nothing more than a grateful exaggeration of his proficiency with first aid techniques.
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Post by: Nexxus on <04-28-11/1418:44>
Name: Nexus

Known Info:  Works outta downtown.  Can be hired for work through a fixer named Fast Eddie, who runs a chop shop on Cap Hill.  He's big too, everyone who works with him says he's 6'4" at least, and broad in the chest.  The guy is pro though, always wears a suit, plays by the law of the shadows, and can sling so serious mojo.

Rumors:  "Word on the street is he lives in the Ork Underground and rarely comes out, something about the sunlight.  This chummer was some kinda mage prodigy at the University of Washington until a corp tried to extract him.  Somewhere in the mix he fell through everyones fingers and wound up in the shadows.  Last I heard, he was laying low after a job in the Tir, something to do with an elf girl."

Name:  Ghost

Known Info:  Works in Auburn through a fixer named Eve that runs club Eden.  Kinda a stuck up little git, but can get the job done, especially negotiations with the corps.  If you can't get ahold of him through Eve a message can be left for him at Chan's, a streetside cafe that happens to have the best bowl of greasy soy noodles in South Auburn, just don't ask what kind of meat goes in it.

Rumors:  "I heard this chummer used to be a Johnson for Renraku til' the arc went down.  He did some work for Stuck at the Carnival when he first hit the street, and word has it he worked out a sweet little deal that gives him room and board in the Seattle Metroplex's favorite little slice of heaven.  From what I hear he makes the rounds on the club circuit, and knows where to hire some of the finest escorts to be found in the plex.  If you need a negotiator, or just someone who can slip into a business and walk out with what ya need and a date with the secretary, this chummer is your guy."
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Post by: TheCommanders on <08-29-11/0129:15>
Name: Leon

Known Info:  An ace hacker with a knack for networking, Leon is new to the seattle scene and is still working to get established in the new setting. Rumor has it he was a player in the FDC underworld, but no conclusive links have ever been made. He's out to build a name, a team, and a rep in seattle, and he's willing to prove he has something to bring to the varied world of the shadows.

Name: Pagan

Known Info:  A sociopathic mercenary who'll take any life for a decent payout, Pagan's never know to be anchored down with a regular team. His magic makes him a force to be reckoned with in the realm of profession killers, and you'll know when he's payed someone a visit. You don't pay him to make someone disappear, you pay him to make them scream. He's easily recognizable from the inverted cross shaped burn on his neck, which is embroidered with an intricate lattice of tattoos. Play straight with him and he's a valuable ally. Cross him and you will burn.
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Post by: Mason on <09-28-11/1308:42>
Name: Mason
Known info: A skilled mage known for specializing in barriers of all kinds. Also does other manipulation spells. Is a dwarf. Doesn't get out into the shadow community much.
Rumors: It is rumored that Mason frequently works on bug elimination jobs.
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Post by: Longshot23 on <09-29-11/0052:05>

Makura BioLabs 27/SEC/C917PER

SUMMERS, Morgan:  vehicle specialist, martial artist & gunslinger.

DoB:  14 February 2038   Place of Birth:  Fairbanks, Athabaskan Council
Height:     170cm      Weight:     72.7 kg
Hair:        Blonde, shoulder length  (styled)
Eyes:        Blue (dark)
Distinguishing Features/Marks:  None
Cyberwear:  None

   Morgan Summers, formerly a driver and transport specialist in this Corporation, was born to a old-style gaijin family still resident in what was the former United States of America state of Alaska.  His family was apparently at least partially Awakened, since his older(?) sister is a Troll and an uncle is an Elf.  Both family members still reside in Fairbanks.
   Summers attended local educational facilities (said facilities not being corporate controlled) until college, at which time he entered a college in Seattle Metroplex.  Did not appear to have a scientific, legal or business bent.  After undistinguished graduation, Summers seemed to be drifting from minor job to job, in small private enterprise.  Drifted as far south as Los Angeles, and as far east as old Denver.  In his twenty-first year,  gained entrance to DocWagon’s training program in Seattle.  Trained as primary driver for a Trauma team, also in training.  Training lasted three years.  Team was one of several junked at the time due to lack of funding; team members, numbering twenty-five in all, were cut loose with no firm prospects.

   Summers tried for various openings in and around Seattle, and after two months was accepted by this Corporation.  Worked with flair and elan for a total period of five months and ten days.  During his last seven days, one evening Summers was noticed in the company of a suspected Knight Errant operative.  When questioned about this, he claimed he had been "trying to get her into bed."  Given Summers' well-known proclivities, this answer was accepted at the time.  Nevertheless, a little more attention was paid to Summers,  both off- and on-duty.
   Summers' last assigned duty was as part of a convoy coming from Vancouver to Seattle.  We still don't know what entirely happened; what we do know is the unit under Summers' control jackknifed in Snohomish.  The personnel travelling in the cargo bay were severely injured, and in two cases killed in the incident.  Indications exist that Summers found out what he was carrying en route.  Two other vehicles in the convoy were also damaged in the chain reaction.  Three of the twelve security personnel travelling with the convoy were shot and killed.  After the confusion had ended, Summers was nowhere to be found.  The city authorities stole the cargo and extorted a large amount of money, in return "permitting" the Corporation to retain its businesses within Seattle. 

   Summers is wanted for questioning by this Corporation, and it is recommended that steps are taken for his apprehension as soon as he is located.  Whether the proposed operation is contracted out or kept in-house is a matter for the Board to decide.

Annex A to
Makura BioLabs 27/SEC/C917PER

Known Associates:

Cinnamon Mathonwy   Decker      Could well prove to be the means by which Summers is convinced to return to the fold, and may prove worthwhile recruiting in her own right.

Irina Karpova      Mage      Her departure from the Corporation is extremely unacceptable.  Strangely, no affiliation with Summers is apparent before they each went AWOL.  Steps are to be taken to retrieve Karpova’s services, in whatever capacity.

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Post by: Crimsondude on <09-29-11/0333:49>
Name: Brighid

Known info: Samantha Roth. Trid personality. Former UCAS DIA spy. Outspoken critic of Tir Tairngire. She still engages in some unconventional activities on behalf of NeoNET and others, including her own agenda.

Rumors: Claims that she serves or is otherwise connected to Lugh Surehand, that she still has ties to the New Revolution, that she's no longer human, and all sorts of other scurrilous lies.
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Post by: Caine on <09-29-11/2300:26>
Name: Tyco
Race: Elf

Street rep: Professional long time shadowrunner.  Rummored to be ex Tir spec ops. Is thought to have gotten his career started in the mid 50's and catapulted to international ops not long after.  Has been associated with multiple teams over the years but Is known to be a "loner who can work with others".  Has been quoted to say he has worked for and against every AAA corp.  Tyco was rumored to have been the leader and founder of Renta Merc but other than hear say there is no proof that ties him to the sucsessful organization and so that speculation is considered more fiction than fact. Tyco's current location is unknown and it seems he has either retired or is laying low somewhere off the grid.
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Post by: Smiley on <10-01-11/0520:59>
Name: Smiley
Race: Chinese Elf, Eastern Drake

Known Info: Smiley is known in the shadows as a very successful wetwork artist. He's been around in the shadows for the last 15 years. His signature and method is particular as bodies and forensic evidence (magic traces included) are never found, only a black business card that says "Service with a smile" where targets have disappeared. The cards themselves also vanish after a day or two from evidence lockers. He has also been called on for cleaning and bodyguard jobs. Outside the shadows, he is known as Joking Chan (yes, a Jackie Chan bad pun), the front man and guitarist of a successful but local Seattle based Retro Progressive Experimental Punk Rock Hardcore band named "Thanks for Coming Out". Their first album, "Chinese Fish in a Bucket full of Piss" has been released freely on several P2P networks. Those who knows him personally described him as a funny and enjoyable guy, with a strong sense of humor and incapable of taking anything too seriously. He is also known to be quite the playboy. Although loyal only to himself, his word his gold and he has gathered favors from quite an impressive amount of people from all social strata and nearly every circle. He is also known to meet from time to time with the Great Dragon Hestaby and also the Octagon Triads Incense Master Chen Kwan-Ti, although the nature of the relation between Smiley and these two individuals remain a mystery to all but those concerned. The Halloweeners Street Gang has also put a small bounty on his head and Smiley seems to have a similar vendetta against them. His shadow activities have been only sporadic in the last 2 years, focusing on training his magical abilities and his martial arts talents.

Rumors: His mysterious relation with Hestaby is subject to numerous and, more often than not, frivolous rumors. When questioned about it, Smiley simply answer by a smile, a wink and a "She's a kind lady." "She's my kind of Lady." "She's kind of my lady." or other variations, which, combined with his usual lack of seriousness, makes it even more puzzling. Another rumors says that Smiley has done wetwork jobs for Lone Star. Several suspects on their top list of untouchable and connected  murderers have disappeared with black business cards founds in their homes, cars or offices. The lack of any real efforts from Lone Star to investigate also fuel that rumor. Another rumor places him in a Seattle biker gang that got wiped out by the Halloweeners street gang. If he sided with the Ancients to take his revenge his pure speculation but it did coincide with a black business card left at the scene of the brutal murders of 16 Halloweeners and the destruction of one of their warehouse hangout around the same time the two gangs clashed. The only time, that Smiley would have left bodies to be discovered.
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Post by: CanRay on <10-02-11/0152:07>
Name:  Money Johnson
Race:  Caucasian Human

Known Info:  A Mr. Johnson for over 16 years in the Shadows of Seattle, starting in 2049 as a corporate Johnson for an unknown corporation, before going out freelance as a street Johnson (A specialized form of Fixer, really, adding an additional level of deniability in Shadowruns.).  Earned the handle "Money" for being a straight businessman with Shadowrunners and having some understanding about jobs that did not go as planned, thus "Was always good for the money", but also demanded professionalism and respect in return.  Able to blend into any environment, he dressed down for the streets and up for the conference rooms as appropriate and was able to work with both sides of Seattle's societies.  He semi-retired shortly after Crash 2.0 after marrying an elven woman, but came back to Seattle three years later with extensive cybernetics, a story about a building falling on him, and blood in his eye.  He's since shown a bit of instability, particularly in the fact that he occasionally dresses completely opposite to the area he's in, and has quite a lot of rage.  A dedicated infojunkie, he constantly crawls the Matrix and has for years, and has a wealth of knowledge that sometimes astounds people, as well as a plethora of contacts.  He's also a big game hunter, proficient fisherman, and enjoys 20-year old scotch and Tir whiskey.  Known to only drink soykaff, an oddity for Seattle.  Despite being in the city for ~18 years, he's not a local.

Rumors:  Money Johnson supposedly lost his wife in the same explosion that collapsed the building onto him, which is thought to be the cause for his mental unbalance.  Other people say he got some old time religion with some really old, and bloodthirsty gods.  The SINs he uses are scrambled badly, relating to multiple people, which makes identifying who he really is nearly impossible.

Name:  Big Murphy  [Deceased]
Race:  Mixed Race (AmerIndian/Hispanic/Caucasian) Ork

Known Info:  A third generation Shadowrunner, and also the third to have the same handle (Previously being "Little Murphy" until the death of his father).  Considered nothing more than dumb Barrens muscle, he's actually very well read and intelligent, having taught himself to read and does so frequently due to a sleep regulator that he had installed for the frequent stakeouts and physical overwatch jobs he was hired on for.  Refuses for use fully automatic weapons, but is very proficient with pistols, shotguns and rifles, and knows which end of a rocket launcher one should point towards the enemy.  Carries around a Monosword at almost all times.  Has connections with the Bot'Kham and the Cascade Orks through family.  A native of the Redmond Barrens, and still a resident there.

Name:  Murphy
Race:  Mixed Race (AmerIndian/Hispanic/Caucasian/Asian) Ork

Known Info:  Nephew of Big Murphy, fourth generation Shadowrunner, with the street name being a tradition in their family.  Homeschooled by his Uncle, he is able to perform quite a few different roles in any Shadowrunner team that's required, but is a bit of a Hacker above all.  Like his Uncle before him, he has connections to the Bot'Kham and the Cascade Orks through family members, and carries a few concealed melee weapons on his body at all times.  Still building a reputation for himself in Seattle, despite his pedigree.
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Post by: Mason on <10-07-11/2252:55>
Name: Wight Knight
Occupation: Snitch
Known Info: The Wight Knight is the Matrix handle of Johnny Morrison, a former corporate wageslave who got Infected by a ghoul and was forced to hide in the shadows of Seattle. He makes a living by being the guy to go to when you need information, and is known for his Matrix persona of a knight in blood-encrusted black armor with ghoulish facial features.
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Post by: The Wyrm Ouroboros on <10-08-11/0035:15>
Name:         : Kendrick Morkai
Street ID:         : The Wyrm Ouroboros
Matrix IDs:         : The Wyrm Ouroboros
         : Shockwave
         : Ephasia
         : Multiple Others
Race:         : Male Elven Caucasian
Height:         : 195 cm (6' 5")
Weight:         : 78.64 kg (173 lbs)
Hair Color:         : Dark brown, silvering, short.
Eye Color:         : Blue/Grey
Age:         : 64 (b. 2009)
Abilities:         : Decker/Hacker.
         : Suspected Technomancer.
Marks:         : Datajack behind right ear.
         : Apparent human aging.
         : May require glasses for reading.
Activities:          : Data Acquisition and Analysis.
         : Pattern Recognition.
         : Utility and IC Programming.
         : Site Intrusion Planning.
         : Otaku/Technomancer Involvement.

[Background File: UCAS FBI]
Note that the imagery provided is the only known image of him, taken from his college years, where he posed for art college; this is hardcopy, which is fortunate because it keeps vanishing from our digital files.

The information we have is that the Wyrm Ouroboros is a caucasian elf well known for his attentiveness to detail and getting wrapped up in his work; one of the nicknames he is teased with is 'Captain Oblivious', which he cheerfully responds to. Once he has shaken himself out of his focus on his job, however, he continues to be attentive, his quick intellect noticing details and making connections others may miss. He has 'worked the globe', as it were, going nearly anywhere in order to do a job. His criteria for accepting work tend towards 'personal gain' -- to wit, what dirt on the corporations he can extract during the event. Offering to cover the real reason of a run with his own activities has gotten him into jobs that he may not have normally been accepted for, whether because of his ethics or his price tag; nonetheless, his actions while on the job are professional, efficient, and elegant. Jobs of repute have supposedly been:Since 2062 his trail has become extremely difficult to follow, whether this is because of the supposed otaku gang, the Crash 2.0, an increase of his worms, or some other reason is unknown.

Rumors:  Ouro says he was involved in an internet hack during college that drew the attention of both the SEC and the FBI in his first semester of his senior year of college, back in 2028.  The court computers, being well-secured, quickly fell victim to the Crash Virus, and when he thought he was home free because of it, he got visited by certain military types looking for certain kinds of minds.  Whether his claim of being one of the Echo Mirage hackers is true, his claim that the USAF later killed off several of those who stayed in the military certainly holds some truth, even if this office has never been able to prosecute.  Supposedly, he managed to escape and go underground, first pulling off what has become his hallmark -- wiping all systems of any knowledge of him. People know of the Wyrm; machines did not. He soon acquired a Portal, juiced it up to hacker specs, and began doing what he's always done best: hacking and getting the word out, as well as seeding major systems with very subtle, replicating tapeworms.  It has become part of FBI computer operations personnel SOP to sweep for tapeworms with his signature in all systems.

Unlike most elves, the past thirty years have put lines onto the Wyrm's face; he claims to have some unpronounceable genetic disease that has interfered with how he ages.  His mind, however, remains as sharp and flexible as if he were still in his senior year of college. Using 'The Wyrm Ouroboros' and various other aliases and street names, he has participated in literally hundreds of quasi-legal actions, a number which can easily climb past a thousand if one considers his near-constant Matrix presence. Actual legal and regulation infringements are uncountable.

As of 2064 he was believed to have custody of a 12-year-old girl, thought to be his daughter; who or where the mother was remains unknown.  Current rumor suggests he has Emerged as a technomancer and been accepted into the otaku-tribe-turned-Resonance-guild which, supposedly, always retained a position open for him to fill.
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Name: Iceblade

Known Info: Iceblade is a caucasian elf out of Tir Tairngir. A magician following a little-known tradition called the Swordmage, and following the Shark, he is somewhat distinctive for the highly decorative blades he uses, with custom AR overlays. Unlike some runners, Iceblade maintains a cover identity as Count Mirikon Mollen, an exiled Tir noble living the high life. In this persona, he can usually be found in any of the best clubs in any sprawl he goes to. While the Crash makes any information before 2064 suspect at best, there is a SIN in Tir Tairngir under that name and general biometric data (the picture has been lost), saying that Count Mollen was in the Tir Tairngir Peace Forces, assigned to the Ghosts. However, other biographical data has been lost or erased, though childhood records from before his Naming may exist. However, there is no record of what he was called before his Naming. When asked why he left the Tir, all he'll say is that "Popular revolutions tend to be bad for your health when you're a nobleman."

In his runner persona, Iceblade carries himself like a professional. He has a bias towards elves and the Awakened, though anyone who proves themselves capable will get a certain level of respect from him. During the technomancer scare, Iceblade actually took up arms protecting some technomancers from a mob in Seattle. He has shown an intense dislike for Aztlan and Aztechnology, and is usually eager to take jobs that will harm the big A. While he has no bias for or against the Infected, per se, he has shown a need for a very strong drink when the topic of ghouls shows up. When asked why he left the Tir, he'll just shake his head, get another drink, and say that he had a 'bad experience'.

Name: Kusanagi Motoko

Known info: A half-Japanese, half-caucasian human from Neo-Tokyo, Motoko is, at first glance, a woman in her early twenties who is utterly obsessed with anime. And that's not far from the truth. Of course, when one digs deeper, one finds that she's a technomancer, who spent most of '71 hiding behind the Yakuza for protection from lynch mobs and snatchers. She is known to follow the E-scapist stream, and answers to a digital entity called Alias. Despite having contacts in the Yakuza, Motoko seems driven to spoof most aspects of her lifestyle, perhaps as an extension of her belief that the Matrix, where everything is changeable, is her true home, and the meat world is just someplace she is forced to visit now and then.

One odd thing about Motoko is that she has taken steps to compensate for the fact that hackers are more often than not expected to come with the team, rather than staying in the van, meaning that they can often find themselves in combat in the meat world. She's started to become fairly good with the Barret 121 that she always brings with her on runs, and her Steel Lynx makes for an excellent shield, as well as helping to add offensive firepower to her team. One downside to her fascination with anime, however, is that whenever she hacks a node, she always leaves behind a tag in the form of an icon from an old anime series.

Known Info: Caucasian male, typically takes jobs as a street samurai and enforcer. Only obvious ware is a datajack and some blue cybereyes. He appeared on the Seattle scene shortly after Crash 2.0. Not much is known about his past, in no small part because whatever he can remember, he isn't willing to tell anyone. Scuttlebutt is that he worked for Renraku before the shutdown. These rumors persist in part because of the Red Samurai armor he wears when he's expecting a real fight. He admits to having been in the Arcology during the shutdown, but refuses to say anything, mainly due to 'bad memories'. He's got a rep as a good fighter, but he's shown signs of being mentally unstable, going through manic periods where he claims to hear the Lord whispering to him through the Matrix.

Belial was born in Angkor Wat, the Naga Kingdom. As a young naga, he was captured in the wild, and sold as a parasecurity critter to Mitsuhama, spending most of his time in a MCT facility in Seattle. He endured six long years of this slavery, before the Corporate Court declared that nagas were sapient creatures, to be afforded the same rights as metahumans. Freed from his corporate bonds, Belial was released into Seattle, without even a commlink to his name.

In this way, he was found by a member of the Seoulpa Rings, who was looking for talent for their porn trids. Not knowing what he was signing up for, Belial agreed to be in several trids, in a starring role. The vore porn trids made him enough money to get on his feet in the shadows. A recent addition to the Seattle shadow scene, Belial, now running as Wyrmtongue, tends to adopt a metahuman form when on the job, partially to be able to use weapons and armor, and partially to avoid the whole business of him being a Naga, which isn't a protected species in the UCAS.
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Name: Mercedes (

Known Info: Social adept that's been involved in hunting down a powerful vampire.
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Official Name: Xerena Veracruz
Street Name: Madrecita
Metatype: Elf

Known Information: Very little is known for sure about Xerena. Born in Granada, Spain, in 2014, she trained as a surgeon in Madrid and entered private practice for over a decade until 2054 when she disappeared. She resurfaced in Seattle in 2067 as a talismonger, and packing Grade 3 Initiate punch. No one knows where she'd been, or what happened to her in the intevening 13 years. All anyone knows for sure is that she owns an Alchemy microlab, an enchanting shop, and that she'd been producing some of the finest magical goods and refined materials and ingredients since her arrival. She soon became known as "Madrecita" - "Little Mother" - as tribute to the strays she keeps taking in...and as "Gris", for her not-so-strict adherance to the Hypocratic oath. Talismonger and Enchantress she may be, but that doesn't mean she's left her former career completely behind. Xerena will on occasion apply her talents to "cosmetically enhance" those who can persuade her with sufficient cred - or the occasional pro-bono case if she feels you deserve it. Although the practice of medicine is no longer her primary job, she rarely turns anyone away...but be careful: if you're on her shit-list, by all means try not to end up on her operating table. Bad Things may happen.

Rumours: There’s some sort of bad blood between her and some Azzies. Azzie magicians walk wide circles around her. Whatever the trouble one is talking, and no one is rocking the boat too much. With a distinct lack of concrete information, the stories about her turns wilder and wilder with every passing year even though all she’s ever been observed doing is sell magical goods, patch up your ass and annoy the Azzies.
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Brighid's stats are in Artifacts Unbound, page 119.

She's a Grade 8 social adept. There's a line in Street Legends by Thorn about how if Argus really wanted him dead they'd send an expert like him.

She's the person that the UCAS would send.
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Name:  BeeDubs
Metatype: Troll

Known Information:  It's believed he's a former runner turned fixer.  His original alias back in the 60's was "Buffalo Wings" but the shorter version stuck.  His nickname came quite directly from his penchant for downing buckets of wings, bone and all, while on the job.  In his days as a runner he tended to spend most his time as a freelance on-sight rigger for various teams but he was also known to be a competent hacker.  His specialties were mainly B&E and he was known to have no qualms about doing wetwork if it paid enough.  He actively trolls the shadow VPNs and likes to help teams out with his long experience in the shadows.  He also loves to contribute to online discussion forums having to do with history, politics, Meta-rights and music. 
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Names: Ysoni and Fenris
Metatypes: Dryad and Fenrir Wolf Shapeshifter

Known information: Ysoni is a second generation runner and an Adept following the Invisible Way. Born and raised in the Seattle Shadows, he knows his way around, and have been thoroughly trained by his parents. He resides in Tarislar where his younger sister maintains a set of small greenhouses. Being a dryad, Ysoni's health in intimately tied to those greenhouses. It's well known that Ysoni had been born a she in 2046, but had since then undergone gene-based gender reassignment therapy to become a he. A talismonger and medical practitioner known as Madrecita in the Shadows took care of the procedure. Shortly after, now actually having balls, he started taking on larger 'runs. One such 'run went miserably wrong and he ended up with a dead Johnson, an unpaid crew and a crate containing a Saeder-Krupp-trained paracritter. To make matters even one would take it off his hands. Left no other choice, he let the big Fenrir loose...but the following week it was back. He soon discovered that Fenris, as he unimaginatively called it, was a shapeshifter. From then...Fen joined Ysoni on his runs, using his magic in his partner's defence. Neither takes a solo job. Ever. Fen's a fairly powerful magician, but he's not entirely comfortable with technology. He avoids the matrix altogether whenever possible and even foregoes AR.

Rumours: There's something really fishy about the devotion Fen and Ysoni have for each other. They're always together, and Fen seems unusually protective - even posessive. Few dare ask what the story is in the face of Fen's fangs.

**NOTE: Fen will not be posting. Since he's uncomfortable with tech, only Ysoni will be "present". No IC play will take place involving him.
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Name:         : Piotyr Kosigan
Street ID:         : Shivowtnoeh ('The Beast Within')
Race:         : Male Human Caucasian
Height:         : 181 cm (5' 10")
Weight:         : 84.5 kg (186 lbs)
Hair Color:         : Brown, receeding.
Eye Color:         : Hazel
Age:         : 38
Abilities:         : Rigger.
         : Sorcery Adept.
Marks:         : Receding hairline.
         : Datajack behind right ear.
         : Obvious cybernetic right arm.
         : Mustache and beard.
         : Wears glasses for reading.
Activities:          : Personal Information Acquisition.
         : Site Intrusion Planning.
         : Hard-Target Wetwork.
[ Background by Mr. Cleaner ]
          He was not the best drone rigger. He was not the most bold. What he was was the most enthusiastic and dedicated, just the loyal sort that the KGB really like as their lackeys. This isn't to say that he was a moron; the KGB doesn't hire idiots. Even their leg-breakers are smart leg-breakers.
          The KGB also gets the best of what's available, and they put it into their best people. Piotyr was plugged in an average of fourteen hours a day, peeking into windows, listening at doors, and eliminating troublesome pests. Like his dossier says -- he wasn't the boldest or the best, but he was intelligent, enthusiastic, and loyal. He enjoyed what he did, and since the KGB let him do what he liked to do, he did it. A lot. And they put things into him in order to enable him to do it better, while keeping him able to upgrade if future needs put him into such a position.
          Then Svyatogor called.
          Svyatogor, the oldest, wisest, and mightiest of Russian bogatyr, spoke to the drone rigger, telling him that though his contact with the Motherland had been weakened, still there was strength left to him. A breath of the giant's power, and Piotyr's soul woke to the call of the Russian peoples, new and ancient. He knew he could no longer work with the repressiveness of the KGB. That bureau is not one to permit one to readily retire, so Piotyr left -- and left, and left. His apartment was cleared out, several of the drones he 'preferred' vanished, and Piotyr went east.
          First stop were the Urals, where with some meditation and a hell of a lot of practice the man learned the touch of the Wise Warrior. Spells, though they did not come easily to him, did come to him in time. When others from Moscow began to show up in the area, he again left, heading further east. Lake Baikal was next, then Vladivostok when his welcome was starting to wear thin. As the KGB signals office in Vladivostok started to look for him, he again moved, this time across the Bering Strait and down the coast to Seattle.
          He's been here ever since, working under the code name 'Shivowtnoeh', which means 'The Beast Within' -- he prefers the implications of having greater depth than what first he seems. He works as an intrusion planning specialist, a vehicle overwatch agent (or 'spotter'), and occasionally does wetwork on hard-to-hit targets. Like any ex-intelligence operative, his actions are professional and competent; he is not some scum crawling off the street. He expects courtesy and respect, both for himself and for his worth; he presumes that if he is being hired for a job, the individual hiring him should innately comprehend that he is going to do the job, specifically and as contracted for. He is not big on exceeding the scope of the contract, but he is relentless in finishing what he is hired to do.
          In short, he's ex-KGB.

>>>>>[ Ah, so this is where he has went. This man was terror of Moscow back in '57. Then all of sudden, he disappears, KGB is looking for him. I did not know that he was visited by bogatyr Svyatogor; this explains much of why he left. Svyatogor would not like how the KGB treats the People. ]<<<<<
          -- Cancelled Czech (04:02:01/01-04-2072)

>>>>>[ Shivvy's a weird one, really.  I'm not sure he doesn't belong over in 'Drivers'.  He's supposedly an ex-KGB rigger who found magic at the ripe old age of something like 32, and left the KGB under 'selfish circumstances'.  He does a little of everything, really -- sorcery adept, a bit of high-tech muscle work, doin' the drone thing, peeking in people's windows.  If there were an 'oddball' DB, he'd be in it.
          Not to say he's crappy at what he does, but from what I hear he does prefer the Peeping Tom bit over anything else. ]<<<<<
          -- Brutus (04:13:41/01-04-2064)

>>>>>[ While he's not a big fan of intrusion work, he does an excellent job of planning them.  He's a big fan of 'supposed to be here' tactics -- getting outfits and IDs that match the place he's going, and just walking in.
          I have heard rumors that Shivowtnoeh is connected to Chimera; I personally doubt their veracity.  While he will take contracts on hard-to-hit people, he prefers working independently.  I believe he has come to an understanding with his ex-comrades; he's hinted about it to me, but never confirmed anything, which I suspect is at the core of the deal. ]<<<<<
          -- Mr. Cleaner (20:08:15/03-07-2064)
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Name: Ethan Rayne
Handle: Specks
Known Information: His name is presumably false, having been born to a family living in the ork ghettos without a SIN but applying for one before attempting to enter University of Seattle's magical theory classes. Despite his acceptance into UCAS citizenry, his scores at the time were not high enough to earn the scholarships he required to attend magical education. He is known to be active in the Seattle Shadows for the past two years specializing in magical research and observation. He is known to prosper on the Astral plane and with spirits, but his spellcasting is almost laughable. But sometimes knowledge makes up for that particular shortcoming.

Rumors: "This kid seems to almost idol worship Serrin Shamandar, that alone gives me the heebie jeebies."
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Name: Jackson Hart (Non-confirmable with out DEEP matrix work)
Street Name: Card (unofficial, better then using his real name)
Metatype: Human Adept
Way: None yet.
Age: 22
Location: Northern Seattle
Known Affiliations: Yellow Lotus Triad
Specializations: Hand to Hand Melee, minor Social Engineering, Driving
Known History: Presumed SINless, either by choice or due to other reasons, Jackson primarily works as a day shift delivery boy for a Lotus front delivery service. He's currently trying to branch out and use some of his other skills, such as his smooth talking. Not a violent man, many local gangs have reported attempting to mug him, only to wake up in the alley. His code is "I will not start fights, but I will end them,", meaning he does his best, so far, to get the job done with little to no casualties. We'll see how long that lasts.

Rumors: A well placed individual with possible homeland contacts in the Yellow Lotus may or may not have heavy connections to this runner. He may or may not know how to alter his 'chi' to simulate being hit with a stun gun.
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Name:            : Reiko Tetsuki
Street ID:    : Predator
Race:            : Female Human Asian
Height:            : 5'3"
Weight:            : 114 lbs
Hair Color:    : Chestnut
Eye Color:    : Green
Date of Birth  : 5/24/2043
Age:            : 31

Abilities:    : Firearms specialist
            : Minor Hacking ability

True Background  : Born to a pair of Renraku employees, Reiko was raised in a more luxurious lifestyle than most shadowrunners in her early years. Her father was a mid-ranking security officer, and her mother worked in high level research and development for the company's primary industry of electronics--both at the corporation's home office in Japan.

Just a few short months after her tenth birthday, she was uprooted from her life and schoolmates when her parents were both transferred to the Seattle office in the Arcology. It took her quite a while to adjust to life in the UCAS sprawl, not the least of reasons was learning a new language, but after only a couple of years things settled back into normalcy.

For most of her youth, she was intrigued by both of her parents jobs for the corporation and strived to work toward gaining proficiency in both fields, but while she was able to become competent with computers, the skills needed for her father's job in security seemed to come most naturally for her resulting in her learning combative techniques much more easily.

Things seemed to go well once she'd become acclamated to the differences in lifestyle between Japan and Seattle, at least until she started entering into adolescence. Once she hit fifteen, Reiko began to enter a phase of rebellion where she would sneak out of the house at night and go out "slumming" in various bars and nightclubs located in the less than savory parts of the sprawl. She was caught sneaking back in to the house after these sojourns into seedier life--early on even before getting out to begin with--and punished heavily, but all this really did was provide her with lessons in what not to do when it came to stealth.

Two days after Reiko's sixteenth birthday, her life was again turned upside down as she and her family had to make their escape as the Arcology entered it's state of lockdown. While her parents and herself made it out--barely--and managed getting themselves set up with a fairly comfortable substitute home in Bellevue, it was driven home quite hard for her how bad the situation was because a young, at eighteen, security officer that she'd developed feelings for and had, for half a year, a clandestine romantic relationship with, was still trapped inside the Arcology. While she could, on very sporadic frequency and for extremely short time periods, get calls in to the young man, the long periods in which no contact was possible would send her into mild depression states for days, a condition which baffled her parents who, of course, knew nothing of the relationship.

As time went one, Reiko eventually resigned herself to the situation of it not likely being possible to ever see the young man, whom she considered to be the love of her life, again, and her life slowly began returning as close as possible to how it was before the lockdown--even though she still made what little contact with him as was possible given the situation.

Only a littler over two years--on month over to be exact--after the escape from the Arcology, Reiko's life was again shattered. She was just getting home after one of her 'slumming' escapades, only to discover that the door to the house was slightly open. Moving inside carefully, she poked her head around the corner, calling out to her mother and father, only to discover as she did that her father was lying face down on the now shattered table in the living room in a pool of his own blood with a bullet hole in the back of his head. Being unused to this sort of carnage, she stood helplessly frozen for several minutes, grief bringing tears to sting her eyes. Once she had regained some measure of control over herself, she started calling to her mother again as she moved through the disaster area which was her home. She was even more unprepared for what she found once she entered the kitchen. Lying on her back--also in a pool of her own blood which was running down the side of the 'island' in the middle of the room--was her mother, stripped almost completely nude and severely mutilated. At this point, the girl went nearly catatonic for hours, just huddled in a corner silently sobbing over the loss of her family.

The final months of her time in schooling saw a much more subdued Reiko, for the most part, being that she had turned eighteen the month before, she used her inheritence to keep up her standard of living while she finished her time in school, and after that, she began putting the abilities she had to use to supplement the inherited funds by doing any number of things, including shadow work.

She still has not discovered who murdered her parents so brutally, but she has never stopped looking for clues as to the identities of the perpetrators, or why they did what they did. She eventually did discover that the young security hacker that she'd been enamored of did, in fact, come out of the ordeal of the lockdown alive, if not entirely unscathed. Once the two met once again, she discovered that her feelings--and his--were still as strong as ever.
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Name: Finley "Fin" Kaufmann
Street Name: Silver Bee
Metatype: Elf
Age: 28
Location: Seattle, Elven District

Known History: A relative newb to the shadows, and a fresh face to Seattle, Finley's only managed to get a few odd jobs.  He's still looking for that big break.  Not in a big rush though. 

Rumors: Used to work for Saeder-Krupp, but his files were probably wiped during the Crash.
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Real Name: Nkanyiso Dlamini
Street Name: The Tokoloshe
Metatype: Dwarf
Awakened: Yes (Adept; Artisan’s Way)
Age: 45

The Tokoloshe was born in the shadows of the Drakensberg, in a little village called Moyeni, in what was once known as Kwazulu-Natal, later known as the Zulu Nation. The village was poor, and underdeveloped, and so was largely unaffected by the crash of 2029, the year of his birth.
From an early age, he showed remarkable aptitude with mechanical things. Recognising his talent, the village elders decided he was a good candidate for technical college. It was soon apparent that he was more than just merely good, and after winning a scholarship, he attended the University of Zululand. By the time he was 30, was senior engineer at a major firm...until 2064 when the Crash goggled up the stock, and destroyed the company. Nkanyiso lost everything, and while on the streets, he found that engineering skills didn’t count for much, and being a dwarf didn’t either. A few months later, he was hired on as chief engineer for a smuggling team aboard their submarine. There, he was affectionately given the name “Tokoloshe” – an African evil spirit approximately the size of a dwarf, known for its ugliness and scaring small children. As the team’s success grew, they graduated to larger submarines, and started branching out to deeper diving ones, plundering the depths of the ocean for anything that looked like it might have magical value. A near-fatal accident ensured he lost his taste for underwater work, and in 2072 he parted ways with his former team and settled in Seattle, where he opened a rigger’s workshop.

The Tokoloshe is an absolute wizard with wheeled vehicles, and has a knack for making them do what exactly what his customers want them to. He’s distrustful of strangers and never stays in one place for longer than a few weeks. He’s almost obsessive about cleanliness in his workshop, and often mistakes real objects and people for ARO’s, making social interaction awkward at times. However, once you get to know The Tokoloshe, you’ll find him very personable. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but never, ever imply that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Besides the mechanical and electronics workshop, it’s said he operates a number of ultra-secure safehouses scattered all over Seattle. The African community of Seattle seems terrified of the little dwarf. They refuse to discuss why. Many runners call him “McGuyver” behind his back for his pacifist attitude.
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Street Name: Morg
Metatype: Human (Meta-Gene altered)
Awakened: Yes (Mystic Adept) Voodoo? (Ogoun?)
Eye Colour: Neon Green (natural colour)
Hair Colour: Neon Green (natural colour)
Age: 16
Location Seattle Rat City

There is no record of Morg prior to his extraction form a Vancouver medical facility. The extraction team tried ship him to  Kenya and that's were his story should have ended. Instead they were shot down by the local warlord !Umbasa and Morg survived the crash and as his reward !Umbasa sent him to suicide bomb a a machine gun nest outside of Lodwa. amazingly the boy survived the explosion . The warlord !Umbasa had determined Morg was awakened so he decided this boy was worth more then another suicide bomb and there began Morg's career as a child soldier at the age of 13. It is unknown how or why Morg left this life, but one thing is clear, on Morgs 16 birthday !Umbasa Died. The dark spirit infesting the now withered soul of !Umbasa decided to take control of Morg on his 16th birthday. First finishing what was left of the warlord it then it took the form of Morgs childhood Idol and imaginary friend Karl combat mage. After earning his trust It  guided him to Seattle to further its goals to feed.

Recent news: Morg has discovered that his metagenes where tampered with before he was born. This tampering forwarded research into the striping of undesirable metagenetic traits such as goblinization. The extensive reworking of his genes "should" have guaranteed he would live a mundane life instead his power as a mystic adept has continued to grow.

Recent news: After the Tragic events that led to the death of Ronin and the ejection of a dark entity within him Morg was reunited with his true path of magic and struggles to follow the guidance of the Loa Ogoun.

Morg has extensive training in the use of hand to hand combat, stealth, support weapons, gunnery, scavenging and combat spells, as well as Chemical, Architectural and Tactical knowledge,but he never received any magical education he has received a grant for thaumaturgical studies at Draco Foundation's expense

Morg Is new to the shadows and as yet trying to gain acceptance,  he is willing to push harder and faster to get noticed. Morg has a deep love for the old 40s and 50s runner trids and their Daredevil ways. His preferred jobs are structure hits and fire support reminiscent of his recent past

Morg: has a Mangadyne logo and bar-code located somewhere on his body, he gets nervous when Universal Omnitech is mentioned in conversation, he has been corrupted by a dark spirit and it controls him even now, he killed Ronin in cold Blood
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Subject: 19ST32
Real Name: Simonel Tanthalas
Birthday: December 2035
Street Name: Shrike
Nationality: United Canadian American States (forged), Tir Tairngire
Gender: Male
Metatype: Homo sapiens nobilis
Languages: English, Hawaiian, Japanese (rudimentary), Sperethiel (native)
Known Aliases: Shrike (primary), SimonSez (secondary)
Known IDs (Nationalities): Simonel Tanthalas (Tir Tairngire), Simon Daystar (Salish-Shidhe Council), Simon Gabriel (United Canadian American States)
Stock Image (With date/location taken): None available. Subject is approximately 6 feet tall, 210 pounds with black hair. Appears to have Japanese/Samoan ancestry.
Awakened/Emerged: Awakened (Mystic Adept/Shark)
Prominent Features: Black hair (faux hawk with green stripe), neo-celtic/samoan tattoos covering both arms/shoulders and possibly continuing further onto the subjects back
Augmentation: Unknown
Habits/Quirks: Seen in conversation with non-materialized entities, idealist, avid hurling follower
Primary Interests: Gangs, Infiltration Procedures, Magic, Martial Arts, Spirits, Swords, Tir Tairngire
Affiliations (Corps, Policlubs, VPN's, etc): Ancients go-gang, Leasa Criminal Syndicate, Lochlann Investments, Serathilion, Tarislar Revitilization Committee, Telestrian Industries, Virtual Underworld 93 VPN, White Thorn Society
Known Associates (Contacts and co-workers): Suki Redflower (street mage), Samantha O'Bryan (Neko, Subject 92SO15), Luc St. Pierre (St. SINner, Subject 59LS52), Rinelle (possible Leasa member), Averline Danaerys (possible dependent), Spiral (fixer), Kailiu (Ancients Lieutenant)
Whereabouts: Pacific Northwest
Part-time Residence: Tarislar, Puyallup, Seattle, UCAS; Portland, Tir Tairngire

Known Info: Subject is a Magician's Way Adept following Shark. First verifiable mention of subject 19ST32 is a birth record on file at Honolulu National Medical Center dated December 2035. It is unknown at this time whether or not this is an authentic birth record or a plant from the subjects affiliates. There is no further information until 2036 where the subject has become a citizen of the newly formed nation of Tir Tairngire. Listed guardians are Count Aishar-ha and Duchess Haukea Tanthalas. 19ST32 has no record of formal school attendance (possibly home schooled or tutored). Subject entered mandatory TTPF service in December 2053 (at this time it is assumed this is the subject's 18th birthday).  Subject is then employed by Paladin Security in 2055. Subjects residence was destroyed during the riots of 2064 and the subject is believed to have left Tir Tairngire at this time as there is no more official information (this could be due to Crash 2.0). This is the end of all information harvested from any official resource.

Speculation: The following are from unverified, second-hand reports: Subject is believed to live in the Tarislar area of Puyallup and has been seen with members of the Ancients go-gang. Subject has been seen taking a young female elf in a wheel chair to Deireadh An Tuartheil on several occasions. Subjects demeanor is one of nobility (possibly ingrained from a young age). Subject carries himself with an undeniable dignity, however the subject's attitude can change from one of humor to rage at a moments notice. 19ST32 carries a unique sword that looks like it has a revolver built into the grip and pommel (possible magic weapon focus; see Report 159-STV-908A).

Skills: Subject is both a competent unarmed combatant specializing in the elven martial art of Carromeleg and an excellent swordsman. 19ST32 excels at the arts of stealth and infiltration and is also a capable spellcaster.

Rumors: Has an ongoing feud with a Yakuza kunoichi that seems to border on hatred. Stole his sword from the Black Lodge. He was ran out of Tir Tairngire because he is a Shedim Master. Other rumors say he is a flesh form Bug Spirit. His family is actually an ancient cabal of vampires. He is not really an elf, but a human with cosmetic surgery.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Marak1972 on <03-26-12/1847:20>
Subject: 25TS659
Real Name: not found
Birthday: not found
Street Name: Marak
Nationality: Carrib League (born) , CAS
Gender: Male
Metatype: Troll
Languages: English, Spanish
Known Aliases: Marak (primary), Clyde (secondary)
Known IDs (Nationalities): Clyde (Seattle),
Stock Image (With date/location taken): None available. Subject is approximately 8 feet tall, 400 pounds with Auburn Dreadlocks . Appears to have
Awakened/Emerged: Awakened (Gunslinger Adept)
Prominent Features: Auburn hair (Drealocks),
Augmentation: Unknown
Habits/Quirks: Gun nut, idealist, avid combat biker follower
Primary Interests: Pistols, Infiltraion Procedures, Martial Arts, Combat bikers, Girls, Ork Underground
Affiliations (Corps, Policlubs, VPN's, etc): not known
Known Associates (Contacts and co-workers): Hope (Adept,runner,Gaurdian), Jethro Grimm (adopted uncle,orc), Jimmy Grimm (adopted uncle,orc), Gnat (Mother), Averline Danaerys (possible dependent), Spiral (fixer), Kailiu (Ancients Lieutenant)
Whereabouts: Pacific Northwest
Part-time Residence: Plastic Jungle, Carrib- League

Known Info: Subject is a virtual unknown. Just showed up in the runner scene.  Gunslinger Adept - Pistols. First verifiable mention of subject .  This is the end of all information harvested from any official resource.

Speculation: Subject is believed to be the offsring of Snarl and Gnat to Troll Freedom fighters or terrorists (which ever side of the line your looking from) from the ranch in "Texas". Snarl alleged brought a corp plex (3 buildings) down on himself with some sort of explosive(s) , killing him in the process. MOther Gnat disappeared after that. Supposedly to the Carribean but not fixed location was ever found. She was gaurded by the Brothers Grimm.  Street Samurais with not ites to the ranch. Gnat befriended the 2 during some big battle in the redmond area. And they stuck with her ever since. And became Marak's guardians , teachers and uncles.During the upheval in the league Marak was seperated from all 3. Jethro had given him a letter with names etc, to help him find one person who could train him in his path. He must find Hope. Upon arriving in Seattle Jethros family took him in and has treated him like their own kin. Living in the orc underground. He hasfound his father's only remaining safehous entact. Plus another from his mother. Subject carries himself with an undeniable dignity. 25TS659 carries a a variety of pistols.
Skills: Subject is both a competent gunman. 19ST32 excels at the arts of stealth and infiltration.

Rumors: Is the son of Snarl a terrorist freedom fighter from the RAnch wanted by Azteland.(Unconfirmed). He is here to avenge his fathers death. His mother is a very powerful Mage and is a voodoo master with a horde of zombies at her disposal.

Looking for work
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Post by: Devil on <03-31-12/0421:18>
Street ID: The Doc, Doc
Metatype: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Est. late twenties.
Abilities: Ranged Weapon Specialist
              Stealth Expert
              Investigation Expert
              Medical Expert

Known Info:
Heavy hitter with a sharp mind and a sharper eye. Worked Seattle in the past, but lately he's been rumored to be popping up in a lot of places, such as Detroit and Cancun. This guy's known for being able to get any job done clean. Decked out with 'ware up to his ears (though you wouldn't know it lookin' at him), he's more machine than man. For the past few years he always seems to run with a little Japanese hacker girl, Tsukiko (another runner well known in the Seattle area).

#1 "As a kid he was crippled and poor, so he surgically implanted his own cyberware so he could walk and stuff. Pretty gruesome."
#2 "Never misses a shot and never fails a run."
#3 "He's handsome, but totally weird, like disturbed.  Always gave me the creeps."
#4 "I heard he changed his face and moved out of Seattle like a year ago."
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Jian on <04-12-12/1642:56>
Name: Delir Emet
Known Info: A young man with clear Middle Eastern features, Delir Emet- who only answers to that name in known runner community belief- is a more recent comer to the Seattle shadows, though he clearly isn't wet behind the ears. Notably, he is a Zoroastrian magus, devout in faith. Though much more weighted to the practice of conjuring rather than spellcasting, he still has a great deal of might to throw around in either event.

Naturally, he has been able to get plenty of work, although he has been noted to be picky about the work he chooses. A number of prospective Johnsons have been said to be turned down because Delir Emet found their requests completely unacceptable. As he was once heard to comment, "I may walk a thin line for Ahura Mazda and Good, but some things are beyond the pale." 

Rumors: - Ancient gangers disappeared recently, sounds of a fight they say, but gone, no blood, no signs of cacking. The Ancients hold Emet responsible for some reason.
- Aztechnology wage mages disappearing, Delir Emet seen in the vicinity. A couple were rumored blood mages.
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Post by: Neo Strider on <04-18-12/2057:28>
Name: Neo Strider aka Old Man Strider

Known info: Born sometime in 2030s (He's always been cagey about his age) Strider's been a Seattle native, born and raised. He ran with go-gangs in his teens and after a couple big scores, got himself chromed up and took to the shadows. He had a few close associates, they worked for just about anyone for the right amount of nuyen and got burned a couple times for it. He lost his associates on various runs, until finally vanishing during the Crash 2.0. He's resurfaced in recent weeks, looking for new blood to run with.

Rumors: "Is that rusty razor still around even!? Heard he died in the Crash. Leastways, lot of his old chummers did."
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Morg on <05-03-12/2053:37>
Name: Shadowrider
Metatype: Human
Occupation: Private Investigator

Known Info: Shadowrider is a 3ed generation Lone Star Peace Officer. Because of his family background, sense of duty and academy scores Captain Franklin Marrs quickly transfered him under his command. Despite his best efforts Shadowrider could not get reassignment and by 2071 his disillusionment with Lone Star was complete. When Lone Star lost the Seattle contract he gladly took Knight Errants offer for cold case investigations. Recent events however have not been kind. The investigation of his newest cold case have caused several attempts on his life, the loss of his job and the death of his best friend & partner. He is now working as a P.I, until he can sort it all out

Rumors "I hear he keeps in touch with the Heat"
Title: Runner Bio: Gabe
Post by: Gabe on <05-04-12/2346:55>
Metatype: Elf
Sex: Male

Known Info: An upper class sense of style and a silver tongue get him into and out of trouble like a pendulum. In a recent swing of good fortune, he gathered enough nuyen to open up a runner friendly pub on the outskirts of Redmond. From his extravagantly decorated office he offers his services as a fixer to up and coming runners. He says his own days as a runner are over, but ask the right people and you find out that his past still haunts him. The streets lifted him up, and they can drag him right back down. This Archangel will need to cut anchor and start flying by himself if he wants to keep his life of luxury.

-"Irish Mob are said to be knocking down his door looking to collect on an old debt. Might not be long before they try to take a pound of flesh instead."
-"Great contact for out of towners too, Seattle can swallow you whole if you don't know the rules. Gabe can keep you from running into the wrong people."
-"Pays extra nuyen if you take hood work, or if you stroke his ego."
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Post by: qazcake on <05-27-12/2207:59>
Name:zork the problem solver

Known:This man has had some problems in the past And supposidly he has done alot of things that he is not proud of.
Zork Is a hitman and a very talanted with sniper rifles.
He has made quite a few foes with about 20 assinations through his six years of experience.
He never shares his past or his personal life unless there realy good buddys of his due to the corperations he managed to piss off.

Rumors:He just recently reappeared in seatle after spending about a half a year in japan no idea why he left for japan and it stranger why he came back.
He also lives somewhere in seatle but not many pepole know where.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Lysanderz on <08-01-12/1140:40>
Name: Deadline
Race: Elf or Human, always masked in the flesh and always with a voice distorter
Age: 20-30
Known Info: A known information broker, Deadline tends to keep his personal information to himself but what has slipped usually amounts to experience in the media industry and a constant need for money and information on all subjects. Regular friends call him an oddball but stand up guy, others know he has a history of the classic “Ditch-n-Run” when it comes to disagreements between him and a team he isn’t familiar with.
Known Affiliations:
Mafia: Despite his strong distaste for them, he often relies on them when in a tight spot monetarily and is somewhat well known by them
Denver Shadows: Deadline’s first appearance in the shadows was in Denver, where he is currently hanging around with a new team. Ask him and he’ll tell you he wants to go back to LA.
Rumors: "The guy is a scumbag. You hear that he dumped his entire team into Knight Errant’s lap with a video recording? He says he’s got his reasons and the street says something about a ‘Scarlet Spade’ character being the source. If he ain’t a close friend, I wouldn’t run with him."
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Decade Rider on <09-26-12/1741:50>
Name: Edge Rider
Race:  Human tho sometimes tricky to say due to the fact he almost always wear a full face helmet with 2 bug eyes
Age: 16-25
Known Info: Trained martial artist in Kick Boxing and Kung Fu is know to be a a freelance adept with no specific ties to any syndicate or gang aside from the occasional job. As made a good name for himself in both Urban Brawls and Combat Biking.

Is born in the UCAS but speaks frequently in Japanese even when not needed. Also as a reputation of "striking poses" during fights for simple fun wich might be tied to his big love of Japenese Live action heroes.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Ympulse on <10-18-12/1752:46>
Name: Emmas

Race: Elf (Banshee)

Age: At least 50

Known Info: Magician with a flair for dramatic use of Spirits. She is most famous for being in a blood feud with Tanamous over what started as a misunderstanding. She operates mostly in Western Europe, although she has visited Seattle a few times for reasons unknown.

Rumors: It is rumored that Emmas is the head of a cult of mages and adepts in service to Morrighan. She is also rumored to not remember anything before awakening as a Banshee.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Kot on <10-18-12/1822:51>
A little update:

Name: NiSayer

Race: Human, or very human-looking Elf

Age: Supposedly 25, most probably a few more

Known Info: Hacker, and a decent one. Had to run away from TriCity Free Economic Zone after some botched job, and landed in Seattle for a while. There he hooked up with a traveling Shadowrunner show, and roamed the Sixth World for some time, managing to build a name for himself. He resurfaced in South America, Middle East, and Philipines during a few flashy runs, then dissapeared for a while again, to finally return to Seattle. He settled down along with those of his team, and currently acts as a fixer for young hackers, who want to make a name for himself. He doesn't make as many obscure 20th century tv show references as he did once, and seems more calm and a lot more skilled.

Rumors: The strongest rumor is, that both his custom combat 'link and his datajack are fake, and he's in fact a technomancer. His comments on this fact are usually something along 'would I tell you if I was?' Also, he seemed to made some kind of deal with a dragon, and that makes some people nervous in his presence. His problems with S-K seem to be a thing of the past, though.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Crunch on <10-30-12/2359:03>
Name: Mr Fabulous

Race: Troll

Age: 26

Known Info: One time muscle for the Seattle mafia gone freelance. Effective but not flashy. Surprisingly subtle for a troll. Loves Jazz and collects rare 20th century recordings. Prefers Knives and bladed weapons.

Rumors: Probably a physical adept. Still on friendly terms with the local Mob.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Snake Eyes on <11-04-12/1934:28>
Name: Dead Eye

Race: Human

Age: 25

Known Info: Street Sam gun-for-hire that also has a thing for My Little Pony, in fact his calling card is a small MLP emotitoy.
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Post by: All4BigGuns on <11-27-12/0342:27>
Name:     Wheeler
Age:          29
Metatype: Human

Known Info: Wheeler is a rigger and combat medic currently operating out of Denver.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Solodice on <01-01-13/1835:58>
Name: Stinger

Age: 30

Metatype: Dwarf

Known Info: An ex-ganger that has a nasty taste for valuables. Currently operating out of Denver.

Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Kot on <01-02-13/0536:29>
Name: Alex White Hare

Race: NAN Elf

Age: no more than 18, probably younger

Known Info: Shaman of some kind. Somehow figured how NiSayer (who gave him his equipment) logged into the boards.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Solodice on <01-08-13/1620:05>
Name: Miner Fox

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Suspected to be in his mid 40s

Known Info: Miner Fox is an enigma in the shadow runner community. Some say he's an ex spy that worked for the UCAS, or a soldier of fortune that's been in the Desert Wars and multiple hot spots across the Earth, or maybe he was a agent for one of the AAA corps; No one really knows and he never tells people much about himself either even some of his closest contacts. He doesn't really have any friends and is more inclined to call them contacts more then friends. Some say he's working with a smuggler crew up in T-Bay while some say he's in Berlin doing some work for the corps there.

Rumor: "This guy left us a nice little present and note for us when we got there. The present? it was a gun packed to the gills with C-4 and Maverick, being the gun nut that he is, picks up the damn thing and it goes off sending the gore all over us then multiple devices went off around bringing the structure down on us. Gringo and Tek were killed while me and Scythe made it out. The following day we found a nice little letter in our safe house. It was written by Gringo saying that Scythe had been planning this stuff all along to grab up all the nuyen from our current job and provided damnable evidence on him. I executed Scythe on the spot for the fear he would pop me. I swear that this shit is nothing new to me but on this scale is way beyond me. Well me and Vol (new guy I brought in) are ready to help finish up the job I started... I hope there's no other road bumps on the way. So are you still in?"
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Nobody on <06-21-13/0618:40>
Handle: Nobody

Known Info: Most evidence suggest that Nobody is actually some sort of intelligence network, rather than a single person. Each time the name surfaces, it's connected with a consummate professional covert operative. Infiltration, exfiltration, legwork, reconnaissance, blackmail, even impersonation, with an emphasis on getting in and out clean. On most runs he's just a voice on the comms and an array of sensors on tac-net. When someone sees a face the descriptions are wildly different, even down to body type and metatype. Sometimes there's cyber, sometimes they look magical, sometimes unaugmented. Thing is, JackPoint's only got one member that goes by that name . . .
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: firebug on <07-01-13/1326:20>
Alias: Firebug
Metatype: Human
Known Information: A young technomancer with a past of gang violence and arson.  Has trouble getting jobs because of her reckless and violent tendencies.  Specialized in smuggling, and is known to have a few augmentations.  Currently finding work in Chicago.
Rumors:  Firebug's gender is often questioned, as she tends towards inhuman icons and often makes use of voice masks while on runs.  There are also old rumors that she may have been part of the Halloweeners gang before they were slaughtered by the Ancients in 2069.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Maddoux1 on <07-29-13/2243:52>
Alias C.E., Clockwork Etherium, "Clocks"
Metatype Human
Gender Male

Known Info - "He's a nobody, right?  I mean, sure, he seems to have money.  I guess he's the white collar of the destitute and worthless.  Got a nice car, and a housing contract from Ares.  Pretty sure he's worked with the Knights Errant before, but never in a major way."

Rumors - "Here in LA, you need to be known, and he's definitely not.  Claims to be a rigger, and then turns around and threatens people with magic.  Probably just another loudmouth corporate kid who's trying to seem bigger and badder than he is."

Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Silence on <08-20-13/1905:13>
Alias:  Siouxsie(at least until he can get it changed)
Metatype: Human

Known Info:Wizkid from the Redmond Barrens, a kid matching his description was seen with one of the up and coming thrillgangs before they were wiped off the face of the Sprawl.  Nobody's seen the kid in a month or two.
Rumors:He bought it when the gang was killed, and he was sacrificed by a bunch of druids that popped up in the Sprawl as an example to any Awakened that would try and make the Barrens worse.  The druids have been operating in the shadows for years, or at least their leader has.  The same bunch of druids seem to be working with the Catholic Church.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: TheDarkMessiah on <08-30-13/1221:20>
Alias:  Belisama
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Female
Known Info: Mixed Race, green haired druidic looking type operating out of London's Docklands area. Does a bit of Talislegging work, and gives magical advice when asked.
Rumors: She's not actually a druid, but actually practices some crazy elven/african/made up mumbo jumbo. She's got some sort of compact with a free water spirit. She's tied up in all sorts of gang business with the gentlemen who run the docks. She's a dragon. She's a free spirit. She's some sort of Goddess. It's really hard to find information on her - all or none of these may be true.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: SpyroD on <09-11-13/1129:51>
Alias: SpyroD
Know Info: Dwarf, Russian and mainly a Fixer for small Corps. Out of Russia from decades worked mainly in Vienna or in the Munich Sprawl, lately seems gravitate more on east in Europe but not in Russia, NEVER in Russia. His works are usually clean and is know to pay farly and rarely cross his runners.
Rumors: is a semi known fact he run himself some small corp from the head when not working as fixer, when that happened is said he was the one "with the money", who or where that money come out no one can ascertain, for sure have a lot of contact in the south AGS, North Italy, Balkans Slavs Europe general area.

Alias: Pixel
Know info: Is that kind of  programming Hacker/Decker (she use indifferently both terms) who no one ever see in person during work but is know she is real and not some sapient infoentity at least, fairly decent skil and the ability to pop out in the Matrix about where she want, and appreciated for that.
Rumors: As about someone who very few people had see in person the rumors on her abound, one of this said she is a Pixie enamored with all the matrix things. A person who refuse to say anymore say she live in Prague and and about never go out in the open very few times. There are more wild rumor on her but will not reported here.
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Post by: WrongConcept on <10-03-13/1009:13>
Name: James Sullyvan
Nationality: UCAS
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Human)
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O+
Alias: WrongConcept
Known Info: Born and Raised in Chicago, accident left him Quadriplegic, moved to Seattle, expert in Matrix Security Graduated in Seattle U, Working as a Freelancer in simple computer programs for small corporations and charity organizations at competitive costs.
Rumors: "Expert in Matrix Security my arse! he has a fraggin SIN! and all his information is on the trix! POSER!" "That is a fraggin Spider!" "The pinky don't like Chrome hes a pussy!"
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: MaxKojote on <10-11-13/0331:16>
Alias: Fang
Metatype: Unknown due to SURGE so heavily mutating him. Highest probability is human.
Gender: Male
Age: Suspected to be in his young to mid 20s.
Known Info: German, moved to Seattle a few years back.
He’s a Technomancer and refers to himself as an ‘Info Savant’. He never admitted it, but a couple of mages were able to detect his Resonance abilities.
He’s good at hacking and an adequate rigger if you don’t have anyone else to do it, but his real speciality is information gathering.
SURGE hit him rather drastically, changing all of his appearance to a much more animalistic look. Complete with fangs, claws, pointed ears, fur and a tail.
Rumours: 1. “He’s rather polite. His German heritage tends to pop up in the honorifics he uses, but beyond that he’s fairly normal. Doesn't like to rock the boat so he’s generally fairly neutral or friendly. Has a rather snarky outlook when he's not 'on shift'.”
2. "If you want to find him in person, go to Fenris Nacht. He's a regular there."
3. “SURGE affected more than his appearance. Ever heard the saying ‘the mind is but a plaything of the body’? He’s an example of that.”
4. “It also affected his senses. Those ears and nose aren't just cosmetic changes. He probably could get your emotions from scent alone. Not that he could do anything with it, but it makes him a helpful asset for a Face. Just don't ask him to handle negotiations for you, unless you enjoy watching a comedy of incompetence.”
5. “Don’t threaten his boyfriend. Trust me. Everyone has buttons, that one was his.”
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Vendetta Violent on <02-01-14/1532:03>
Alias:  Vendetta Violent
Meta-type: Human
Gender: Female
Known Info: Vendetta Violent is the lead vocals and rhythm guitar for the synthcore shadowband 'Riot Blue' as well as her own solo project 'Mana Burns'. She is a Hermetic Mage of minor experience and major talent and a new face in the shadow community. Recently she was forced to take her musical talents fully underground after suspected connection to the death of music legend Taylor Hardline only minutes before Riot Blue was to take the stage. These accusations are baseless and her involvement was only by being in proximity of the act rather then direct involvement. Still, the event was catastrophic enough to the bands reputation to push them from limelight to underground and force Vendetta completely into the shadows. Since then, the fiery siren has managed a surprising amount of aptitude and skill within the shadows of Seattle and LA along side the remaining members of Riot Blue. Vendetta also maintains a weekly shadowblog called Violent Life which is aimed at her small but quickly growing fanbase.
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Post by: Nightmare on <02-28-14/1240:39>
Name: Nightmare
Nationality/Metatype/Gender: German/Night One/Female
Age: Early-60s
Awakened/Emerged: No
Height: 1.93 meters
Weight: 78 kg
Hair color: Silver (often dyed)
Eye color: Silver-Gray
Prominent Features: Missing tips of last two fingers of left hand; two bullet scars on outer left thigh; severe white phosphorous burns from wrist to the shoulder of right arm; numerous cars across back; black fur
Primary Interests: Wetwork, espionage, global affairs, mercenary units, Seattle
Part-time Residence: Seattle, UCAS

Known information:  Nightmare is an independent mercenary, freelance assassin, and night operations specialist currently operating out of the North American Pacific Northwest as a shadowrunner.  A 20 year veteran of multiple battlefields - including the Eurowars and the Nationalist War - before becoming a shadowrunner in '51, she is well respected by old-time shadowrunners and mercs.  A consummate professional, she never divulges any information about her previous jobs and keeps a very low profile. A bit old-fashioned, Nightmare uses older slang/terminology quite often in conversations.

1) "Don't ever confuse her with the Halloweeners' Nightmare unless you want to end up in the hospital."
2) "Nightmare's has had a real mad on for Aztlan ever since she came back from her Amazonia stint in '49. I don't know what happened down there but when she arrived in Seattle she was sporting cybereyes and a whole load of new scars."
3) "She's got to have some kinda connection with the Ancients.  I mean she helped them wipe out the Meat Junkies in '52 along with the near wipe out of the Halloweeners in '70.  That and she's been seen hanging out with Sting at the Daisy Chain."
4) "She was a MET2000 member during the Eurowars but for some reason in '40 she resigned her commission and became a freelancer.  Wonder what made her quit."
5) "I don't know why, but she's a regular at the Fenris Nacht in Seattle for some reason.  Why would a Night One hang out at a place frequented by shifters and primal shamans?"
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Kylen on <03-28-14/1331:13>
Alias: Liminality
Metatype: Human, UCAS nationality
Age: Early 20s
Known Stomping Grounds: Metro Phoenix Area
Known Info: A fan of SMGs, high powered skates, and energetic as hell, Liminality is generally hired to provide various kinds of loud distractions, from getting her ganger buddies to draw off police, to things a little more artistic. Not usually one for subtle movements, she rarely does anything in small measures. She is sometimes easy to pick out of a group with her shocking hair, but was smart enough to get bioware to let it shift colors. The only permanent marking she has on her is a tattoo located on her somewhere, but the people who know what it is and where it is aren't talking.
Rumors: "I heard she's got at least three electrotats, that she uses to spell out pricing!" "I heard one time, she walked into a corp place completely naked as a distraction, and no one did a fragging thing for like, half an hour, because they couldn't figure out if it was some art piece, until the alarm finally went off when a teammate screwed something up."
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Kylen on <03-28-14/1338:46>
Alias: Spirit Caller
Metatype/Nationality: Human, PCC
Age: Late 20s
Known Location: Metro Phoenix
Known Info: Part of one of the many tribes that make up the PCC, Spirit is a summoning Shaman of the Coyote tradition. A practitioner from early childhood, he is well versed in the Astral, as well as how to bind, summon, and dismiss various spirits. It's said he has a hobby in enchanting, but doesn't go out of his way to do so.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Longshot23 on <03-29-14/0439:44>
Huh. Nightmare and Longshot might know each other by sight - they've got Fenris Nacht in common. Although TBH Nightmare is considerably more distinctive than Longshot.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Nightmare on <03-31-14/1011:45>
Huh. Nightmare and Longshot might know each other by sight - they've got Fenris Nacht in common. Although TBH Nightmare is considerably more distinctive than Longshot.

True plus Nightmare has been hanging at the Nacht since she moved to Seattle in 2049, so they would probably easily have run across each other.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Longshot23 on <03-31-14/1032:52>
Well . . . how does Nightmare feel/think about someone who looks like almost a poster boy for Humanis . . .
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Nightmare on <03-31-14/1044:44>
Well . . . how does Nightmare feel/think about someone who looks like almost a poster boy for Humanis . . .

If he's in Humanis she avoids them but if he just looks like a poster boy she pretty much holds back until he shows what his true colors are.  Too many times in the past she's ran up against folks who looked like one thing but were in fact something else (looked like Humanis thugs but were just normal folks) that she's learned to let the people prove themselves to her first before grabbing a gun.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Longshot23 on <03-31-14/1219:40>
In his favour is the fact that he frequents Fenris Nacht - (one of) the bartender(s) is his fixer. That aside, Humanis are almost Longshot's prey of choice <g> - which sounds more bloody-minded than he actually is.

Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Nightmare on <04-02-14/1144:49>
Nightmare spends her time there mainly cause it's one of the few places she feels fits her mindset and doesn't bother her about her velum.  Course the fact that her current fixer and former "sidekick/magic user runner" now works out of a dark corner of the Nacht also helps too.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Longshot23 on <04-03-14/0534:42>
Nightmare's been hanging out at the Nacht since 2049?! Sheesh . . . she might regard Longshot as not much more than a walk-in - he's been coming there since late 2059/early 2060. He was introduced there by an ork (Mantez) and an elf (Myst).
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Nightmare on <04-04-14/1006:12>
Nightmare's been hanging out at the Nacht since 2049?! Sheesh . . . she might regard Longshot as not much more than a walk-in - he's been coming there since late 2059/early 2060. He was introduced there by an ork (Mantez) and an elf (Myst).

Yeah, Nightmare's been around for a long time...that's what you get with a 60+ year old Night One.  :)  Course when she's not at the Nacht, she's around Fort Lewis' bars kicking the hoops of all the soldier boys with her dwarf armorer.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: SlowDeck on <04-24-14/0112:52>
Name: SlowDeck
MetaType: Human
Age: 20s.
Awakened: Claims not to be.

Known Information: SlowDeck claims to be a decker, and there are some who attest to his skill. Particularly in combining biofeedback with use of building holographic/AR systems and customized agents that look exactly like hermetic spirits... even when the building doesn't have any holographic or AR systems and even when his "custom attack displays" that look like fireballs actually set things, or people, on fire. Strangely, the only icon that has ever been found for him on the Matrix is that generated by his commlink; he claims he's that good at Matrix stealth.

SlowDeck is rumored to be a hermetic mage using a fake cyberdeck and some actual knowledge about hacking to fool his opponents, and more than one new teammate, into thinking he's a decker.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: farothel on <04-28-14/0446:31>
Alias: Black Panther
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: end 20s, early 30s (difficult to tell with elves)
Known Info:
-A hacker (she prefers the new-old term) who was part of a smuggler group which almost got wiped out.  She left but she still knows people in that business. 
-Currently she's in LA where she keeps herself informed on the comings and goings of the high and mighty of tinseltown.  She actually has a decent P2 rating.
-She comes from the CAS originally and one can still hear it in her speech.
-She has some Cyber, although most of it is on the inside.  Her most obvious feature are her cybereyes, which are completely white to match her hair.  Together with her black skin it makes her stand out on parties and such and it is actually modeled to an old comic book character.
-Her matrix icon is a black panther and if your reality filter is not strong enough, you're suddenly in a jungle.
-She likes matrix sculpting and has been known to take commisions for those who don't want an off the shelf matrix icon.
-She has been offered a role in a re-make of an X-men movie as she already resembles the character Storm.
-Has had an affair with an Horizon VP, which is how she managed to get the P2 score and A-list invitations to some parties.
-Has worked for Ares in the past and is actually an Ares spy in LA.

Alias: Kitten
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Age: mid 20s
Known Info:
-a mage who used to work for a mercenary company, she now runs the shadows in Seattle.
-specialised in combat magic, but also healing.
-comes from Egypt originally and follows the ancient Egyptian tradition as follower of Ra, the Sun god.
-She has been to a lot of hellholes like Lagos, chicago and the Yucatan.
-Hates bug spirits and religeous fanatics.
-She summons her spirits in ancient Egyptian and they look like Egyptian gods (or servants thereoff)
-Something wiped out most of her mercenary company.  Only she and a couple of others have survived.
-Likes to gross out new additions to the team by taking them to a bar where they serve fried crickets and such.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Flip on <05-03-14/0354:13>
Alias: Pizza Boy
Metatype:  Orc
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Known Info: A new soul to the shadowrunning business, this guy is a Flatcap Go-Ganger who after getting in an unfortunate car accident, got tired of waiting to race with the big boys and hit the shadows instead. Hasn't gotten much work yet, but none of the teams he's worked with have complained; reviews say he's quick on his feet and quicker with his hands. The lack of any stereotypical violent orc outbursts also is a nice touch to his resume.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: insomn14 on <05-12-14/1435:03>
Alias: (shortened to Answers more often than not)
Metatype: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Late-20’s
Known Info:
- Does decker duty with a crew out of the Minneapolis metroplex.  Noted for doing fast, efficient (though generally sloppy) Matrix work (it works, but it isn’t winning any points for style).
- Has had severe cyberwork done including both legs, his left arm up to the bicep, both eyes, and various other changes (see rumors).
- Answers is a notable sleazy pervert.  He’s frequented and hosted various pornography-centric nodes over the years.  If there is a kink, he probably has a nice selection of recommendations for those looking for a sampling.  His subtle and not-so-subtle interlude with women has gotten him into trouble more than a few times.  These have recently tapered down a noticeable amount.
- Answers is a persona non gratis at several Minneapolis area bunraku parlors and hookers.  While most involved are fairly tight lipped about it, rumor has it has something to do with some extreme body modifications.
- It’s rumored that some of his early work in the shadows may have involved Tamanous.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Jesskitten on <05-13-14/0922:51>
Alias: Jesskitten
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 21 (For forum purposes, Otherwise she is 15)
Known Info:
- Is a Technomancer, although often tries to find around stating it outright due to her past. One of her team calls her a cyber psychic
- Has a serious grudge against MCT, and also basically anyone who wholesale abuses younger people in general
- Runs with a team made up of mostly mages
- Has a dog drone called Wolfram who acts just like a real wolf, with a machine gun on his back
- Is some what hyperactive and can act child like at times, partly due to her 3 undisclosed years and her subsequent life with a team of runners. But can get deadly serious when things really matter to her.
- The 3 undisclosed years she was held in an MCT facility, after emerging, being subjected to many many tests
- She befriended the AI 'Ex' while in the facility and they have stuck together since the breakout
- There have been roumors that she SURGEd based upon her alias and Living Persona
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Celtibero on <05-13-14/0936:30>
Alias: Kitty
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Known Info:
- Decker who used to run with the Cereal Killers
- Foster families product, saw kids being exploited for NuYen paychecks while the families cared little for them
- Runs an agent that looks like a cartoon Kitten
- Sports a "Hello kitty" backpack wherever she goes
- rumoured that her friend and mentor back in the Cereal was scorched pretty severely by a Psychotropic IC, rumour has it that Kitty currently takes care of her.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Orbweaver on <05-15-14/0304:11>
Alias: Orbweaver (or "Orb")
Metatype: Human
Age: 24
Known Info:
-real name leaked a while back as Chloe Sanders
-primarily works and lives in Seattle
-light cyberisation in ears, eyes, balancing tail, and lower right arm.
-most commonly takes jobs as a freelance spider of all things, although hacking is still a regular thing. Secondary skillset is infiltration.
-occasionally uploads trids of her parkouring stunts around Seattle
-said parkouring is how she lost her lower right arm
-suffers from Sensory Overload Syndrome (SOS)
-part native american (Lakota tribe), although she has little to do with it aside from visiting relatives from time to time, and speaks fluent Sioux
-dating an ork, so she gets defensive about them

-recently her freelance work has taken a noticeable dive in activity, and it's rumoured but not yet confirmed that she's taken a full-time spider job for a small cybertechnology firm. This has neither been confirmed nor denied by Orb
-probably has a really terrible sense of humour considering the pun that is her alias
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Taejix on <05-17-14/1611:13>
Alias: Ruthless ("Ruth")
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (Estimated)
Awakened: Yes (Adept)
Known Info:
-Born and raised in the Chicago Containment Zone, she still lives and works in the city.
-She has ties to the Orphanage and to the Chicago Anarchist Collective.
-A bloodrunner (medical courier) for the Black Crescent, she's recently started running the shadows. Feedback is decent, just don't ask her to talk to anyone.
-Her skillset includes moving fast and quiet, shooting straight and knowing how to use a medkit even when the autodoc shorts out. She's also good to know if if you just need someone to show you around Chi-Town, even the zone itself if your jing is good.
-She's an albino and tends to wear a thick, concealing grey coat with a hood. Her face is usually hidden by a pair of bulky goggles (wired, how retro) and a respirator when outdoors.
-Most of the things she owns are old throwbacks. Her outdated commlink is a recent acquisition, but she's been getting good use out of it.
-Ruth Less is her real name. She's not particularly imaginative.
-She's actually a vampire. Seriously, she's awakened, pale, has red eyes and hates sunlight. Obviously a vampire.
-She's actually a toxic adept. I hear Mad Dog is one of the toxic mentor spirits and she's always saying how Dog talks to her...
-She's actually a mantis free spirit. It's why she has such a hate-on for the rest of the bugs and we all know anyone who's awakened around here eventually signs on with the bugs.
-At the very least, she has to be Twisted somehow. No one can grow up in that sort of hellhole and come out unchanged.
-She's not even awakened, she just has some really discrete wires. That's why she's not Twisted.
-She's actually a very low profile cyberzombie. Secret corp black project gone rogue. Her whole life history is made up, no one could get that much 'ware in the zone.
-She is awakened, but she's on the way of the burnout from all the 'ware. Come on people, I've seen her on the astral and she's definitely awakened. 'Till she adds more chrome anyway.
-I once saw her outrun a car. Razorgirl is fast, man.
-She's a carrier for HMHVV. You can tell, because she always calls it MVV instead.
-She works for Tamanous occasionally. All that running around the zone carrying organs and drek, who could tell where it's going and who's paying her.
-Seriously, magical badass working for the CAC? Obviously part of the Black Star.

Name: Mr. Fletcher
Metatype: Ork
Gender: Male
Known Info:
-An established shadowrunner with a reputation for being discrete and professional.
-Currently working out of Chicago.
-Is apparently good at staying anonymous.
-French, or possibly french-canadian, with a noticeable accent when he's off the clock.
-Rumour has it he's acting as a mentor of sorts to Ruthless.
-Prefers improvised weapons to guns. Probably an Adept.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Booze on <05-23-14/1718:43>
Alias:  Booze
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Male
Known Info:
-Born in UCAS, rised in Japan, now back in UCAS.
-He hates 'Japs.
-Now Hanging out with some hobos, Cereal Killers, and Runners in Seattle.
-Quite a retro style eccentric, with his persona looking as running 'Johnny Walker logo' in Technicolor rainbow.
-Oh, He is a Hacker, probably a Tehnomancer
"The funny thing was, he and his parents passed for humans for some time, eventually ended up in Philipine 'Camps in 2060'."
"He was innate with machines, and the matrix as well. You know, what happened to such people in Crash 2.0, right? I'm pretty sure he's a mancer now."
"Last time i saw him on a party, he 'changed' the music. Hacked the console to some old school techno, like from the 90"
"If its job against Shiawase, he'll take it for free"
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Jesskitten on <05-25-14/0414:23>
Alias: Shade
Metatype: Night One
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Known Info:
- Is a mage who focuses on frost based combat spells
- Was in Juvie for a time
- Is from the Scandinavian Union
- Has a cold personality
- Follows a Nordic path of Magic
- Rumored that the reason she was in Juvie was due to her involvement with Winternight during Crash 2.0
- Is now a member of the esoteric magic organisation known as Obscure Occultism Organization (OCubed)
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: MadxHatter0 on <05-26-14/1130:03>
Alias:  Kid AudiBAAL

Known info:  Kid AudiBAAl is a troll mage from out of town.  He's only been in Seattle for a few months.  He works in an occult bookstore/talismongering shop and lives in the apartment above it.  Though he's a mage he keeps away from conjuring spirits when he can.  Preferring straight spellcasting, and working on magical formulae and a side business of enchanting.  He's still rather young, with his age estimated to be between 18 and 20, but it's hard to tell on a troll.  He has been on a few runs, with runners describing him as having a few specific rules.  Such as not taking wetwork runs unless the target is suitably bad.  In short there're more unknowns about the kid than known's. 

Rumors:  It's said he got the handle of AudiBAAL when he used a Soundwave spell to wipe a whole room of guards in one go.
He's often seen inquiring about Saeder-Krupp and their R&D departments. 
Word has it from a few mages out East that the kid was actually a student at MIT&T but goblinized during some conjuration final.  Got a lot of kids hurt as some fire spirits got free.
He'll enchant anything as long as you can give him information about Saeder-Krupp.
He once strode into a ganger den to rescue a fellow runner, and came out with the runner, unharmed, and covered in ganger blood.
It's said that he's some sort of spell formulae genius and someone stole one of his formulas.
Someone said it was a girlfriend of his that stole it.  Others say that it was a boyfriend.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: horngeek on <07-07-14/0805:08>
Alias: Gunspell

Known Info: An Elven Mystic Adept, born in Australia.  Fairly new but not entirely green in the runner scene, she's done some operation in Hong Kong, but is new to the Seattle scene- frankly a bit too green to make a significant name for herself, although some digging will reveal she's done particularly well with bodyguard runs.  She left Hong Kong rather suddenly, though. 

Rumors: While there's not much floating around, rumor says the reason she left Hong Kong was because she got one of the Triads angry at her somehow. 
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Titan on <09-26-14/1612:15>
Name: Titan

Known Info: A big fragging Ork that has two custom, obvious cyberarms in a matte midnight blue finish and matching solid blue cyber eyes. A Street Samurai of some skill, he seems equally at ease with cyberspurs or the huge Ares Predator IV he keeps in a shoulder holster under his armored coat.
Rumors: -Ares wants him, badly.
-He was a hitman for a Dragon.
-Active in Seattle, Chicago, and even Manhattan. Goes where the work is on his Harley Scorpion
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: insomniac7809 on <01-28-15/2249:37>
Alias: Sha'li
Known Info:
-Seattle ork from the Underground
-Go-ganger gone pro
-Ork nationalist, goblin rock/orxploitation aficionado
-Weapon modification/manufacture expert
-Worked a job or two involving Bull and/or Tauren that put her up against Brackhaven crew
-Has a BTL habit
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Raiderjoseph on <01-11-16/2349:49>
Name: Vexboy

Vexboy is a Dragonslayer Totem Adapt who is new to the shadows and looking for advice. He's kinda a weeb but otherwise he tries to get along with everyone. Also due to his fixer being incompetent its got out that he is Ex Lonestar... he was part of a special detective division but still... Lone Star. He hasnt even been on a run yet thanks to the afformentioned fixer.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Raiderjoseph on <01-16-16/2003:22>
Name: Scatter

A rather psychotic Ork Technomancer. Very skilled in Resonance technigues but specializes in summoning Sprites. Even has contacts with Free Sprites. He has a rather... unique wit and way of speaking and while he has the shakes is capable in combat. Although he can't aim a gun to save his life he uses a riot shield and a specialized chainsaw... I mean who would decide to melee a guy like that? Excitable and crazy and prone to fits of innaproprate behavior he is still one of the best at what he does and has a loyalty streak to those who can put up with him.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: All4BigGuns on <01-17-16/2219:20>
Alias: Kensai

Skill Set: Mage and Swordsman

A young pup in the shadow scene. He has a great deal of talent but little experience.
Title: Re: [OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread
Post by: Black Bart on <01-22-16/0028:07>
Alias: Black Bart
Skill Set: Close combat , not scared of a little torture or intimidation.

Living on the streets is Darwinism in action. Eat or be eaten.

-Has ties with "Forever Tacoma" gang
-In a sizeable debt to an undisclosed party
-Does have a SIN spent three years in a Seattle Cell, given a name.
-Small time dealer
-Prejudice toward Humans has gotten him in trouble a few times.