Steel Bound: A Shadowrun Based Novel

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I am currently writing a novel based in the Shadowrun realm and I would love some feedback on what I've done with it so far. I have been trying to get people on the website I'm using to give their opinions/thoughts/ideas on it, but they've been unhelpful. So, I figured who better to ask about a Shadowrun fanfiction than a bunch of people who play Shadowrun! So if you care to, I would really love if you could read what I have so far (or even just the first chapter if you hate the idea) and give me your thoughts on it. Also, feel free to correct me if I use lingo wrong or miss a chance to use lingo because I'm trying to make this as cohesive with the realm.

To read this book, you will have to sign in to WattPad (the website it is on) with your Facebook account or make an account, but if you use your facebook account, it is really easy to do and set up.

Thanks a million guys~


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I'll check it out!
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