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Are all immortal elves awakened too?

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The titel  says it all: Are all immortal elves awakened too?

(taking into account official material)

It's ... tricky. Some slept through the the downturn, others were "awake", but at low mana and didn't "express" as an elf (I believe). I'm thinking of Ehran and Harley, who were both awake through the millenia, but weren't being called out for their ears or anything.

Mundane/Awakened is a function of the Mana levels.  At a certain point, everyone can use magic to a certain extent. 

So, technically yes all immortals (Elves and otherwise) are Awakened.  The immortality itself is arguably a magical process of some kind.

Are they all massively OP Mary-Sues?  No, that's (mostly) Harley.  : )

All the Identified Immortal elves are not only awakened, they are all HIGHLY initiated, and if Surehand and Harkey are an example, have multiple high level artifacts and foci at their beck and call....

My understanding is that immortal elves were originally created by great dragons as servants (didn't work out so well, so they stopped doing that).  I'd presume that part of the package that the dragons would have been looking for was substantial magical talent, so it seems likely that all immortal elves are awakened -- but of course exceptions make for good story!


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