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Most Immersive voice?

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I think I've settled on continuing in 3rd.
I feel like it gives me the ability to describe the scenery better while still allowing me to step into the characters head from time to time.  It will still be completely centered on the main character with no jumping away to other characters.  Just her, her perspective, and her reactions.
It's also going to be extremely long for a Choose Your Own Adventure.  In most that I've seen each full story arc is about the size of a short story.  This one is shaping up for each plot to be a novella.  I kind of want the reader to forget they're reading a CYOA between choices. 
I think 3rd will help in that respect because most novels are in 3rd so it will just feel natural to the reader.  They'll hopefully get so swept up in the events of each "chapter" that they'll be caught a bit by surprise when the next choice comes up.


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