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Assassin's Night campaign book is released

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get it now from drivethrurpg, catalyst store, etc etc

Here's the links:

Catalyst Shop
DriveThru RPG

Michael Chandra:
Couldn't help myself and read the conclusion. :o And I like how they built in 'this is how it goes if your players reach a different ending', because if I ever run this, chances are I'll need it with my players. Seriously, they ALWAYS break the official runs.

Part of me wishes they’d focused on crunch rather than another campaign setting but I dare say I will pick this up in the morning :P

I skipped the Barcelona setting info, but read the intro adventures and the conclusion adventures so far.  I think the one-chapter-one-session format is decent, but it's still not a well organized book.  The Introduction gives us some helpful information but there should be an entire chapter on how to use the book.  Even though there is a blurb at the end summarizing the behind the scenes plot, this book is missing a synopsis.  You need to read the entire book to understand the structure of the campaign and the major beats of the plot, and that's about 100 pages.

Like 30 Nights, the timeline of this campaign seems to be around a month of in game time and if you played the whole book it would take your group the better part of a year.  So, like 30 Nights, there doesn't seem to be any breathing room where you could take advancements and stuff.

My other big gripe is that there is no denouement, we hit the climax and the book ends.  There isn't even so much as a getaway scene.  No word on where the blame falls, no ramifications for the PCs, no reactions or movements by the big players.


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