Character Sheet Left Behind at GenCon

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« on: <09-19-21/1232:43> »
I left my white folder with my game sheet at GenCon 2021 on Saturday night from the Shadowrun Tournament.  I was on the 4Runners.  If someone found it and has the game sheets from this year, let me know.  I had my character name of Brion Helsing in it.  I would just ask if you can scan it for me to keep me legit ;) Thanks!  I appreciate it.

Nevermind, I found it.  It fell out of the car.  Sorry to trouble everyone!

Thanks to all the GM's and the staff supporting them at GenCon.  It was a blast.  You all Rock!!!
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I shared your post with the CDT channel, if anyone picked it up they should be able to contact you.
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