New to shadowrun returns, need some clarifications

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« on: <01-08-20/0123:33> »
How long is the game? from hltb it says the length is on average 20 hours or so... any truth to this?

I'm under the impression that classes (or archetypes, this the correct term?) are essentially just pre-made and that you can opt for your own custom. With that in mind, am I allowed to branch out with say an mainly an adept + shaman for buffs?

If I'm familiar with games like this (does underrail count?) can i start on hard or is hard a big leap and that normal still presents a challenge?

Do races matter in game? Both interaction/choices and difficulty/builds

Thoughts on an adept elf? I read that the dodge from its quickness helps in survival so it's not really wasted. Lore-wise does an adept elf make sense,especially a melee adept??

Can anyone explain the decker to me? I avoid videos and certain articles just mention the matrix and hacking. It sounds interesting but i'm not one for playing as a support role.

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« Reply #1 on: <01-08-20/0819:10> »
Ooph, it's been a while since I played Shadowrun Returns. Definitely possible to put a lot of playtime in. You can customize, so that kind of branching is possible. Since it's a turnbased game, you probably want to get used to it first so not sure about difficulty.

Race matters occasionally in interactions, and racial benefits matter for builds, but not too much. Lorewise, elf adepts should be fine, really.

As for decking: It's basically a separate minigame where the decker also explores and fights real-time inside the Matrix. You can use a teammate for it, if you don't want it on your own character. You're controlling a party, after all, not just yourself.
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