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--- Quote from: Jian on ---I would do something, I just don't know if Delir really has the longevity enough to earn his own entry?

--- End quote ---

You've generally posted more in these threads than I have the past six months, but then I slowed down a lot once I started having the medical issues I had during the summer.

Alright, well, I sent a dossier to Smiley... and I'll find out if I qualify or not.

That's fine. But the thing is, since I got this new job, spare time has been rarity and I don't see this changing in the near future. I'll help however I can but I can't put as much time and effort as I did when I started this.

Eh, I've got a bit of time. I'll write up Delir, if no one objects.

I don't. :)


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