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Hannibelle, p.92, 2nd column, after Stone shadowcomment
>>>>>[I did heard about Hannibelle but I've never worked with or for her. If she's that honest and forthcoming, I'd love to work with her. I personally have no problem working with the Infected, well, as long as they don't try to eat me. In fact, I worked regularly with a Nosferatu going by the name of Dallas in my green days and we've been friends ever since. It even saved my life once. Story short, when I was on the job, I got jumped by a bunch of Nosferatus. But just when they were about to make a bloody banquet out of me, one of them recognized me. Apparently, Dallas had talked alot an very highly of me. They let me go with a warning not to get in their turf again.]<<<<<
Smiley (01:04:25/10-02-73)

Hannibelle, p.93, 2nd column, after Thorn shadowcomment
>>>>>[Hmm. I'm always looking for good ways to get rid of bodies from jobs. I wonder if she'd eat them for me.]<<<<<
Smiley (01:08:34/10-02-73)

>>>>>[She's not a garbage disposal.]<<<<<
Kay St. Irregular (02:03:34/10-02-73)

>>>>>[Hahaha. Alright, alright. I'll admit, that was a bad joke. If she reads this, I'll make it up to her, I promise.]<<<<<
Smiley (05:20:12/10-02-73)

Lugh Surehand, p. 138, 2nd column, after Fianchetto shadowcomment
>>>>>[Yeah, I remember. When rumors had spread that Lugh was in town, there was quite a few people who tried to build a last minute teams to take him out. I got contacted directly by some guys who wanted me on their team. He was offering good money too. But a big bird told me not to. Hell, she didn't had to, I wasn't going to take the job. I was maybe be green and stupid in those years but I wasn't that stupid. I was good and I don't want to sound modest, which I'm not, but I knew the fallen Prince was too big a target for me. Besides, every penny I make, I intend on spending. I know Lugh and his circle clashed with Tir Ghosts but I wonder if these guys actually tried to take him out.]<<<<<
Smiley (05:39:35/10-02-73)

Lugh Surehand, p. 138, 2nd column, after Frosty shadowcomment
>>>>>[I heard through the branches that someone else beat them to it. But if Frosty seems to imply that everyone is still looking, I guess it's safe to assume that's bullshit.]<<<<<
Smiley (05:44:24/10-02-73)

Hannibelle, p.92, 2nd column, after Stone shadowcomment[/color]

>>>>>[I've worked with Hannibelle in the past though she might not recognize the handle i have now, however, i can say that i have never had anyone else show the level of proffessionalism that she did while watching my team's backs, nor when i asked her to find some information that I needed on some Humanis scum that I needed to track down. On the flip side of the equation, since I started fixing down here in the Pensacola Plex, she has both hired the teams I've run as well as sent Johnsons to me when they needed some southern fried action.  Whenever this has happened things have always been on the level and she has sent me all the intel I or my teams have needed. As far as I am concerned WHAT she is is a moot point. She has sent infected runners that have needed to escape certain areas my way and always the precis on the runner was right on the money. Most of these runners are still around Pensacola and I have made arrangements for their special needs, Tamanous however has been informed that if they bother these runners or step foot in my plex they wont make it out again. Knock on wood, they haven't tried me, yet.]<<<<<

--Wolfgar  (16:03:24/10-07-73)

Elijah, p.24, 2nd column, after Slamm-O! shadowcomment

>>>>>[A practical evaluations of one's weaknesses and strengths is not ego, but wisdom. It is a lesson lost on the young.]<<<<<
--Iceblade (16:04:29/10-08-73)

Puck, p.52, 2nd column, after Fastjack shadowcomment

>>>>>[History is littered with tales of those who fell under the sway of a powerful idea, given to them by someone who promised a family when they were alone. Rejection can drive one to find these ideas, for good or ill, while friends and family can help try to keep one grounded. I've never met Puck, but his story is one that has been told many times throughout history.]<<<<<
--Iceblade (17:31:02/10-08-73)

Hestaby, p.124, 2nd column, after 1st paragraph (ending in 'during the second Matrix Crash.')

>>>>>[I was actually introduced to Hestaby once at a court function before the revolution. It was at a reception after my younger sister pledged herself as a Paladin in the dragon's service. She was most gracious, and very polite. Poor Ariana, she didn't make it out before the rebels got to her.]<<<<<
--Iceblade (17:40:13/10-08-73)


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