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IC discussion about the book Street Legends.  Have fun!

Patrick Goodman:
Martin de Vries, p. 141, 1st column, FastJack's and Fianchetto's shadowcomments
>>>>>["Publish or perish." Oh, yeah, thatís it. Iím sure thatís what caused all the problems....
     Oh, and nice place you've got here, Bull. ]<<<<<
     -- Sticks (22:35:45/08-15-73)

Martin de Vries, p. 143, 2nd column, after all the shadowcomments
>>>>>["Iíve seen people and things killed before, but never with the kind of nonchalance
that de Vries showed that night."
     Really? That's a bold statement coming from you, Rigger X.]<<<<<
     -- Hard Exit (13:43:45/08-17-73)

Lugh Surehand, p.139, second column, after Kay St. Irregular's shadowcomment
>>>>>[It may be harmful if those slanderous accusations were true. However, they are not. Lugh Surehand was a monster in power, and as you've seen is still quite a serious threat out of power. The idea of associating with him is repugnant, unless it was to see him dead.]<<<<<
-- Brighid (01:47:02/08-18-73)

>>>>>[Or to make some cash]<<<<<
     -- Tyco (23:04:23/09-28-2073)

Nadja Daviar, p.152, 1st column, after Riser's shadowcomment
>>>>>[The assassin may be onto something. President Daviar and Prince Reed basically grew up in shit together and both rose to become rich and powerful, and then when the insurgency makes a concerted move against High Prince Surehand and the neo-feudal regime, Reed tried and failed to make a killing blow, politically, while 237 kilometers to the north his old ... friend ... was nearly murdered by people who had networked together and shared various overlapping political goals with the people whose actions he unsuccessfully attempted to exploit for his own goals.

     However, to say that she was a possible leader assumes several things, not least of which is that the last assassin could only have reached her if she a) knew that he would have failed in spite of that bullet actually striking her, and b) that they been granted a higher clearance than even the Vice President had.
ó Brighid (02:46:33/09-29-73)


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