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Looking for Work

My preferred archetype would be a face, but I'm flexible. (Hence the lack of character information.) I work at a desk-job so I'd be able to post frequently.

Looking for work

first time playing PbP, so id like to use an archetype from the rule book, preferably the Orc Combat hacker.
Ill play pretty much anything though.

Silk: Employed: Messy Biz Game died :(
Rafa: Employed: Horizon Game died :(
Wagner the Pirate Game died :(
Rafa Yet another dead game (Standard rules)
Aswan 'Silk' Cuttler (Face) -- Bio, Sheet (400BP, standard rules, one re-flavored quality w/ unchanged effects)
Female Elf (Human Looking)  Age: 60 (Looking +/- 25)
Dead gameFrank: Unemployed:  In the Absence of Light, Darkness Prevails

Rafael 'Rafa' Ruiz (Sniper, Melee, Stealth)-- Sheet (Gang-level rules: 30BP gear, max. 8 avail, free gang contact)
(Latin Ork Chulos Gang member)
Dead gameRafa v2 Sheet
Dead gameRafa: Gang Related
Dead gameFranklin "Bloodhound Frank" Westwood Jr. (P.I. for the bizarre) Sheet (400BP + 25Karma)
UnplayedCheveyo ‘Chev’ Ngoyva aka Whistler (Augmented Melee/Sniper/Infiltrator) Sheet (400BP)
K.I.A..Wagner, Viktor 'Vik' Vedel

Availability: I live in GMT timezone. Available every morning and evening. At day it depends on how busy it is at work but should be able to post a couple of times usually. Sundays vary, from all day to not at all.
In short: Shouldn't be a problem...
Silk, Messy Biz

Birthname: Amber Jennifer Phara Westwood
Alias: Silk
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Age: 63, appears 20-30 depending on identity
Nationality: No official SIN, Currently lives in Seattle
Lifestyle: Low
Karma: Spent 49, Unspent 0
Composure: 10
Judge Intentions: 14
Memory: 6


BodyAgilityReactionStrength64 (8)3 (4)1CharismaIntuitionLogicWillpower7433Edge (Left)Magic/ResonanceEssenceInitiative3 (3) 6 (4) 4.20 7 (8), 2IP
Physical TrackDamage (Mod)Stun TrackDamage (Mod)100100
Positive Qualities
Restricted Gear (Muscle Toner)
Ambidextrous (No Off-Hand Penalty)
Low-Light Vision
Linguist (+2 to Language Skills)

Negative Qualities
In Debt 2 (7.500Y left to pay)
Vindictive (Composure (2) not to want revenge when slighted.)
Hyper-Social* (-1 Perception when in range of Matrix, can be asked to make Willpower(1) to remain focused in a non-stressful situation. *:Reflavored AIPS)
Day Job (Works 10hrs a week in a "Men's Club"/Escort Service.)
Incompetent, Pilot Ground Craft (Never had to drive anything herself.)

Active Skills
Influence Skill Group3Stealth Skill Group2SkillRankPool(Agi) Archery07(Agi) Automatics07(Agi) Blades07(Agi) Clubs513 (+2 Tasers)(Cha) Computer14(Cha) Con316(Int) Disguise26 (+1 Men's Loafers, +2 Kit)(Rea) Dodge03(Agi) Escape Artist07(Cha) Etiquette316(Agi) Gunnery07(Agi) Gymnastics311 (+2 Tumbling)(Agi) Heavy Weapons07(Agi) Intimidation114(Agi) Infiltration210(Cha) Leadership316(Agi) Longarms07(Cha) Negotiation316(Agi) Palming211(Int) Perception18 (+3 Visual or Sound)(Rea) Pilot Ground Craft17(Agi) Pistols513 (+2 Tasers)(Int) Shadowing26(Agi) Unarmed Combat07
Knowledge & Language Skills (+2 Linguist Included)
EnglishNNCantonese37French37Italian37Japanese (Speak)3 (5)7 (9)Russian37Sioux37Spanish37Sperethiel (Speak)3 (5)7 (9)Bars and Clubs26History14Security Design37Security Tactics26Shadow Community15Yakuza26
Adept Powers
Commanding Voice
Improved Reflexes 1
Kinesics 3
Nimble Fingers
Voice Control

Attention Coprocessor Rating 3
Muscle Toner Rating 4
Sleep Regulator
Tailored Pheromones Rating 3
Voice Modulator

Ballistic 10, Impact 8Form-Fitting Full-Body Suit9/3 +YNT SoftWeave +Fire Resistance 1 +Insulation 1 +Thermal Damping 6H-Jumpsuit3/2 +Nonconductivity 4 +Ruthenium Polymer CoatingSecureTech Arm Casing0/1SecureTech Forearm Guard0/1 +Auto-Injector (Jazz)0/1 +Biomonitor0/1SecureTech Shin Guard0/1SecureTech Vitals Protector1/1
Ares Viper Slivergun
   +Concealable Holster
   +Smartgun System, External
   +Additional Clip, Pistol
   +Electronic Firing
   +Firing Selection Change, Small Mod (FA)
   +Improved Range Finder
   +Sound Suppressor
   Pool: 15   DV: 8P(f)   AP: +5   RC: 2
Defiance EX Shocker
   +Hidden Gun Arm Slide
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Additional Clip
   +Advanced Safety, Electro Shocker
   +Advanced Safety, Glue Trap
   +Gecko Grip
   +Personalized Grip, Melee
   Pool: 16 (18)   DV: 8S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 0
Defiance EX Shocker
   +Quick-Draw Holster
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Additional Clip
   +Extended Clip
   +Firing Selection Change, Small Mod (SA)
   +Improved Range Finder
   +Personalized Grip
   Pool: 15 (17)   DV: 8S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 1
Morrissey Élan
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Easy Breakdown, Manual
   +Electronic Firing
   +Thermal Suppressor
   Pool: 15   DV: 4P   AP: -   RC: 1
Yamaha Sakura Fubuki
   +Hidden Gun Arm Slide
   +Smartgun System, External
   +Custom Look Rating 2
   +Electronic Firing
   +Gecko Grip
   +Improved Range Finder
   +Melee Hardening
   Pool: 15   DV: 4P   AP: -   RC: 2

Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 7   DV: 1S   AP: -   RC: 0
Defiance EX Shocker Melee
   Pool: 16/15   DV: 8S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 0
AZ-150 Stun Baton
   +Advanced Safety, Electro Shocker
   +Flashlight, Infrared
   +Flashlight, Low-Light
   +Gecko Grip
   +Personalized Grip, Melee
   Pool: 16   DV: 7S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 0

Grenade: Gas
   Pool: 7   DV: Chemical (10m Radius)   AP: -   RC: 0
Grenade: Smoke
   Pool: 7   DV: (10m Radius)   AP: -   RC: 0
Grenade: Thermal Smoke
   Pool: 7   DV: (10m Radius)   AP: -   RC: 0
Commlink: Flash-Pak
   Pool: 13   DV: Special   AP: -2   RC: 0

Ammo: Capsule Rounds (Holdouts) x20
Ammo: EX-Explosive Rounds (Light Pistols) x50
Ammo: Flechette Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x90
Ammo: Hi-C Plastic Rounds (Holdouts) x20
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Light Pistols) x70
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Light Pistols) x40
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Holdouts) x30
Ammo: Subsonic Rounds (Holdouts) x30
Ammo: Taser Dart (Tasers) x120
(Lots of spare clips)

Grenade: Gas x2
Grenade: Smoke x3
Grenade: Thermal Smoke x3

Martial Arts
Arnis De Mano
   +inflict dmage when making Called Shot to disarm
Two Weapon Style

Renraku Sensei (Response 2, System 2, Firewall 6, Signal 4)
   +Subvocal Microphone
   +Hardening Rating 6
   +Armor Case Rating 5
   +Analyze Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Ergonomic, Optimization 3, Registration]
   +Command Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Optimization 3, Registration]
   +Browse Rating 3 [Copy Protection 5, Optimization 1, Registration]
   +Edit Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Optimization 3, Registration]

Contact Lenses Rating 3
   +Flare Compensation
Glasses Rating 4
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 3
   +Vision Magnification
Handheld Sensor
   +Non-Linear Junction Detector Rating 6
   +Motion Sensor
Headphones Rating 1
   +Spatial Recognizer
Earbuds Rating 2
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3
   +Select Sound Filter Rating 3

Fake SIN Rating 4 (Takada Del'Shai, Lawyer)
Fake License Rating 4 x2
Fake SIN Rating 4 (Aswan Cuttler, Stripper)
Fake License Rating 4 x2
Fake SIN Rating 3 (Oren Fukuyama, Shiawase Bank mid-level exec.)

Adhesive Rating 6 x5
Adhesive Solvent Rating 6 x7
Alkahest x2
Babbler Rating 6
Backpack (-6 Conceal Compartment w/ Case Lining 3)
Body Paint x5
Butt Pack(-6 Conceal Compartment w/ Case Lining)
Carcerands w/ Slab x4 (Timings: 5 mins, 15 mins, 1hr, 3hr)
CleenTac x6
C-Squared Rating 6 x5
False-bottomed Attache Case (-6 Conceal Compartment w/ Case Lining 3)
Freeze Foam Rating 6 x4
Gamma-Scopolamine x10
Gas Mask
Gecko Tape Gloves
Glue Sprayer
Jazz x5
Laés Cigarette x10
Medkit Rating 6
Microwire (100 m)
Nano-Fixx x5
Nanopaste Disguise (Small Container)
Olfactory Camouflage x10
Plasteel Restraints x2
Plastic Restraints x10
Rappelling Gloves
Respirator Rating 6
Scent-masking Cigarette x8
Slap Patch x2
Spectrum Permanent Polish
Stimulant Patch Rating 6 x3
Tag Eraser
Tool Kit (Disguise)
Wire Clippers
Women's Modez

MONEY:  5455Y

Vehicles and Drones
Dodge Scoot (Scooter)
   +Improved Economy
   +Motorcycle Gyro Stabilization
   +Morphing License Plate
   +Pilot Program Rating 3
   +Spoof Chip
   +Maneuver Rating 3
      +Copy Protection Rating 3
   +Mapsoft Rating 3
   +Vehicle Sensor
HandlingAccelSpeedPilotBodyArmorSensorAvailabilityCost+110/15603421 (Signal: 5)09.015¥ Total

MicroWeave Spider (Small)
   +Chameleon Coating
   +Gecko Tips
   +Improved Sensor Array
   +Signal 4
   +Smoke Projector
   +Adaptability Rating 2
      +Copy Protection Rating 2
   +Clearsight Rating 2
      +Copy Protection Rating 2
   +Covert Ops Rating 2
      +Copy Protection Rating 2
   +Medium Drone Sensor
      +Camera Neutralizer Rating 6
      +Camera Rating 6 [Thermographic, Vision Enhancement 3, Vision Magnification]
   +Tool Kit (Clothing Repair)
HandlingAccelSpeedPilotBodyArmorSensorAvailabilityCost+01/22106459.600¥ Total

ContactC/LBloodClaw / Chrona, Ghoul Fixer (Tamanous?)C3 L1Cheyenne 'Miss C' Cordel, Close Friend, Fixer, SpyC4 L5Creepy Joe, Street Doc, Fixer (Tamanous?)C3 L1Frank Robben, Horizon Middle Manager C4 L2James Porter, Bartender, Gossip and RumorsC2 L2Tanya Salt, Elf Teenager (Close w/ Ancients)C1 L3

Timmy: Employed: Auburn: Logrolling

I have the option of posting from work or home so, i am able to post frequently and as needed.

The character sheet for Timmy is linked below.  He is a technomancer that leans toward rigging and drones.

Juicer: currently employed - The Rocky Dino Danger Hour! dwarf adept, long-range recon and medic. (char sheet pending)
Gracie Sunset: looking for work - 2.5 meters of face, gillette, joygirl, music producer, DJ... she's the amazin Gracie. Denver-based but enjoys travel. (char sheet)
Lovecraft: looking for work - ork hacker adept who's physical enough to bring his cutting-edge hacking with the team in person, not hiding weak meat behind a VR link. (char sheet)
Stillwaters: currently employed - Messy Biz. Algonquin expat shaman who focuses on digging up secrets, with a close connection to his ancestors' spirits. Currently Seattle-based. (char sheet)

All 400bp characters, with access to all 4th ed books. I can post at whatever frequency is desired.


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