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>>>>>[Didn't want to do it this way other way. Quick Draw to all able units, the Bloodflower had been located. Break off all current engagements and rend*#@%#^*&_-#FGFIKEO#-- rally point OmegW#$I#$#H% Operation: Hammer is a )@)#Q#@#BN$@*&%*&^$ prepare for hot entr2@&&&&23$&G warning @$#643 ------------ stay AWAY from San Antonio or keep your heads *UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS, ILLEGAL ATTACK AGINST REGISTERED USER. INTRUSTION COUNTERMEASURES ENGAGING. UNAUTHORIZED CODE DELETED*.............<original signal lost>]<<<<<
 -- Bravo Six (06:01:46/ 04-22-73)

>>>>>[Bravo!? Bravo!? Frag! MacCallister/Nisayer/some Tech head, can you trace him?]<<<<<
 -- Chrona (00:12:55/ 04-24-73)

>>>>>[I can't trace him but i have a contact down that way, let me contact her and I'll find out whats going on if i can. This sounds like something she'd be into, she's an LAV and drone pilot that is completely geared for close air support. BBS]<<<<<
--Wolfgar (21:45:08gmt/4-24-73)

>>>>>[Bloodflower?! Oh sweet merciful goddess, he found him and is actually going after him. Crazy insane bastard. Bit of advice for anyone with travel plans to San Antonio; change them.]<<<<<
 -- Sunni Daze (23:59:41/ 04-24-73)

>>>>>[Really?  I'd heard San Antonio was nice this time of year.  Weather's mild, tourists are all gone, and you can't put ordnance into a building without killing a dozen bad guys.  I'd want to make the trip down there even if I weren't curious what Bravo stepped in.

And who the hell is Bloodflower?]<<<<<
 -- Vice (16:11:37/ 04-26-73)


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