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>>>>[You're still a green merc, Kitten, at least to me you are.  Besides, I think Wyrm has it correct, Akroyd is trying to cover up something and knowing him, it's none to pretty.]<<<<<

--Nightmare (10:14:26/05-02-2076)


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>>>>[ I'm not a merc anymore.  And while I might be green compared to some fossils out there, after 10 years of Lagos, Yucatan, Chicago and a bunch or other hellholes, I don't consider myself green.]<<<<<

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>>>>>[ Take the extended chatter to the conversation page. ]<<<<<
          -- The Wyrm Ouroboros (13:45:00/00-02-2567)
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« Reply #18 on: <05-04-14/0246:46> »
New Tempo-Based Drug Beat Proven Fraud; Drug Ring Busted With Prejudice
Hello, I'm Anita Dickinson, and this is the 3:15 News. Yes, I'm aware of what my name sounds like, and the next person to send me a message about it will wake up on fire.

In today's top story, the Beat drug distribution ring was broken up by mercenaries hired by the DA. Beat, as those who are familiar with the drug scene are aware, is a new drug to hit Wichita streets. Dealers of the drug claimed it was a refined version of Tempo, designed to give you better highs and make your party last longer. The DA, remembering the toll that Tempo has taken on our streets and how Lone Star is so incompetent they can't find their nose with a mirror, quickly hired local shadowrunners to shut down the operation before the drug could get entrenched.

The DA reports that the shadowrunners discovered local teenagers who had been enslaved by the drug cartel and forced to work as drug distributors. Sadly, while rescuing the children, the shadowrunners ran into extreme resistance, forcing them to utilize rockets and heavy weapons fire to protect the children. Released security footage shows the shadowrunners, whose identities have been obscured, taking fire from handguns and automatic weaponry outside the building. It is believed this show of overwhelming force in extracting the slaves forced the drug dealers to take desperate action, resulting in the explosion that destroyed the building and damaged nearby structures.

Notaby, eye witnesses on the scene report that the footage has been edited. They claim the teenagers were the only people in the ring, that there was no one inside any of the vehicles shown being blown up, and that the shadowrunners were acting like blood-thirsty maniacs and shouting about torturing the children. The families issued no statement except to thank the heroic runners for rescuing their children from a life of crime. Medical reports are classified, but an anonymous source inside the DA's office reports the teenagers had soiled themselves and were meek from extreme fear, but otherwise unharmed.

In sad news for party fans everywhere, Beat has turned out to have nothing to do with Tempo; chemical analysis shows it is just Deepweed mixed with Bliss and sugar.
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>>>>[ I've seen something similar in LA.  Just a second, I'll have to find the file.  It was shown on an Horizon news channel yesterday.]<<<<<

--Black Panther--(18:49:25/05-04-2076)

camera shows a police chief standing in a press room.
"Yesterday the PCC Security forces have invaded a drugs lab where they liberated a dozen children who were used as couriers.  Two gang members were killed and one was arrested."

The next image is of a normal house in one of LA's suburbs.  Suddenly a group of people dressed in black body armour descend from a helicopter on the roof while some other people in the same outfit run towards the house and crash though the door.  At first there's not much but then some gunfire is heard and then a number of other people rush towards the house, including some medical personal.  Soon after a group of children is brought outside towards waiting ambulances.

Image shifts back to the police chief.
"In the house we found evidence of a new drug which we have seen on the street since a few weeks.  It is called Beat and while at first it was thought this was a new version of Tempo, analysis have shown it is not the case.  Investigations are continuing."
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« Reply #20 on: <05-13-14/0910:04> »
>>>>>[ Seriously? its bad enough corps like MCT nabbing kids who are emerging but even this kinda thing? Who are they and where can I find them. I think Ive just found my team a new freelance run. ]<<<<<
          -- Jesskitten (22:39:20/05-13-2076)


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« Reply #21 on: <05-13-14/0928:45> »
>>>>>[See?!? this is why we need more people spouting the truth and acting on the streets, corporate interest care little for kids, the pawns are a joke and UCAS gives a drek about kids being exploited! good for them guys for getting thekids out! ありがとうございます]<<<<<
             -- Kitty (22:42:15/05-13-2076)


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« Reply #22 on: <05-23-14/0533:23> »
Armed Robbery in Downtown Seattle Turns into Violent Motorchase; 3 dead, 47 in serious condition
The camera pans across the freeway, a number of ambulances nestled on the side of the road, with stretchers being ferried between the multitude of crashed cars. The camera comes to rest on a short human woman, holding a microphone.

"Chaos on I-90 after a motorcycle chase tore threw traffic, causing several major accidents and atleast two confirmed deaths. Police reports indicate that the chase, which lasted fifteen minutes, began after a robbery attempt made by a group of five men on motorcycles fell apart. The following footage of the inciddent is graphic in nature, and may not be suitable for all ages."

The picture changes to an intersection in downtown Seattle, where a delivery worker stands sorting through packages in his truck, surrounded by five men in racing jumpsuits. One of them is pointing a gun at him while the others wait on their bikes. After about a minute the man with the gun shakes his head and thrusts the gun towards the delivery man, starting an arguement amongst the bikers. The deliveryman turns around with a box in his hands, but pauses when he realizes the arguement is going on. The gestures become increasingly violent until the one with the gun fires at the biker in blue (the one who started the arguement). The bullet hits the man in the head and he falls over dead. The murderer then turns to the biker in green starts to threaten him, when the truck revs to life and pulls onto I-90. All four remaining men then get on their bikes and chase after the truck.

"After a minute of waiting, the criminals' nerves begin to break leading to a fatal arguement. Jonas Hamilton, the deliveryman, tries to escape by going onto I-90, but ends up bringing the entire gang with him."

The picture switches to a series of clips, showing the bikers and the truck speeding down I-90. Three of the bikers are taking potshots at the biker in green, weaving through the traffic and leaving a trail of accidents in their wake. Eventually the biker in green gets next to the truck driver. Although his helmet prevents a view of his face, he is making motions for Jonas to give him something. Jonas seemingly complies, holding out in one hand what looks like a small wrapped box, which the driver in green tucks under his arm and drives off. The other three continue to chase him, but one by one get into wrecks as the green rider becomes more risky in his maneuvers.

"A police investigation is curently on going, but preliminary reports suggest that the inciddent is not gang related. No information has been released about what the men were attempting to steal, but police are offering a ten thousand nuyen reward for any information on the whereabouts of the man in green."


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« Reply #23 on: <05-26-14/0451:50> »
>>>>>[So that's why the 90 was all tied up when I was trying to get to the airport. Fecking gangers.]<<<<<

     -- Card (03:00:00/05-23-76)
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« Reply #24 on: <06-12-14/0827:22> »
Seatle grid under fire! Gang rumble between two major Grid gangs! Thanks GOD is NOT xD watching us all!
For last few days, in some of most respected nightclubs, and matrix hosts, people could easily see matrix combat from front rows, as two major matrix gang, suckyCeariall Killer and Owsome Reallity Hackers claiming to be those, are constantly fighting over so called turf. There might be some minior problems to acess grid becouse of cyber noise. Hopefully Knight Errant and GODis so lame, and totally are NOT controlling the situation, here is only official information about it:

"We are NOT ;P prepared for this. There is noContingency plan requires a mediawill show our real story! We will black outthe whole fucking city for most of the operation details. Soon we WEwill give you the official statement. As it will not last for long. Any illigal matrix activity will be punished, all the criminals so called Collarswill be judged for their crimes. Thanks to US! not the fraking Grid Overwatch Division we have nothing to worry about."

Realitty Hackers RULES!!!
-K.E. Spokespreson

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« Reply #25 on: <09-19-14/0417:23> »
+++Earthquake in Los Angeles+++
"Earlier today an Earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale has hit the Los Angeles area.  The epicenter was 50 miles North of LA.  There was almost no damage, except for areas like South Central.  The Pueble Corporate Council has called upon all citizens to remain calm and follow orders from the rescue workers and the police.  Unfortunately, riots and lootings have been reported.  We now switch life to our correspondent in LA, George.  George, how are things at the moment."

<<on location>>
The area behind the reporter has some debris, but a large amount of police vehicles, including riot police.
"Well, Donna, At the moment there are still some locations where there's been looting going on, but most of the city is back under control.  Official PCC sources say there are about 500 dead and 3000 wounded.  Around 200 people have been arrested during riots or for looting.  With me is the chief of the fire department.  What can you say, sir?"

"At the moment we are putting out the last fires and we're still looking for survivors in those few buildings that have collapsed.  We also urge all citizens to remain at home and follow instructions from rescue personnel.  We also expect to restore power and water to most of LA by tonight or tomorrow morning."

"You see, Donna, things are under control here.  It is not the first time LA has suffered an earthquake of this size and they are well trained to deal with it.   From LA, this was George McAllen.  Back to the Studio."

"Thank you, George.  With us over the matrix is Professor Jacobs of the Geology department of UCLA.  Professor, can you tell us a bit more?"

"Of course, Donna.  The earthquake had a magnitude of 5.2 on the Richter scale and the epicenter was about 10 miles below the surface."

"And is there the possibility of more earthquakes?"

"In that region you always have that possibility, but at the moment our sensors indicate that everything is quiet again.  There might be some small aftershocks, but I believe those will not go past 4 on the Richter scale and the city is well designed to cope with those."

"Thank you, professor.  We'll be back with more news after the break."
"Magic can turn a frog into a prince. Science can turn a frog into a Ph.D. and you still have the frog you started with." Terry Pratchett
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