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>>>>>[I've gotten a bit scalpel-shy, I admit. I also heard about some hinky stuff that sometimes happens when Awakened or such folk are cloned. Not sure I'd trust an organ to match up with the original stuff. Good inspiration to avoid flying lead, at least. Also, see above about paranoia regarding various parties getting their hands (or claws) on my favorite flesh-and-blood. Bad enough I had to shell out to get a vet specializing in large animals to set my wing, and this body takes a lot more painkillers. And food.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Probably doesn't help your cause that you're telling your business to strangers on the Matrix, though.  I'm not going to sell you out, but there's probably someone reading this who's dumb enough to try.]<<<<<
--Vice (19:14:52/7-29-73)

>>>>>[if everyone were that paranoid, this place would be deader'n disco.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Some people ARE that paranoid. But at the same time, we being metahumans, tend to have the odd urge to have say something about what we have done. However, if you are dumb enough to blab anything that will compromise your Op or get your backside shot off, then you get what you deserve. Now, all that being said, deciding what is chip-truth or what is total BS, that's the trick. Because we ALL know that no one here ever embellishes. *grin*]<<<<<
--Bravo Six(01:04:35/7-30-73)

Patrick Goodman:
>>>>>[No, of course not, B6. Never ever ever. Pinky swear.]<<<<<
     -- Thunder (10:01:19/07-30-73)


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