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OOC Note: Events in this thread build up to SRM 04-01 Hiding in the Dark.  Once that adventure is released, please, avoid spoilers as always.  Also, when discussing PDF releases, note that any book that will be released in "hard copy" is not valid and legal for Missions until it sees print, so avoid spoilers and utilizing events and items from that book until it's officially released.

>>>>>[Rumor has it Knight Errant's Special Crimes Task Force lost a couple undercover agents this week.  Anyone know what happened?]<<<<<
     -- SPD (14:51:23/03-16-2073)

>>>>>[SCTF? Not my usual crowd... Or food. They'd shoot me on sight. Well they'd try. Either way, it's not my fault.]<<<<<
     -- Chrona (19:36:57/03-16-2073)

>>>>>[They weren't the ones infiltratin' the Underground, was they Bull? If they were, I have a good idea where you might find 'em.]<<<<<
     -- Bear (14:47:07/03-16-73)

>>>>>[Think your 'links playing up Bear, that was SPD. As for where to find them... strung up by protesters?]<<<<<
     -- Chrona (20:01:07/03-16-73)


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