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The Found Arcana Chapter 2 - IC

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Gao answered "Don't rob the buyer... dammit!  Rob the asshole that is strongarming me and is going to show up to the meeting pretending to be my representative. If he plays dirty to me, why should I play nice in return?
You really have little choice there. Imagine what happens if both of you show at the same time at Taco temple,
do you trust a ganger to be civilized about it? Do you imagine an auction? The man might open fire at you in a middle of a public place killing all sort of innocent people. Criminals...

He curses and continues Lay low, watch the meeting, trail the buyer into some place where you can rob him without killing innocents. You have many options, not all of them are violent, you have a mage, a trog, the shapechanging bear and a face. A good team, anyhow you acquire that card from the buyer. Leave me with some deniability, I don't mind him suspecting it was me, but don't advertise. You sell it you get 25k this is your wage.

Now, I am loaning you the 15k because what would you do if the fragger does not show up, or show up late? In that case, you may need to buy the card for yourself. So here is the 15k to do so, but if you just bought the card and took it to the other part of town to sell it - nobody molested you you did not have to do detective work... In that case, you made 2.5k each for a simple delivery job. Hardly worth complaining.

 It is a reasonable job, the only reason I can afford you is because the stupid fuck cannot reschedule the meeting, he'll show up to the meeting I intended to show. He does not know who the seller is. Before we continue, is everything clear?


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