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The Found Arcana Chapter 2 - IC

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Bobby had paid only minor interest to the other runner - mage, nothing he could do about him that would further their agenda, so he nodded politely.
Instead he turned to the racist old fuck who was interested to give them money:
"So, say, this card is valuable. Your seller wouldn't happen to be Mr. Liu?"
Bobby watches closely Gao's face as he drops the name. For Bobby it's too much of a coincident that two of those artifacts should be in the neighborhood.

Gao responds You know your way around the neighborhood, I am impressed. He replies "I believe that the seller is a shadowrunner, probably stole it from somewhere. I also think that it is a different card. You know how it is, one collector acquires a strange card, and the next day all the other collectors want one as well.

"Can't say I'm happy with a commission of just 2000. Especially considering, that there is a lot of risk around for us: The last time we encountered some pretty violent people who were after this card. Can't imagine that they have given up. Not to mention that we are holding the bag when this all goes down while you sit safe in your shop. Maybe you could sweeten the pot a bit with some of your product. I could use some reagents and two of my colleagues are certainly also in the market for talismonger goods."
Bobby grinned predatory, showing a disconcerting amount of teeth.

Gao grins back at Bobby Do I need to spell it out for you?  Think about it for a moment, you get 15k in advance, and 10k more for finishing the job. I believe that this is sufficient pay for the requested service. What more do you want from me?

I agreed to give up all my profit from this deal, worse than that I am lending you 15k that you may lose.
Instead of simply backing off from the deal, I am giving you an opening to make some good money in a very short time. Yes, this is dangerous but what other job gives you an opportunity to make over 6k in two hours?
Do you really ask to rob my shop in addition to getting all the revenue from a deal that took me a month to orchestrate when you only do the last few hours?!

Gao is a good actor, he is not angry - but shows just the right amount of aggression to not blow things up, and make it more difficult to change the terms of the contract. Jawsi and Ginsburg can know that this is simply the way the man bargains.

Negotiation: 12d6t5 3

"Now, now, Gao, you are getting a bit excited by all of these big numbers, I think.  That 15k is for buying the card, and for your sake, that is what we'll do."

"Sure, the 'orc and the bear' could maybe steal the card, but think how that plays out.  If we show up at the meet as your representatives and then steal the card, the blame lands on you.  If we go the meet and just rob him without mentioning you, you will be blamed for not having a team there that might have bought it from him first or protected him.  If we rob him before the meet, he'll wonder how anyone knew that he had the card AND that he was about to sell it, and his suspicion will land on you.  No, the only way that we get the card AND your name stays intact, is to pay your seller."

"Besides which," he adds piously, "we are are private investigators and protection specialists, not a bunch of criminal shadowrunners who commit crimes for hire.  And THAT is why you trust us to sell the card to your customer, rather than keeping the card for ourselves or selling it to the highest bidder.  If you hire pure criminals, you could have both seller and buyer angry at you."

"Now, if you are saying that after we sell to your customer, that we don't need to worry ourselves about paying you back the original 15k, then that is a different matter."


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