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The Found Arcana Chapter 2 - IC

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Gau says Taco Temple He shruggs "You need a professional mage to know that you are not getting ripped of by the seller, you need Ginsburg. No offense Jawsi, but you are too green for that task

<<Let's find out who's muscling in on this deal. We might be able to relieve them of their 15K. And negotiate some extras, like product. I doubt we're going to get a car out of him but maybe score us some rat tails or some magic flutes or whatever it is you finger-wigglers use to bake people's brains from a distance. Get him to upgrade your gear.>>

Mato looks over Ginsburg. Human, male, pretty old, he had a weathered look to him. Old could mean slow, or it could mean "good enough to survive a long time at a young man's game." Or it could mean that he had been prison a long time. After all, if Ginsburg was really good enough to survive in the shadows into his 50s then he should be scoring bigger paydays than this.

Ginsburg meets Mato's gaze "Sorry, have I got something in my teeth?"  He flashes a beige grin.  "Call me Ginsburg.  No need for the Mr.  I suppose the long and short of it is I lie at people, I sling my mojo around, and I'm a fair hand at assenssing.  Just don't ask me to throw down with a spirit - never really got the hang of astral combat.  But if you need something checked out in the Astral, especially an object, I'm your guy.  Ever hear of psychometry?"

Mato nods, "Yeah, yeah, that was the scale that Horizon developed to measure the psychopathic tendencies of their P2.0 members, right? I guess it's P2.1 now.

"So, what, did you score really well? Does that mean you're a complete psycho or not-at-all psycho?"

If Ginsburg has a P2.1 account then maybe he's better off that Mato suspects. Maybe he's old because he was one of those shadowrunners who scored el gordo - the Big One - and then sat on their couch ensconced in pornographic BTLs until the money ran out.

"In fact, psychopathy is not a recognized disorder by any psychiatric body - it's more of an umbrella term for a variety of personality disorders, and any with at least one foot in the Shadows probably has a few of those.  I'm a at least a couple notches shy of clinical narcissism if that makes you feel any better."


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