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The Found Arcana Chapter 2 - IC

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Jawsey sighed. Here is was, the need to go grubbing for work.  He knew that people tended to like him and that he could generally play them well, but this sort of thing still filled him with dread.  Probably because people with money were often people with power, and his experiences with people with power had largely ranged between malicious indifference on the good end to outright homicidal on general principle on the bad end. 

On top of which, he would like to focus on those exercises that were supposed to strengthen his magic.  It seemed like he may have to deal with meat space much more than he'd really like, and that meant being good at more than the astral side of magic.

But he was an elf, he was supposed to live a long time if he didn't get himself killed young, and a good mattress and hot showers made his body vastly more tolerable.  So grub for money he would have to do.

"Any ideas on how?  I'm sorry to say that it isn't something I've done much of yet.  I'd had a few bits of work come my way from people I know, but nothing on the scale that we need, mostly just astral scouting or overwatch."

AM replies "We all have contacts that we can use, a favor here and there? Even some drek job is better than nothing. Perhaps some can network to us more into the kind of people that hire the like of us. There is Arthur our former client, we know that he deals with expensive, dangerous and desirable magical tarot cards... but he does not know that we know, to him transaction is over.  We do have some magical talent - and can perhaps help him acquire more cards - or perhaps he can network us to his employer or something. We do have some potential with the occult, I mean three of us are awakened for crying out loud. Arthur risked his son for that card - he must require some help in that department, especially after the danger struck so close to home.

Perhaps we can pressure him a bit, about the subject. We did save his child, he'll listen to us. If he does this crazy arcane shit then he may need our help with other manners as well, or at least can recommend us to one of his clients, or something... I don't have all the answers, but after missing out on a payment once, I can't just relax and read a book an experiment with my mojo... It took me two weeks to recover from the beating I was given. she says, a bit shaken by speaking of that experience.

Bobby returned to his normal form, hiking up his pants in the process: "Yeah, I hear you. The family is far from forgiving where debt is concerned. I forked over my complete share of this run to keep them away for the month, but I'm far from comfortable with our current situation.
I can ask Lysander and Livewire about work, but I don't expect much from them.
Captain Razak hasn't answered my call even though he was the one who suggested I join this outfit. Maybe we just need to do a bit of vigilante work - beat up criminals and steal their stuff. Those guys aren't particularly likely to go to KE or Lonestar about that."

"We need a marketing plan!" Mato says with surprise conviction. He stabs the table with his index finger so hard that it leaves a dent. "My parents were corpers; my dad did finance while my mother did marketing. She did lots of these. You all remember the NanTek suite that High Plains Coding rolled out, right? The one that became the de-facto standard for generating nanoforge templates. No? Well that was her marketing plan."

He gets down to work. "We'll need a Matrix site. Nothing too complex; just a storefront for our capabilities and contact information. AM, you can do that, right? Jawsey can help you with translations. Let's get Japanese at least, Russian and Spanish next. We can put a basic analytics suite on our host to perform some site tracking, maybe figure out what content is resonating most with our potential customers. We'll need an outreach plan, something to get our name out there. I'll work on the strategy and metrics for success for that, so we can hold ourselves accountable. Bobby can..."

Mato casts a stray glance at Bobby, uncertain of whether he was going to be human, bear, ape, fox, eagle, naked, clothed, etc. Living with Bobby was weird. "... maybe work up some content on magical threat resolution."

Mato types furiously on his commlink, his cybernetically agile thumbs flying over the miniature keyboard as he records his thoughts.

Jawsey keeps a vaguely interested and encouraging look on his face, to keep from gaping open-mouthed.  It seemed that Mato had hidden depths that Jawsey hadn't even thought to look for.  Maybe it was the 'ware talking?  Certainly there was so little left of the orc's aura that it was a bit of a challenge to even tell that he was alive.

Eventually he responded "Translations, certainly I can do that.  I don't know much about business plans -- or business in general -- but I'm willing to read over it all to proof-read and all of that."  He definitely figures that it needs review by someone who is not Mato.

"In the meantime, I will reach out to my contacts too -- there may be things that they didn't look to me for as an individual, where they might be interested in us as a group.  Some of those contacts are on the more magical side of things, who are less likely to look for us on the matrix."


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