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Bobby had put back on his clothes and made himself comfortable, but kept in the background while the friendlier half of the team took care of the boy.
He had just fetched himself a cup of soycaf when the doorbell rang. Giving only a curt nod to the client, he wandered into the conference room and leaned against the wall next to the door - just outside the peripheral sight of the client.

Mato stands by the window, picking his teeth with a toothpick while keeping a narrow eye on Redmond outside. The job had been smooth and easy, which makes him nervous. He had scanned the kid for tags but there's always the possibility of something outlandish, like magical tracking. Having the new headquarters firebombed by angry Halloweeners would be damnably inconvenient, so Mato watches and waits. They're past the pointing of needing to impress the Johnson, and AM and Jawsey are the friendly ones, so Mato lets them preside over the reunion.

The boy was clearly exhausted, traumatized, and likely in physical shock too.  Jawsey had always avoided learning too much about medicine during his treatments -- it was an area where knowing what was happening had always seemed to make it worse -- but he knew enough to make sure that the boy was kept warm, that they get him to drink some fluids, and be kept quiet.  So he sat with him in a dim room, using asensing to keep an eye on his health, making sure he didn't get worse, hoping he'd start to get better.

Which was damnably boring.

When word came that the father was here, Jawsey was more than ready to pass the boy over, but took the time to brush any wrinkles out of his clothes, clear his throat, and paste his 'professionally pleasant' look into place.

(Sorry to wrap things up so unceremoniously, but I figure I have made a habit of just clipling along aver few days to a week, so here's basic summary)

Assuming no one does anything crazy or unexpected, it all goes off without a hitch.  Arthur picks up his son and passes you certified credsticks in the proper amount, and the next day the car, newly cleaned, is delivered to your agency.

Everyone gets 25 karma as well.

If anyone wanted to keep running with this, I can pass some notes to them.


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