Rigger Atributes in Missions

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« on: <06-25-18/1251:00> »
Is there an offical guideline on what attribute riggers use for shooting while jumped in? The combined FAQ just says see the book and that has never seemed clear to me on that paticular point.
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« Reply #1 on: <06-25-18/1313:32> »
Mechanically there is no difference between remote control via VR and jumping in (except the control order, dice pool modifiers for hot-sim as well as some vehicle related thresholds and limits).

However, it appear as if the book does make a difference between Vehicles and Drones. This is even more apparent if you look in Rigger 5.0 where for example upgrading Drones is a completely different process than upgrading vehicles.

SR5 p. 183 Gunnery
Vehicle-mounted weapons are fired using ... Gunnery + Logic [Accuracy] for remote operated systems.

SR5 p. 238 Control Device
firing a drone-mounted weapon at a target requires a Gunnery + Agility test

This reading is also supported by all existing examples I could find. Since there have been no errata on the subject (at least that I am aware of) the above should probably be considered rules as written.

I can't say if Missions specifically use other rules or not, but if Missions is pointing at core then the above is what they are pointing at.
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