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[IC] Underworld 93 - December 2072

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>>>>>[I learned to be careful who I played cards with with all the SOTA out there. Low light marks, RFID chips, and ultrasound tricks are just a few things I have seen. Sell out or proved their worth? Each to their own.  Just make sure you got the right programs ready to run. Seen people get stroked on having the biggest commlink and then get pissed when it crashes down around their virtual head because they had the wrong programs loaded.]<<<<<
 --Silver Ferret (19:17:06/ 03-17-73)

>>>>>[Hey, sorry to break up the hootinanny goin' on here, but has anyone heard from a sorry-excuse of a mercenary calling himself Bravo Six? Said he had a bit of an errand for me to look into, sent me some trasnscripts from here for some background info but after that, nada. I know he's on some kind of big, important "mission", but I can't even get a reply from his...secretary and none of his other known contacts have had heard from him. I know it's a long shot, but anyone know anything or can point me in the right direction? I'm starting to get worried.]<<<<<
 --Sunni Daze (10:51:46/ 03-20-73)


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