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[IC] Underworld 93 - December 2072

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>>>>>[oh, sorry.  I didn't mean.. well  i said so maybe i did. But to many this is the second Goblinzation. Short background, growing up I had to listen to how 'pure humans' were the best , etc, etc. Doesn't mean I took it all in, but it does mean that it affected how I see the world. For a time period and I got wiser since then. You are right, though. Due to people's limited knowledge, and the corp loving to tell us what is best for us, that saying anything that doesn't fit the bottom line is bad, and people believing it. Corps & govts don't know how to deal with drake, changelings, technomancers, and so on. Odd, runners seem to deal better with it. Maybe runners can teach the military something. I have learned to judge the person, not what they look like. Anyway, 4 arms should it easier for you to hack around me.]<<<<<

>>>>>[DNI doesn't care about how many hands you have, or not. A hacker out there, handle of Snake or something, hacks like you wouldn't believe. He was born without arms, says his Manservant drones are his hands.]<<<<<
  --TekDrake(5:26:39/ 03-14-73)

>>>>>[Techno, or naga.  Or just very skilled. With a handle like Snake. Must have a mind that can multi-task like a Corp mainframe. ]<<<<<
  --Silver Ferret (12:30:11/ 03-14-73)

>>>>>[Or enough hardware up there to make up for it.  Used to date a girl out East who was carrying around more processing power between her ears than most of the systems she was decking.  She made a mint counting cards.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Well, I've just changed my hardware a while ago, and man... This is like being born blind, and then geting a pair of SotA Cybereyes. I was playing with a plain Hermes Ikon, mildly customized and loaded to the roof. Now? I'm wondering where the hell am I going to get enough programs, agents and IC to fill this monster. No wonder people sell out for a fix of this chrome. Good thing I didn't have to. :)]<<<<<


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