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[IC] Underworld 93 - December 2072

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>>>>>[I've said 'worm' like in 'virus', but yeah, one of the more tricky ones. Somebody doesn't like us, apparently. And we're such a nice bunch. Besides that, I've managed to purge the system. If anyone has problems with 'NtK+WW-00' worm, give me a call, I'll handle it.]<<<<<
     -- NiSayer (11:44:00/03-04-73)

>>>>>[That's chip-truth there, Shaper.  Good doesn't come cheap.  Now if only someone would tell that to the Johnsons around here who keep thinking they can get me out of bed for less than a good bottle of whiskey's cost.  Here's a tip for any of you looking to work the dark side of the biz : Don't go offering your 'talent' a payday less than the dinner you're having cost, if you want them to take you seriously.]<<<<<
  -- Murphy (12:25:04/03-07-73)

>>>>>[ I understand that one of the top shooter has a saying; 'Never do a job for free.' He is, or was, called Kid Something. Even his closes friends had to pay, if such a cold machine heart person could have friends.]<<<<<
  --Silver Ferret (19:05:45/ 03-10-73)

>>>>>[ I have heard of some odd characters running the shadows of Seattle. I have heard of 2 gorillas, running in different circles. In another group, a Bigfoot, a pixie, and a blue dwarf calling himself Papa Smurf. Have any of you run with these guys? Are they worth having on a team?.]<<<<<
  --Silver Ferret (20:56:23/ 03-12-73)

>>>>>[ Knuckles is a good asset to have on the team. Papa Smurf is a lumberjack and a medic. He carries a chainsaw in a medkit. The pixie is a good martial artist. I not would speak ill of them if I was a small animal.]<<<<<
  --BW 302 (21:11:11/ 03-12-73)

>>>>>[That is... that is one weird group. Speaking as a drake with too many limbs and drek.]<<<<<


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