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OOC Note: Starting up a new thread for December.  Some of this may tie into SRM 04-00: Back In Business and the greater Season 4 Missions plot as a whole.  Please refrain from posting spoilers once the adventure is released.

>>>>>[Seattle's always in motion, and the shadows always have something new and exciting waiting for those of us who tread it's dark corridors.  So, chummers, what's new and exciting this month?]<<<<<
     -- MacCallister (16:36:23/12-04-2072)

>>>>>[Christ, MacCallister.  You're getting melodramatic in your old age.]<<<<<
     -- Chaos (17:47:41/12-04-2072)

>>>>>[Bloody brilliant.  ShadowSEA, here, the Denver Data Haven, and a half dozen other shadow nets, and no one knows a thing?  Guess I'll try one last time, then I'll cut bait and move on.  I was hoping this could be a big score for me.  I'll double my initial offer here.  2,000• for any useful information. 
     I don't have a lot of information on this item, other than it's old and magical.  It's a rock of some kind, and it's referred to as a "Morel Stone".  Rumor has it that it predates the 5th age.]<<<<<
     -- Cap'n Jack (19:50:15/12-04-2072)

>>>>>[Try one of the ancient languages.  Maybe Or'zet.  Or Dragonspeak.  Or...]<<<<<
     -- Joker (19:56:39/12-04-72)

>>>>>[Morel Stone? you are bugging us about a 20th century clothing line?]<<<<<
            --owl (18:51:15/ 12-04-2072

>>>>>[Are you referring to the stone use to change iron into gold? It is a stone said to be found deep in Terra'a bitter waters.... I believe oceans are the correct name.]<<<<<
            --BW 302 (18:55:45/12-04-2072)


>>>>>[Cap'n, you can get what my agents digged out:
"The Word of the Lord to the Morel stone:
This is Godís Third and Sabbath Rest"
And yes, that's it. I even set them loose in a few pre-crash non-wireless databases in Europe (With a Little Help From My Friends). That's the only thing, found in the Budapest University Library.
I'm going to look harder - that's both an enigma, and a challenge. I love enigmas. Especially challenging ones.]<<<<<
     -- NiSayer (17:36:45/13-04-2072)


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