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General Discussion / New Legends!
« Last post by ShroudedSciuridae on <09-05-23/1849:01> »
Shadowplay and Lone Wolf just dropped! By my count that means we're only missing Black Madonna and Lucifer Deck now. If you need me I'll be in my reading chair, chummers.
Living Campaign Discussion / Re: SRM Guide 1.9 released
« Last post by FastJack on <09-05-23/1817:56> »
FYI, all the links in the PDF are broken.
Living Campaign Discussion / SRM Guide 1.9 released
« Last post by Mycroft on <09-05-23/1034:46> »
Hey chummers,

We have released SRM Guide 1.9 for your viewing pleasure. This is another big one which includes a bunch of new books: Astral Ways, Bestial Nature, Body Shop, Lifestyles of the Shadowy & Infamous, Shadow Cast, Shoot Straight, and Whisper Nets. We've also got some clarifications based on frequently asked questions from conventions and from Shadowrun Missions Online. We answered questions about assisting others, action types, Matrix action specializations, and some additional items from Hack and Slash.

Stay safe in the shadows
I assume bluffs still don't count, because if they did...oh boy you can ramp up Cermak Blast and Cleanse the Hive and make them near impossible to run against.
Edge Zone / When can I play special cards?
« Last post by DeathStrobe on <09-04-23/1549:07> »
I know it's suppose to be the legwork phase and they take affect instantly. And I assume that general trumps specific. So for example, Just A Rumor, which says it can be played during a Shadowrun on a just revealed challenge, means it can be played from hand when I'm doing a run. Makes sense.

For example Major Drain says I can target a mage that just casted a spell. So I assume this can only be played while someone else is running...and I think I just answered my own question...

I just want to make sure, I guess, that I can play special cards out of hand and I don't need to "prime" them by playing them in the legwork phase, then can activate them later.

Like, I don't play Major Drain in the legwork phase then while someone else is running then I activate it. I just play it out of hand and be all like, "You've just activated my Special Card, Kaiba."


I just noticed the big exclamation mark icon, and read in the book it's called a stinger and can be played at anytime. Important to read the rules.
Holostreets Products / Ivy & Chrome Updated
« Last post by FastJack on <09-02-23/1825:38> »
A little something to start off the Labor Day Weekend for the hard-working runners out there!

Previous Editions / SR4, Chaotic world and spell defense
« Last post by Chance359 on <09-02-23/1403:13> »
can a spell caster give spell defense dice against their own spells?

A NPC mages is going to cast chaotic world with one of his allies in its range.  can he give his buddy dice against the spell he's casting.  He's providing cover/distraction so his buddy can recover a hostage from the players. 
Rules and such / Re: Body Shop: Modular Cyberlimbs
« Last post by MercilessMing on <08-29-23/0917:45> »
Our table hasn't decided yet, but I think where we'll land is that modular connections between two cyber replacements only require a connector, the mount in that configuration is already included in the design.  We feel the 2 capacity cost for a connector is already pretty limiting.

So if you want to purchase a modular full arm + modular forearm + modular hand:

Pay for a full arm mount
Pay for a full arm
Pay for 3 connectors

That gives you a connector at the shoulder, at the elbow, and at the wrist, and a full modular setup.

Subtract 2 wrist connector capacity from a hand to determine how much hand space you have leftover
Subtract 2 elbow connector capacity and the hand capacity to determine how much forearm space you have leftover
Subtract 2 shoulder connector capacity and the forearm capacity to determine how much upper arm space you have leftover

Since forelimbs don't have their own STR/AGI, you have to cram all your STR/AGI mods in the upper arm.

Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: Experiences running Third Parallel?
« Last post by Beta on <08-28-23/1922:08> »
Thanks for the reply! 

The fact that you didn't add "and there was that one mission that was just fubar when I tried to run it" is reassuring!  Ditto that you have run it mostly from the book.

Do you recall if any particular runs caused you trouble?
Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: Experiences running Third Parallel?
« Last post by Chuz on <08-28-23/1605:16> »
I've been running it on my stream for about 14 months now.  My team are on mission #31 of 35.

I'm a terrible GM and screw up rules more often than not but we have fun and my players know quite a bit as they tend to be on the power-player end of the spectrum.  The gaps and outright contradictions in the SR6 rules don't help me much either but after a bit of a rant on my part we work through them :D  I am also new to Shadowrun via SR6 as of November 2020.  I do try to contribute and advocate for the game but enthusiasm does not impart expertise  :)

I've found the campaign interesting but confusing.  The plot is a bit convoluted and I don't find it easy to keep up with what's going on.  My players, I think, checked out on understanding what was going on at a micro level months ago but they've got the general idea.  Much of this is likely on me, my poor understanding and my poor ability to express the subtleties of the story to the players.

In the hands of a more capable GM, one able to RP better/more and flesh out the NPC interactions better it could be a really cool campaign.  As it is myself and my players have enjoyed it enough that we're on session 38 this week.

My SR6 The Third Parallel actual play playlist on YouTube:
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