What soundtrack would you pick for a SR movie/series?

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There's a classic rock radio station near me. On my way to work, there's some parts of it that are fuzzy, in-between two stations. It was switching between music on the rock station and an ad on some other station. It was an ear-worm that had been playing in a few variations for the past few months, on almost every station. But you can probably see where I'm going with this. "Pirate Radio" doesn't have much of an existence these days, but the Matrix of Shadowrun, especially 2050's Matrix, felt like more of a Wild West. In some neighborhoods, you're stuck flipping between a corp pop station and a neo-anarchist's alt rock/punk mix, with maybe 30 songs they were able to scrub the DRM off of. Each day's music depends on the last time Star raided that part of the barrens, and how much money the corp feels like sinking into a stronger transmission.

What music would your runners want to listen to?