Is there a comprehensive list of every Shadowrun 5e book?

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« on: <09-28-21/0231:00> »
The list on the sidebar hasn't been updated in a while. I'm looking for a similar list, but updated. Catalyst's site is horrible to search things.


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« Reply #1 on: <09-28-21/0724:46> »
Shadowrun Quick Start Rules [CAT27QSR]
Sprawl Wilds [CAT27480]
Character Conversion Guide [CAT27CCG]
Firing Line [CAT27481]
Shadowrun 5th Edition [CAT27000]
Shadowrun 5th Edition [CAT27000LE]
Splintered State [CAT27400]
Shadowrun GM Screen [CAT27050]
Gear Cards, Series 1 [CAT27500]
Spell Cards, Series 1 [CAT27502]
Digital Tools Box [CAT27100X]
Run & Gun [CAT27002]
Beginner Box Set [CAT27101]
Runner's Toolkit - Alphaware [CAT27102]
Stolen Souls [CAT27200]
Street Grimoire [CAT27003]
London Falling [CAT27482]
Run Faster [CAT27004]
Boardroom Backstabs: 3 Battle of Manhattan [CAT27409]
Lockdown [CAT27300]
Bloody Business [CAT27450]
Data Trails [CAT27006]
Chrome Flesh [CAT27005]
Hard Targets [CAT27201]
Boundless Mercy [CAT27485]
Rigger 5.0 [CAT27007]
Denver: 1 Serrated Edge [CAT27401]
Market Panic [CAT27451]
Killing Pawn [CAT27PM001]
Seattle Sprawl Digital Box Set [CAT27110]
Howling Shadows [CAT27008]
Court of Shadows [CAT27009]
Anarchy [CAT27010]
A Holy Piece of Wetwork [CAT27PM002]
Denver: 2 False Flag [CAT27402]
Cutting Aces [CAT27202]
Book of the Lost [CAT27452]
Jumping Ship [CAT27PM005]
Forbidden Arcana [CAT27011]
Denver: 3 Ripping Reality [CAT27403]
The Complete Trog [CAT27506]
Dark Terrors [CAT27231]
Toxic Alleys [CAT27405]
Street Lethal [CAT27012]
Kill Code [CAT27013]
Better Than Bad [CAT27203]
Chicago Chaos [CAT27486]
No Future [CAT27453]
The Neoanarchist Streetpedia [CAT27454]
Krime Katalog [CAT27002S]