Mega-blok Campaign Questions and Thoughts

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« on: <02-21-22/2149:07> »
I'm putting together a new campaign where we will be starting out in a 200 story Mega-Block like peach Trees from judge dredd that the PC's have never left.

I'm planning to run at least 5 sessions maybe more completely inside the Block. Do you guys have any suggestions on this that I might take into consideration? I'm taking inspiration from kwoloon walled city and judge dredd but am open to other influences. We're starting low power like bcdee priority with a bit of extra karma to even it out but street-scum level start.

I'm hoping to flesh out the tower organically as we go with businesses and such. I've got a few random generators for environments, npcs, businesses and more. I'm pretty much on the same page with the players so we know the pace of some parts of the game are going to be slower.

The players are excited  spend more time improvising and exploring than your typical SR game.

Anywho - what thoughts do you guys have about running a campaign like this? I'm trying to do my best and have GM'd 5e for a few years on roll20 before


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« Reply #1 on: <02-22-22/1230:43> »
I think Judge Dredd is an amazing resource for this kind of campaign and I'm not sure what more I could add to it than that.  I'd say, if it's a working/poor class mega block: Gangs everywhere.  On some level, the mega block is like a prison...
the people are kind of locked in,
different factions control different important strategic resources inside the block,
when things get out of hand the cops come in and shut down certain levels,
there's lots of infighting,
people feel cooped up and go kind of crazy,
and there's probably an alpha gang that stops the other gangs from going to war with each other and keeps things relatively peaceful with surgical applications of violence.


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« Reply #2 on: <03-07-22/1124:08> »
Just a thought, in Seattle the former Renraku Arcology was turned into public housing (and not far off from being a prison for the poor, it is not so easy to go in and out).  Of course it is best known for when the software running it achieved sentience and took over the place and killed most of those inside, but that was decades ago, once the city took it over (first calling the ACHE and then SPIRE) it has 'merely' been a cesspool of poverty, desperation, and inadequate maintenance.  But hey, at least you are out of the acid rain.

Over 300 stories tall and vaguely pyramidal in shape (slight slope on the bottom half, more pronounced slop on the upper half), bottom five floors are a mall, but it is hard to travel between there and the housing component.

Of course you can make your own megablock wherever you want, I'm just mentioning this as it is a nice tie-in to existing ShadowRun lore.


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« Reply #3 on: <04-03-22/1351:45> »
Structural wise the only thing i might suggest is less 'open space' like Judge Dredd, but maybe more like that big block building but every 10-20 floors they have a sealed floor (no daylight from top to bottom), almost making it like an arcology.  This allows you to keep a mystery, like, sure the directory says this block of floors is this...but who knows, certain blocks are restricted.  in a sense like a series of neighborhoods stacked on each other.