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How To Fix A Pair of Hiking Pants With Tenacious Tape

When hiking, it's straightforward to get holes even you wear the best pants for hiking for many reasons. How will you repair these holes? If you haven't found any suitable way, refer to my guide, doing with tenacious tape below:

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Why should you apply this way instead of iron-on patches?

The iron-on patches might peel off after you wash a few times.

What you need

  • A pair of torn hiking pants with at least a hole, of course. Actually, the tenacious tape can fix other synthetic fabrics so that you can apply this way with them as well.
  • Tenacious tape: it is a very sticky gear repair tape designed to fix some synthetic fabrics. They include mesh backpacking pockets, sleeping bags, tent flies, insulated jacket shells, rain pants, and rain jackets.

  • Everyone uses it to rip or hole their clothes and other items. In this article, I recommend fixing tears and holes in a good pair of hiking pants.
  • Although Tenacious tape has a choice of many colors, I strongly recommend you use transparent tape. Whether you own lightly colored or darkly colored hiking pants, it won't show the fixed holes obviously.
  • When you cut a patch, remember to round corners to avoid peeling off.
  • This type of tape is very flexible and feels natural, so there is no need to worry about sticking to your skin when sweating.
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The step-by-step guide

Do you want to patch the inside or the outside of your pants for hiking?

If you choose the inside, you can hide the patch, showing a beautiful look. Meanwhile, making a patch on the outside can protect your hiking pants better.

Try to clean the area around the hole or tear well because dirt and oil can keep your tape from sticking. In this case, the isopropyl alcohol wipe in your first aid kit is an effective solution.

After patching, remember to trim all loose threads from around the tear or hole.

Cut a piece of tape that's 25mm longer and wider than the hole or the tear. As I mentioned, don't forget to round the corners to keep it from peeling.

Lay your hiking pants on a hard and flat surface. Pay attention to line up the edges of the tear close together.

Peel off the backing to put the tenacious tape over the tear or hole. Press from the center out to get rid of all wrinkles and air bubbles.

Even the best hiking pants on the market can be torn due to a sharp branch, so learning to fix them is essential. Now, have you known how to fix your hiking pants? It is simple to use tenacious tape only, but you need to keep in mind some important notes for the best performance.

Do you know other methods to fix torn pairs of pants? Does my guide bring a good result? Is there anything you are not clear about my guide? Please let me know what is in your mind now.

Thanks for reading my post.
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The Seattle edition is basically the 3rd round of Errata, but I don't know what the plans are for an errata PDF for those using a physical book.
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