SR5 Mana Strike and Mundane

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« on: <12-06-20/1314:16> »
Why, hello! Been ages since my last login. The forum changed, bleh.

Anyways, for my question. Mana Strike from Forbidden Arcana. Can a mundane pick it up with One Trick Pony from Run & Gun? What about using Lucky Move from the same book? I am aware the school asks to be Awakened. I am aware the German book limits Mana Strike to Awakened characters. But if my group goes to find every bit the German book does right we will never finish in the first place.

Has this been ruled somewhere I couldn't find? Or in Missios thread?


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« Reply #1 on: <12-06-20/1706:27> »
I would say no on all counts.


Mana Strike is a special sort of martial arts technique.  It is special because it's part of the Awakened Martial Arts chapter.  It's special because it involves channeling mana.

Mundanes can't channel magic.  It's a basic rule of the shadowrun universe.  A loophole, even if it existed, doesn't change that and I'm not even sure there is a loophole here.

At best, One Trick Pony and Lucky Move would allow a mundane to perform the technique "properly".  As in the form is correct.  But the only game mechanic of the technique is to make the attack count as magical.  After you ignore that, there is no game benefit.  So if you want to go all RAW then yes, you absolutely could  use One Trick Pony or Lucky Move to mimic the technique, but you're not going to get the magical benefit from it unless you're able to channel mana.  So there's no point in a mundane doing so.
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