SR5 Noise Equation

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« on: <10-27-20/0309:55> »
Hi, chummers!

Recently I've bumped into a problem that I need toons of Noise to make some negative modifiers for a decker. so now I'm trying to understand if I calculate the Noise correctly.

I use the following equation:

Noise = . Under this eqution I need to place tagrets on the other side of our planet to do some Noise damage. otherwise there are so many Noise reductors that can negate up to 10 Noise.

Or should I use the following:

Noise = (Ambient Noise Level - Noise Reductors) + Phisical Distance to Target Noise Level. In that case any decker will have at least some NOise negative modifiers.

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« Reply #1 on: <10-27-20/0547:32> »
I think you should apply Noise Reduction last, so ambient + distance - reduction, no minimum. Yes, if they really invest well they can heavily decrease, but the first step against that would be 'no stacking datajacks'. And such an investment comes at a price, and is still sensitive against jamming wallpaper and all that.
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« Reply #2 on: <10-27-20/1033:02> »
We also calculate it as MC does.

You could ofgcourse have the drcker hack stuff below water. Like a biodrone whute shark needs to be hacked.

Page 231 CRB has various modifiers, as you know,  a couole of thise could give him the right challenge.  In office buildings, stuff like wireless negating wallpaper, would be nice for the employees/employeers, especially if the are in a spam zone.

Suddenly your hacker is facing a 5 noise rating from spam zone AND 7 from noise reducing wallpapers.  + distance.

And if that sony goldfish drone needs to be hacked as well... add 4 more from the freshwater tank in the execs office.