What do admin privilege's really do?

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« on: <09-15-23/0640:10> »
Technomancers can compile a sprite with suppression. Suppression holds off any alarms for sprite force/2 combat turns. That is an eternity in hacking time, where a technomancer has at least 3 actions per turn. Now they can run an exploit and shoot for admin every time. It doesnt matter if it takes them 3 or even 4 tries. If the target system detects them, it cant do anything about it for a very long time. Now they have admin and at least a few passes to act (possibly 8 or more actions assuming ip echoes and/or high level sprites). Am I missing something? What do admin privilege's really do? Are they not as OP as they sound?


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« Reply #1 on: <09-15-23/0933:58> »
Not all that OP ..  all it does is open up certain actions that require Admin access
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