Fun build, and difficulty in Dragonfall ??

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« on: <11-11-21/0106:31> »
Hey chummers, I finished Returns and Hong Kong (with the kinda-dlc) and now looking to play Dragonfall.
I saw that there's a Very Hard difficulty in this game, where HK only had a Hard difficulty.
How does this affect the game ? Ennemies will be harder to dodge and to hit ? Or is it a step up in IA ?
I managed to finish HK in Hard Difficulty, only with Shadowrun as turn-based rpg experience, and, after a few fights, I must say that the game was kinda easy with the base team (except one particular fight involving a particular client)

The other question is about builds. It's been two games with shaman play, and HK was going smoothly with double shammy, but I feel like I could use something else. Any recommandations ? Should it be a fun build or a complementary one for the team, I'll take all ideas as long as it's spoilless


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« Reply #1 on: <11-11-21/1253:29> »
These forums are dedicated to the table-top, pen-and-paper, shadowrun role-playing games.  Granted that a lot of us have played the PC shadowrun games too, but overall you might do better on the ShadowRun Returns sub-reddit:

(I never cranked up the difficulty, so no idea on that front, sorry.  And I played through with an adept which was rough early and fun later on)

Michael Chandra

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« Reply #2 on: <11-12-21/0340:40> »
I should note that this topic is an exact copy from a reddit post made 8 months ago, and it's not the first time that happened. New spambot mechanism it seems?
How am I not part of the forum?? O_O I am both active and angry!