[SR4] Why no banishing?

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Okay, I get that banishing isn't good for its primary purpose due to drain, but no-one seems to remember that it is also used for Attacks of Will (WIL+banishing, damage is [CHA]P, ignores hardened armor on spirits). This, in turn, let's you pretty much ignore Astral Combat and weapon foci for any charisma-based tradition. So why does no-one take Banishing despite it being far more cost effective (effectively half price because you can buy conjuration as a group, and you need neither weapon foci nor the close combat skills to use them) and damaging (7P base damage for an elf shaman? Yes please!)?

AoW rules for clarity: [spoiler]An   attack   of   will   may   only   be   conducted   with   a   physical
or   astral   melee   attack—willpower   simply   doesn’t   work   with
ranged   attacks.   Sometimes   you   are   better   off   trying   to   smack   a
spirit   with   a   gun   than   attempting   to   shoot   it.   While   an   attack
of   will   can   damage   a   spirit   in   spite   of   its   formidable   resilience
to   non-magical   attack,   only   the   truly   courageous,   driven,   or
mad   have   enough   force   of   personality   to   affect   a   spirit.
When   in   melee   with   a   spirit,   a   character   may   elect   to
make   an   attack   of   will   rather   than   a   normal   melee   strike.   The
character   rolls   his   Banishing   +   Willpower   (or   just   Willpower)
as   his   dice   pool,   and   his   base   Damage   Value   is   (Charisma)P
regardless   of   whether   he   is   attacking   with   a   spanner,   combat
axe,   or   his   bare   hands.   Reach   modifiers   (attacker’s   or   spirit’s)
do   not   apply   to   this   test.   The   attack   of   will   bypasses   the   spirit’s
Immunity   to   Normal   Weapons   and   is   otherwise   resolved   as   a
normal   melee   attack   (see   p.   146,   SR4).   This   form   of   attack   is
only   effective   against   spirits.[/spoiler]
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Direct Combat spells are considered to be better for that task.
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