How would you create an adept hacker in 6E?

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Personal Data
Birth Name Issac Booth
Metatype Human Ethnicity Anglo-American
Born 15 May 2062 (Age 18) Sex Male
Height 1.70 m (5'7")  Weight 45 kg (99 lbs.) 

Priorities (Sum to 10)
Metatype D Attributes A Skills E Magic D Resources A

Karma Expenditures
Starting Karma 50
Positive Qualities 15
Negative Qualities -30
Attributes 30
Skills 30
Resources 5
Remaining 0

Attribute Description.....Value....Attribute Description.....Value
Reaction5 ( 7 )Initiative12 + 3d6
Strength2Matrix VR Initiative5 + 3d6 (HotSIM)
Willpower5Astral Initiative13 + 2d6
Logic6 ( 8 )Composure9
Intuition5Judge Intentions10
Edge2Lift/Carry40 kg
Surprise12Movement10 m
Damage Resist0Defense Rating2

Core Combat Info
Primary Armor Running Away
Primary Ranged Weapon: Ares Light Fire 75
Primary Melee Weapon Prayer

Condition Monitor
Phys 9
Stun 11

Active Skill Name .....Specialization .....Rating .....Dice Pool
FirearmsLight Pistols16
Language and Knowledge Skills: English (N), German, l33tspeak; Accountancy, Computer Science, Mathematics, Matrix Gangs

Analytical Mind +3
Exceptional Logic +12

Addiction (Longhaul) -4
Allergy (Uncommon, Mild) -8
Honorbound (Pirate Code) -10
Social Stress -8

Primary Lifestyle: Downtown Loft Neighborhood: Middle; Necessities: High; Comforts: High; Security: Middle; Entertainment: High; Space: High; Qualities: Bribed Security, Reliable Utilities (11,000 per Month)
Nuyen: 13
Fake IDs / Related Lifestyles / Funds / Licenses
Isiah Bruce Fake SIN 5; Primary Lifestyle; Fake Licenses (Concealed Carry, Driver's License, Firearms, Smartlink, Skilled Trade [IT Consultant], Cyberware, Adept Abilities)

Contact's Name ....................Contact Type ....Contact Area ....Connection ......Loyalty .........
YOSHIDA ShigeruMitsuhama Wage SlaveCorporate22
TAKESHITA NoburoShiawase Wage SlaveCorporate22
David MILHOUSEDocWagon Wage SlaveCorporate22
RENTA HiroFixerStreet42
"Hot Rodney"DeckerMatrix42

Ares Light Fire 75 Light Pistol
 w/ Special Silencer
 w/ Concealable Holster
 w/ 2x Magazine (16x Stick-n-Shock Each)
Grenade, Thermal Smoke (1x)


Matrix Stats
Commlink: Transys Avalon [R6, D/F 3/1 (4/6), P3] (w/ Hot-Sim)
Cyberdeck: Shiawase Cyber-6 [R5, A/S 8/7, P10]
Cyberprograms, Basic: Baby Monitor, Browse, Configurator, Edit, Encryption, Signal Scrubber, Toolbox, Virtual Machine
Cyberprograms, Hacking: Armour, Biofeedback, Biofeedback Filter, Blackout, Decryption, Defuse, Exploit, Fork, Lockdown, Overclock, Stealth, Trace

Adept Powers
Power Name ..................Level .........Cost ..Notes ..
Improved Ability21.00Cracking
Improved Reflexes22.00
Improved Logic22.00

Augmentation Name ..................Level .........Essence Cost ..Notes ..
Cybereyes30.24Alpha; Flare Comp, Image Link, Low-Light, Smartlink, Thermographic
Cyberears10.08Alpha; Damper, Sound Link, Omni-Directional Mic

Other Gear
AR Gloves
Biometric Reader (for commlink)
DocWagon Contract (Gold, One Year)
Chrysler-Nissan Packer (Van)

Wanted to try my hand at making an Adept Decker, without going full "burn out" with the cyberware.

I obviously need to prioritize buying some armor and some skillsofts with my pay from early runs. Hopefully, he can just hide in the van for the initial mission(s).

In the neon-lit, rusting metropolis of Detroit, where the towering skyscrapers of Ares Macrotechnology and Ford Motor Company reach for the heavens, the underbelly teems with crime and corruption, and the masses of wage slaves toil all day before returning to their isolated cocoons in suburbia, was born one of the oddest men to ever run the shadows. Born into the mundane life of the suburban wage slave, Issac Booth's life took an unexpected turn when, at a young age, he discovered his innate affinity for magic.

Abandoning his useless parents and Issac chose to fend for himself in the unforgiving streets, Eli learned to survive through cunning and resourcefulness. A chance encounter with an enigmatic decker named "Hot Rodney" changed the course of his life forever. Recognizing Issac's raw talent, Rodney became his mentor, guiding him in the ways of the keyboard cowboy.

However, in a world where augmentation and cyberware dominate, Issac's choice to harness magic instead of technological enhancements brought him both admiration and animosity. With a deep understanding of computer systems, Issac delved into the virtual realm as a hacker, utilizing his magical abilities to navigate and manipulate the complex digital networks that governed every aspect of society. Issac is an outsider in Matrix hacker circles, doesn't have any common ground with most Physical Adepts, and lives on the fringes of legit society, not quite fitting in anywhere... But he does damn good work, keeps his mouth shut, and doesn't panic when things go sideways. What more can you ask from a decker?

Comments, criticism, and optimization advice welcome!
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Adept AR hacker (that got as high initiative score as a VR decker with the help of the improved reflexes adept power) was a bit easier to accomplish in previous edition.

In previous edition you could either go for a primary physical infiltrator adept with just mediocre hacking investment that abused physical direct connections (which in previous edition let them ignore host ratings while still gaining access to the insides of a host) and then used that to enter the host to gain direct connection (and again ignore host ratings) to all slaved devices out on the grid that was slaved to the host. With direct connection devices typically always only opposed with 4 (or perhaps 6) dice.

Or a burn-out adept with an armored 9 agility cyberarm of death (and possible also armored used hands and feet and cyber eyes etc) that then used customization karma to raise magic rating from zero to get the improved reflexes power.  Which basically turned your average fragile hacker into a combined fast-moving-AR-hacker-street-samurai-gun-bunny-tank-bad-ass.

Or even combine both.
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