[6E] Q What skills and powers does a watcher have

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What skills iand powers does a watcher have?
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Languages, Perception, Astral, Astral Form, Sapience, Manifest (but not materialize) and Search.


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Skills: Astral, Perception, plus any languages its creators can speak
Powers: Astral Form, Search

I don't believe a watcher should have the Sapience power; it doesn't fit the description of either the ritual (SR6 p.146, SR5 p.298) or the power (SR6 p.227, SR5 p.400). It was included in the SR5 watcher stat block (SR5 p.298), but that seems like a mistake to me.

The Astral Form power (SR6 p.222, SR5 p.395) already includes the ability to manifest. Unlike Materialization (SR6 p.225, SR5 p.398), manifesting isn't a separate power in SR6 or SR5. The fact that it was listed erroneously as a separate power in the SR5 watcher stat block is another reason to treat its Sapience power with some skepticism.