Monads and the awakened

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« on: <06-15-21/0001:22> »
So Stormfront and Stolen Souls let us know that Monads in a mage are able to cast spells.

While the rules and fluff don't really go into it. I do wonder how does an AI learn to cast spells?

Are they able to communicate to the same totem of a shaman host? Do they have to go through hermetic tomes? Do they have to stick with the same tradition as the original host? Or do the AI have to go on their own awakened journey to learn how to cast? An how does an AI even comprehend such an obviously alien concept as magic when they've been living in the Matrix for most of their life?

What about eGhosts. The one example we got of an eGhost mage, is Jake Armitage trying to reconnect with Dog in Splintered State. He obviously fails because Seth is mundane, but that didn't stop him from trying.

But if Jake was put into a hermetic mage's body would he still be able to call out to Dog or would he need learn hermeticism?


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« Reply #1 on: <06-15-21/1237:00> »
There is a lot we don't know about monads which makes answering that hard.

Do Monads pick up anything from their host? If they do, then that may be where they gain their knowledge.  If they don't, then I guess they would have to "figure out" how to cast, and learn their spells the way everyone else does...

But given how much info is available in the matrix, that might not be too far fetched. After all formula are available online, as are tutors...

Which puts forth some additional questions: wouls a Monad physical adept have a different power point distribution from the host???

Personally, I think it was left an open question so tables can answer it themselves...
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