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Title: Stilled Status question
Post by: Typhus on <09-17-21/2340:34>
"The good news is, being Stilled halts any ongoing damage or other effects on the character. Newdamage may be inflicted, but any ongoing effects
from it will also be canceled by this status."

Stilled reads like it's about becoming paralyzed.  Anyone have a read on why this would cause you to no longer be affected by ongoing damage?  It totally makes sense for Petrified, but not at all for Stilled.

I mean I get it on a meta level, letting people burn to death while they can't stop drop and roll would be kind of lame, but how can I make it make sense in game?
Title: Re: Stilled Status question
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <09-18-21/0001:14>
So long as it's a magical effect inflicting the status, the answer is self evident: the magic magically makes the fire go out.

If it's a mechanical/technological cause... that doesn't work but then again there aren't any coming to mind....

Tangent: I like to consider Stilled as a decent representation for inactive or parked vehicles/drones, with a house rule caveat that they can still burn of course.
Title: Re: Stilled Status question
Post by: Typhus on <09-18-21/0131:07>
As of the latest CRB, from my word search, it looks like it only applies to Paralyzing Howl, and only then if the critter gets 4 net hits.  Doesn't seem like that would make sense to magically eliminate ongoing damage.  That said, since it's just not making sense anywhere, I don't think it will break anything if I houserule that line out.  Odds of being Stilled by a Barghest while on fire seems pretty remote anyway.
Title: Re: Stilled Status question
Post by: MercilessMing on <09-19-21/0857:58>
I just did a Ctrl-F on all the published sourcebooks so far, and the spell Viscera Web in Street Wyrd also inflicts this status.