SR3: Character Background Advice - Rigger ex-pirate

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Hi All,

TLDR: looking for a cool rigger backstory with brainwashing, Renraku and pirating involved, maybe currently not really interesting. :)

This may be a little long (sorry :) ), but I would like to get some advice regarding making an interesting and coherent character backstory.

We play 3rd Edition, doesnt matter much just for reference. :)

The important stats: Theia Thousand-Eyes is a female human rigger with VCR lvl3, Started with 1.000.000 nuyen (most important stuff: pimped Ford-Canada Bison, Strato-9s, Arachnoid drones, surviellance stuff, a cat robot and a window washing robot), has 7 int, high agi/wil, avg. str/body/cha. Active skills are typical rigging stuff, knowledge skills are centered around AIs, security systems, transhumanism, drone research and such.

Edges: Vehicle Empathy, College Education, Bonus Attr, Except Attr, Connected (5 for drones)
Flaws: Distincive Style, Sea Madness, Mysterious Cyberware, Slight Allergy to cheap medicines, Hunted (2)

Some character concepts: Loves spying, surveillance, into transhumanism (how humans could transcend to immortality through technology), AIs.

Backstory fragments:
Our characters start out in Houston and work around Texas (we are beginners, not yet ready to move into full-blown corporate wars just yet:) ), so Theia is washed ashore in Houston in a container with a Renraku Typhoon (F-C Bison) and a shitload of stolen goods. She doesn't remember anything from the past few years, and only has vague memories of her childhood. Her SIN is burned. She slowly begins to work in the shadows (mechanic jobs, escrow) and build out a living for herself, so after she doesn't have to fight for staying alive, she can start to discover her past.

Recent past
She was brainwashed and drafted into a cyberpirate organisation (any cool suggestions?). She got forcibly chromed (hence the 'cheap' VCR 3, not alphaware, taking most of her humanity). And spent years on sea driving pirate ships, drones, etc.

She lived in Seattle, family worked for Renraku on the Arcology (we play in 2058, so Shutdown should happen soon) and moved in to live there. She studied at MIT&T and 'disappeared' just when she was starting her expat assignment for Renraku in Japan.

Personality and looks
She is tall like an elf, quite unusual for a human, looks beautiful but her cyberwares and very distinct looks (white hair, snow-white skin, eyes with glowing rings in it, voice has a metallic echo. Thus represented by the average Charisma.

Some advice would be welcome regarding these concepts:
- Is there resource about Houston shadowrunner scene? :)
- How is brainwashing working in Shadowrun, is it possible? How can Theia not remember her past?
- Why would she be taken?
- Emotions & impersonating a 0.5 essence character whose body is full of wires?
- Ideas for my DM regarding the mysterious cyberware (not much essence left for it)
- Cool pirating ideas on sea, how did she get Sea Madness?
- How to keep up with amortization as a rigger?
- How to tie in the Renraku childhood, lost memories, pirating and the memory loss.
- How can she regain her memory and knowledge of her past?

Thanks again for reading it and for any advice, I can share more ideas about the character if you want. :)

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